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Pairing: Matt Tuck/Jay James/Matt Heafy
POV: Jay
Warnings: Scat
Notes: I got the idea from this a few days back when I saw a few pics of the Matt's together. An idea formed. I never expected to get any fic done today, I figured it'd be tomorrow before I did but, hey, I was wrong.

I looked around the room, stumbling around. I knew all the booze had gone to my head and I just wanted to get out of here. Or go in the back. I looked around the room, searching the blurred faces for Matt. I was going mostly by hair now. That was the best way to find him. I'd already found Padge, stripped down to his boxers and bent over a table, wiggling his arse for anyone to fuck him. So far he'd had at least one offer since there was a stained hole in the back of his underwear.

Then I saw him, a guy with long, dark hair. "Matt?" I grinned as he turned to face me, obviously responding to his name. "Wanna fuck?"

He looked me over for a minute, then replied. "Sure, why not?" He didn't sound like Matt, but I was sure it was just the booze making it seem that way. "In the back?" I nodded and he took my hand, excusing himself from the people he was talking to and leading me through the crowd. He seemed less drunk then I was. He led me to the back of the room, into one of the unoccupied seating areas and pulled the curtain behind us. "Strip off, then finger yourself." So direct, it made my cock throb.

I grinned and did as I was told, pulling down my jeans, then pulling off my stained tee. Lastly, my boxers were pulled down to pool at my ankles. I noticed he had his cock out and was stroking his hardness slowly as he watched me. I had to put on a show for him. I parted my lips and pushed two of my fingers inside, sucking them eagerly. I soaked them with my saliva, keeping my eyes on him. I heard him groan softly. I bent over the table, making sure my ass was facing him and moved my wet fingers down to my pucker. I gently eased them both inside me, moaning as they penetrated me. I worked them in deep, wiggling them around to spread me open for him. I could feel the tips of my fingers brush against some shit. I smiled to myself, knowing Matt liked to feel it around him as he fucked me. I slowly removed them from my hole, bringing them to my lips and sucking the ass juices off them, as well as the faint smear of shit on my finger tips. "I'm ready for you."

He stopped stroking himself and came to me, turning me around on the table until I was facing the curtain. I felt his cock head at my hole, his hands gripping onto my calves tightly. I took a deep breath to steady myself, then felt him plunge into me. His hips slammed against my ass and I heard him moan again in pleasure. He started fucking me ruthlessly, digging his nails into my skin as he did so. I bit my lower lip as he pummelled me, trying to keep quiet. After a few thrusts he growled above me. "Is that fucking shit?"

"Yeah, just how you like it." I moaned softly, pushing it over his length. He ddn't stop fucking me, but he slowed down. Odd, he normally sped up when he felt my shit on him.

"Fuck, I can't believe how good that feels." I twisted my head to him, confused by his words. Matt knew how it felt, we'd done this countless times over the years. The feeling of it always drove him absolutely wild. So why did it sound like he was surprised by it? I tried to focus on his face, realising it wasn't Matt. Not my Matt. His arms gave him away too. He'd removed the upper half of his clothing while I'd been fingering myself and he had an entire sleeve on his left arm. The inked skin was various colours, though I couldn't make out anything specifi. He increased his speed back to how it was again, moaning softly.

"Wh... who are you?" I panted out, clutching onto the table. He was certainly great at fucking and giving him a new experience was worth it alone.

"Matt, you asked for me by name, remember?" He groaned, burying himself deep into me, into my shit. "And you're Jay, from that Bullet band right?"

I nodded, turning back to the curtain as it was pulled open. There was Matt, my Matt. He smirked at me, at my predicament. "Padge told me he saw you coming in here." I saw him smile briefly at the man fucking me, not telling him to stop. He undid his fly, pulling out his familiar cock and shoving it into my face. I opened my mouth wide, taking his shaft between my lips. It felt good to have his length there, thrusting deep into my throat. I suckled on him gently, lapping at his underside, his hands tangling into my hair. I was in heaven, cocks thrusting in each hole, ponding into my body. I rarely got to feel like this, but when i did I adored it. Matt said one that I was 'born to be used'. I think he was right.

"Jack off." I heard the guy fucking me say, his voice cleartly American. I looked up at Matt before I did, only moving my hand down between my legs when he nodded. I ran my fingers behind my balls, collecting some of the shit that had been bought out by his thrusts. I moved my hand to my cock, stroking myself rapidly, spreading my shit over my throbbing member. I wanked myself off, groaning around Matt's length and squeezing my muscles around the other dick. I felt the one inside me spasm slightly, and heard him groan out my name. His cum sprayed deep inside my asshole, mixing with my shit and saliva. "Holy fuck, you're an amazing fuck." I smiled around Matt's dick, the organ leaving my lips.

"Switch." He growled and moved around me, as the other male left my ass and circuled around my body. I slowed my pace on my dick, only restarting my movements when matt styuffed his cock deep inside my ass, pushing the other Matt's cum deeper into me. The cock in front of me now was stained with cum and caked with my thick shit. I inhaled the scent of myself and extended my tongue, lapping his shaft clean. I'd done this every time Matt fucked me, so I was now used to the taste. I'd now come to love it actually, despite thinking it was disgusting at first. I looked up at the guy before me, wishing I knew who he was, wishing my brain could give him a last name. I trembled as Matt hit my spot behind me and arched m hips forward, staining the wood beneath me with my load. "Good slut."

I smiled, knowing my ass was tightening around him from my orgasm. I kept swiping my tongue over the cock before me, almost having cleaned it fully now. "Wow.... you actually like it don't you?" I nodded, knowing he was referring to my shit.

"It's like... a drug to him now." I heard Matt say from behind me, hearing him growl behind me. It was a low, gutteral sound one which signalled he was almost done. He pulled out from my asshole and I turned my head, watching as he squirted it over my back, most of the pearly liquid landing on my lizard tattoo. Not by accident either, he liked coating that area. He moved to my face, allowing me to lap him clean as the other Matt collapsed into a chair. "Tell him who you are." Matt said as I twirled my tongue over his head, cleansing it.

"Matt Heafy, from Trivium." He extended a sweaty hand, my accepted woith my clean one, Matt's crotch obscuring my view. "That was certainly an... interesting fuck."

"Wanna come back to mine, I can make it a lot more 'interesting.'" I could hear the smirk in Matt's voice. I knew what he was thinking. Back there there was all sorts of toys, though who he planned on using them on was a mystery.

"Sure, why not."

"Excellent." Matt chuckled, pulling away from me and doing himself up. "Get dressed and we can go." This would be a long night.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/matt heafy/matt tuck, matt heafy, matt tuck, slash, trivium
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