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Already here

The obligatory Torchwood squeeage starts here:
*Ianto is made of awesome
*When a Wevil is scared you know something's bad.
*Jack has poor manners in bed (I wonder what that means)
*Jack may seem cruel but he's doing what needs to be done
*"They're already here" foreshadowing much? Just like Grey was last week.
*Was there a dinosaur on the wall or did I see things?
*Beth did the right thing by making them kill her. It only would be more difficult later.
*Those arm things are cool though
*Next week's doesn't look as good

Other things:
*Kylie is coming back to Doctor Who (apparently) yay!
*Religious people are insane and annoying (it makes me laugh that if their religion is the 'right' onee, they'll be comdemned to hell for their actions)
*I want a triop
*Today was this journal's 4th birthday. Scary.

I hope Reaper gets repeated, cause E4+1 was a shitty signal.
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