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The end time

So, Heath Ledger's Dead. I figured I should say it since everyone else has. It's so weird. I've not really seen him in too much, but... it's so strange. I heard it on the news not long after reading it online. It was on in the bank today too. So fucking strange. RIP.

I do a fic about Bob being a Hillbilly and this turns up. It's so freaky! It's just how I pictured him, even down to the shirt. Bob bryar, get out of my head! No, wait, stay there while I think of you naked and do that.

For some reason I keep singing Mama.

So, I've heard all the Bullet album now, thanks to their Myspace then Mikeysaur sending me the tracks. I figure it saves me making a trip Monday that might be pointless, especially since I'm going to somewhere that'll definately have it a few days later. (Although that means I have to wait before seeing the dvd and squeeing, but I can do that with Mikeysaur and Claire.) Anyway, I love it. I wish I had my pod working or something I could put it on. It's so awesome. I love Jay's screaming (seriously, as I've said before, he doesn't sound like a screamer when he talks). Yeah, it's been given no t the best reviews, but fuck the reviewers. Their problem is they a: review to much and b: always compare whatever they hear to old stuff. Why does every album have to be compared to Metallica, Iron Maiden or bands like that? It's stupid. I might do a track by track thing later.

I don't have a fav track yet. It might be Deliver Us From Evil or Waking The Demon.

I got more minikits and powerbricks on Lego last night. I hate that the maximum amount of studs is 4 billion. Stupid thing. I'm now about 20 gold bricks short. Yay me! I think I'll do the full chapters with Mikeysaur.

Onto today. I now have drink cause they finally got some in stock! Huzzah! Farmfoods had no pizza though. Damn. I got an aerial from Argos with one of mum's gift cards. I hope it meas I can get a better signal (and so pick up Filmfour, the music channels and E4+1). I''m gonna try that soon. I also got the first of those Ronnie Barker dvds to see if it's worth getting.

Kerrang's nothing special this week. Robb looks hot wet (I didn't know he had kids). Elliot Minor look hot too, though I've still no idea who's who (must get single). There's a new Bullet picture and I wish it was bigger since it's got Jay's new arm tatt facing the cam. He's so pretty and he my as well get his hands glued to his crotch area. Always the same pose unless his arms are crossed or he has something in hands. Nathan can't cry and he woke up with money in his pocket and one of his fingers covered in blood. Next week has Bullet again (they're the new MCR) and posters of The Used and Madina (again, gods).

Why do Bullet have to take over Kerrang radio on the gig date?

I have to spend almost £20 on magazines over the next few weeks. I have to get Legacy 0 (updated) Umbrella Academy, Torchwood Magazine, Metal Hammer, Doctor Who Magazine, Star Wars Magazine (cause it's about bounty Hunters), the new Stargate dvd collection and Revolver. Gods that's scary.

Job Center went ok, nothing was mentioned about me not goin to the course so I said nothing. That means my money should be in, as normal on Monday hope. One bad thing though, they've put me on a different course. 2 week intensive it's called, all day for 2 weeks. It's 'mandatory' and starts the Monday after the gigs. Bastards. I'm having the day off for Kerrang though, which is good. Now, if it's the same as it was last time I will stop going. I'll give it a few days first. If it is the same though, then I'll just not fucking go. I'm not wating my time there. It was bad enough doing just mornings, but if it's the same thing again all day (not being told what to do, giving no direction etc) then I'll go. I got all I could do done last time in an hour and spent the other 3 bored outta my mind.

We're allowed 2 half days off, so I'm smushing them together and taking all of Thursday off for Kerrang. I'm not missing the Madina signing just to please them.

It annoys the crap outta me. If it's useful this time then that's well and good, but if it's the same then they can fuck off.

I guess it's good I'm not going to The Blackout, though I still wanna see em. I'll consider it. It's not sold out yet right?

I might be going to see nan once mum's back from work. I haven't seen her in awile, so mum'll give me the code and I'll go since I got a daysaver. If I had more money in I'd have gotten Blue Harvest, but Mikeysaur's said he'll get it me next week which is good.

Apparently MCR are touring up until April, including a few days at the 02. Guys, you do know what a break is right? It's the thing you said you'd have this year.

Edit: And the aerial doesn't work at all. The power light doesn't even come on despite being plugged in. Bah. I'll take it back when I see nan and trade it for what I was gonna have at first, but they didn't have.

Edi 2: I found out why it doesn't work. The plug's AC and the power is DC. What's the point of that? There isn't a DC plug with it so I have to find one before taking it back.
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