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Pairing: Nathan Leone/Matthew Leone
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matthew
Warnings: Nathan's a girl so, het also, sick.
Notes: I blame Kerrang and fastbetty31 (who this is for) for this. In Kerrang Matthew said the strangest place he threw up was 'over nathan's tits'. Sigh.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

I traced my hand over my twin's body, hearing her gasp softly. I smiled, leaning down and planting kisses over her soft chest. Nathan looked almost completely identical to me, so much so that when we were kids everyone mistook us for each other. When she started growing her tits I didn't understand why I didn't have any. I even went as far as asking mum why. Sure, I'd seen Nathan naked before then and seen our crotches were different, but I always thought her cock was in her body hiding. Kids think such strange things.

I took her left nipple between my lips, suckling gently on the hardened nub. We started doing things when we reached our teens. It was completely by accident at first. Nathan climbed into my bed after having a nightmare and snuggled up against my body. She stroked my stomach and wrapped her legs through mine which, at the time, made me hard. Her hand stroked lower and, on finding my dick, she decided to stroke it gently. I came over her fingers after a few minutes and decided that I needed to return the favor somehow. So my fingers expplored her crotch for the first time, delving deep inside her until she soaked my fingers.

Over the next few years were continued to experiment with each other, eventually having sex when we were 18. After that we tried all sorts of things. Dildos, strap-ons, scat, fisting, tit fucking, everything we could think of. Now she was spread out before me, on the bed in our room. We'd gotten this house just over a year ago and I was glad. We could do what we wanted when we wanted, without fear of being caught. I ran my palms over Nathan's belly. I could almost swear it was a little rounder then she was a few days ago. Perhaps it was due to her sudden urge to put chocolate on everything, even carrots. I shrugged it off and moved them lower, switching to her other breast and suckling on her teat. "Oh brother... your tongue feels so good." I smiled around her, stroking my fingertips over her thigh before easing my middle finger into her wetness. I moved away slightly, watching as I pushed my finger into her, wiggling it inside her pussy gently.

I added a second one, moving them slowly in and out of her I didn't need to do this, I wanted too. "Would you like it somewhere else baby?" I smiled as she nodded, then removed my fingers, lapping the fluid from them quickly before diving between her legs. I inhaled her scent, then pushed my tongue inside of her. I was always amazed by how soft she was, not just outside but in. I tasted her as I wiggled my tongue inside her, moving my hands to her chest. All we'd learned about sex, we had from each other. Neither of us had been with anyone else and, although we'd often mentioned bringing someone else into our bed for the night, nothing came of it. I wanted to taste another guy and she wanted to explore another woman. Perhaps we would one day.

I pushed it deep inside her, twirling it around slowly. My cock ached between my legs, her taste driving me wild. I had to be inside her, I needed to be. I moved my tongue from her, flicking it over her slit, then crawled up over her. I pushed my dick into her, purring as she groaned in pleasure. I planted kisses over her neck, rocking my hips as I moved inside her. I could never decide which part of her body was best for my cock. Her pussy felt so good and tight around my cock, but so did her asshole, though it was less wet. Her lips could press tight around me, so could her tits though they were only wet from sweat. I sighed softly, burying my head between them, lapping at her sweat-slick tits. Her scent was intoxicating, it always was to me. Her fingers tangled into my striped locks, holding me in place. She groaned softly in pleasure as I fucked her hard and deep. I reached down to her thigh, my thumb brushing over her clit. "I love you Nathan, cum for me." I whipered against her chest, then felt her tug my head back slightly.

She smiled at me, then parted my lips with two of her fingers. I closed my eyes, sucking around them gently, knowing what she wanted. She wanted this a lot lately, I wasn't sure why. Her fingers probed the back of my throat and I let myself relax. She pressed against a spot back there then removed her fingers as bile rised in my throat. "Cover my tits." I heard her whisper beneath me and I leaned down, opening my mouth. My sick sprayed from between my lips, coating her chest below me. It wasn't much, since sge'd only pressed the spot briefly, but it was enough. I opened my eyes and saw that it had coated her chest, the majority of it pooling along the crease between them. She smiled at me, pushing my face into the acidic fluid. She convulsed below me, arching up against me. Our near-identical bodies stuck together as she came, soaking my cock with her juices. I pulled out from her slowly, picking up a towel and using it to quickly wipe off my face, then her chest. I wasn't in the mood to lap up the strong liquid with my tongue. I tossed it away, then settled on her chest, aiming my dripping cock for her lips.

She smiled at me, parting her lips and taking it right down to the base, her tongue cleaning her from my length. Her hands reached up, one playing with my balls while the other stroked my ass. I gasped softly as she probed them along my crack, seeking out my entrance. My eyes lidded again as she pushed her finger into me, making me groan out her name. It pushed deep into me and I panted out her name, shooting down her throat in hot, thick spurts.

I panted heavily, moving away from her mouth and flopping onto the bed beside her. "You're amazing." I kissed her cheek, wrapping one of my slim arms around her sticky waist.

She returned my smile, kissing me gently. "So are you." She whispered against my lips, then pushed my tongue between my lips, letting me taste the mix of our tastes on her lips. I ran my fingers through her blonde hair, deepening the kiss and stroking her stomach. She was so perfect.
Tags: fic, girl!nathan leone, girl!nathan leone/matthew leone, het, madina lake, matthew leone
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