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Kidnapped By The Hill Folk

Kidnapped By The Hill Folk
Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way, Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Worm (others implied)
Rating: NC-17
POV: Mikey
Warnings: Rape
Notes: This is for fastbetty31 cause she had this icon and it inspired me. I might do a follow up.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface
I sighed softly, staring out the window as we drove. It was desolate out here, the view was always the same. Always desert or hills. Always boring. "Are you sure this is the right way?"

"Yes, now shut up." My older brother said from the front passenger seat, twisting his head to look back at me. "What were you expecting, us to cross the whole country in two hours?" Beside him, Frankie chuckled from the driving seat. I stuck my tongue out at him, ignoring him and returning my gaze outside. This was so boring. I swore I was going mad. I heard a loud hiss and the car bumped then we slowed to a stop. "What the fuck?" Gerard looked at Frankie and the younger boy sighed.

"Seems like we have a flat." He opened the door, undid his seatbelt and climbed out. I watched him circle the car, kneeling next to each wheel to check it.

"I knew this was a bad idea." I muttered and felt Gerard glare at me.

"Two flats. Nails in em." Frankie sighed as he returned to the window. "And we've only got the one spare." He pulled out his mobile, chucking it onto his seat."Fuck, no signal! What's the point of those fucking things if they screw up? Just when you fucking need one too!"

"What should we do?" Gerard asked from his seat. He sounded annoyed.

"Walk I guess." Was Frankie's reply. Great, walking out in this. "Come on, out you."

I sighed again as I undid my own seatbelt stepped out the car. As I did so, I was sure I could see something reflected on one of the hilltops. Like someone was watching us. When I looked again it was gone.


We'd been walking for almost an hour now. At first we'd started walking along the road, but it had been Gerard's idea to veer off into the wilderness. He hoped there'd be some form of civilisation this way. As of yet there wasn't any. My idiot brother who had gotten us lost. And they called me the stupid one. Well, I may have run away to Chicago, but at least I wasn't leading us out into the wasteland. "Ow! Fuck!" I looked at my brother to see what was wrong with him. Snapped around his left foot was a beartrap, it's teeth digging into his flesh. I ran to him, reaching down to help him open them, Frankie kneeling to aid my efforts. We tried to pull it apart, my brother screaming above me and his blood covering our hands.

"Well, well, well, looks like we caught us some pretty things huh?" I didn't have time to turn to the source of the voice, something hitting the back of my head and knocking me out.


"Ugh..." I groaned softly, my eyes opening slightly. My head hurt like a bitch.

"Hey, the pretty little one's awake." I heard a voice, the same one as earlier. I turned to look in his direction, my eyes flickering open fully. He had long, dirty dark hair and was topless. His only item of clothing was a pair of worn jeans with holes and tears. He looked like a hobo. "I want first go with him."

"No. That's for big Worm to decide. You know that." I couldn't see who the other person was.

"Where's my brother? And his friend?" I tried looking around the room, but I couldn't see too much. It was dark and I was strapped to the bed so I couldn't move.

"Your brother that tattooed one? Cause big Worm's already decided that we skin 'im." I shivered and shook my head slightly. It didn't really other me, I never really liked Frankie. "Ah good, then he's the tubby one."

The dark haired male came towards me, his fingers brushing hair from his face. "Maybe we can make em fuck. Big Worm likes incest." He touched my cheek lightly, trailing his fingertips over my skin. "Would you like that? To suck your brother's cock?" I saw the door open and a large man enter the room. I had a feeling he was this big Worm person. He smirked at me, then slapped the long haired boy's ass hard.

"I told you not to touch him Bertie." He slapped it again, harder this time, the contact causing Bertie to yelp. "They're all mine until I say so, ya hear?"

"Yes sir..." He whimpered softly, moving away from me into the dark. I could see him stand beside the shadow of the other guy.

Big Worm came close to me, taking his place. I let my eyes wander over his form. He was a big guy and I had the feeling he could crush me with his weight. He smiled at me, reaching to stroke my cheek. "Oh you are a pretty little thing aren't you?" I tried to move back from his large fingers, which made him chuckle. "What's your name?"


"A pretty name for a pretty little boy." He gripped onto my chin and turned it, holding it in place. His other hand stroked my hair, then ran it over my clothed body. His touch made me tremble slightly. "Oh yes, very pretty. We'll have lots of fun with you."

"Fun?" I asked in a shaky voice, hoping he didn't mean what I thought he meant by that.

"You'll see beautiful." Worm licked his lips and smirked at me, releasing my face and withdrawing his hand. "But first, you should met the family." He looked over his shoulder and talked to the others. "Come on." Bertie came out from the shadows, grinning at me like an idiot. I suspected he was one. "You've already met Bert." Bert's grin seemed to widen and he gave me a small wave. "And over there is Ray." The other shadowy figure stepped forward. Unlike Bert, he was a big guy, with thick, dark brown curls for hair. His thick lips turned into a smile and he nodded slightly. Like Bert, he was topless, exposing his muscular arms and slightly round belly. He also had a sizeable bulge in his pants. "They were the ones that found you all. You fell right into our trap." He chuckled softly. "There's also our princess, who you won't meet." He smirked and stroked my hair, then he yelled. "Bob, get in here!"

The door opened again and a large guy came in. he was the odd one out, wearing a checkered shirt though it was mostly unbuttoned. Over his right shoulder was a naked boy that was bound at the ankles and probably the wrists too. I could see that the bound boy's ass had clearly been fucked recently, the crack streaked with colour. There was also bandages wrapped around each length, covering the wounds from the beartrap. Bob had facial hair, though his dirty blonde hair meant it was barelly visible. His hair was shoulder length and slightly messy, though not as much as Bert's was. "What ya want Worm?"

"Just for you to meet this cute little boy." Worm grinned, then nodded to him. "This is Bob."

Bob looked me over and dropped the body to the floor. As it rolled onto it's back I could see it was my older brother. His wrists were bound as I expected and a pair of boxers were stuffed in his mouth, a belt wrapped around his head to keep it in. His eyes were wide open, though when they locked with mine they seemed to shrink slightly. He was probably relieved I was alright. Bob came over, looking me over before running his hands over me. They smealt of sweat and sex. "He's a pretty little thing alright."

"They're brothers." Bert chimed in and Bob glared at him, silencing him.

Worm smirked at me, looking at Gerard. "Brothers eh? Oh, this could be fun." Bob flicked his tongue over his lips, clearly thinking what bert had earlier. He removed his hands from me, lookinng to Worm for guidence. "And, as Bert said, I''m big Worm, I'm the leader here." He pushed his glasses up his nose with one large finger. "Bert, go to the inked one and rape him. Ray, you too." Both of them nodded and left the orom, Bert practically bouncing out.

"He's called Frankie..." I whispered softly and Worm nodded.

"I know, but his name doesn't matter. We're skinning him then feasting on his flesh, you'll feast with us." He looked at me and Gerard as he said that. "If you know what's good for you of course." His fingers stroked my cheek gently, though the thought of eating my brother's friend churned my stomach. "I wouldn't want you both to starve." I kept my eyes on him, trembling slightly at his words. "Now, if you be good and do as we say then you'll be alright. You be bad, we'll gut him in front of you." He nodded to my big brother, whose eyes were wide again. "Ya hear?"

I nodded, shivering again and too scared. Despite everything I didn't want Gerard to die. I gulped in a big breath, then spoke in a soft whisper. "What... do you want us to do?"

"Suck 'im off." Bob said that, a lit cigarette between his lips. He looked me right in the eyes, his orbs were a beautiful shade of blue. "You know how to suck cock don't you? Pretty little thing like you." I bit my lip and nodded. Yeah, I sucked off my fair share of guys before, it's why I'd gone to Chicago in the first place. The promise of a relationship, away from everything at home. That's why we were here. "Good." Worm undid the straps that held me down. "Then ya'll have no problem sucking your brother's cock." I was pushed off the bed to the floor, looking straight at Gerard's naked body. I groaned softly at the force of the force, loking at his cock. It was soft, but it was twitching as if wanting to get hard yet needing more stimulation. I felt a foot on my ass, nudging me towards him.

I crawled along the floor towards my brother, well aware of their eyes on me. I moved towards him, then over his legs carefully until I was face to face with his dick. I flicked my eyes up to his face, then inhaled his scent and licked at his softness. I ran my tongue up and down his length, watching as it started to swell to life. "Suck 'is balls!" I heard Bob's voice drawl from behind me. I tongued his balls, gently taking them into my mouth and lapping at the wrinkled skin. I rubbed my nose against the base of him, watching him stiffen fully. He was thickerthen I was, but a little shorter.

I went to suck his cock, but was pulled away by Bob's strong hand. With his foot he rolled Gerard onto his stomach, then pushed my head between his cheeks. "Lick 'is ass." I whimpered softly and did as I was told. He smelled and tasted the same: of blood, shit and sex. I wrinkled my nose, but kept licking, pushing my tongue past his ring. I heard him groan softly behind the gag above me. I smiled slightly and wiggled my soft musclem inside him, trailing it over his walls. I could feel the tears where Bob had been too rough with him. I made sure to be extra gentle around them. I could taste Bob's cum, dried against my brother's insides. He tasted like anyone elses cum I'd taste, salty and strong.

Again, I felt his hand on my hair, pulling me back. This time, though it was the hand with his cigarette and I could feel the end singe a few hairs. "Strip an' fuck 'im." I nodded and he released me, allowing me to stand. I started undressing myself for them, again feeling their eyes on me. Worm was on the bed, his fist wrapped around his large cock. I started by taking off my t-shirt, pulling it up and over my slim frame, discarding it onto the floor. Bob kicked it under the bed. I could faintly hear screams of pain as I started to undo my jeans. Frankie's screams. I shudder and worked my fly down, popping open the button and pushing the clothing down my body. I stepped out of tem and felt Bob kick them away again. I tugged down my black boxers, letting them fall once they were passed my sharp hips. I heard Worm wolf whistle and felt Bob's hands grope my ass. I shivered slightl, though my dick was fully erect from what I did to Gerard.

I left Bob's grip, moving back to my brother and laying over him, my cock sliding along his crack. I held my length at the base, guiding it to his hole, then pushing inside him. "Fuck..." I moaned breathlessly, as I penetrated him. His ass squeezed around me gently as I buried myself inside him easily. Bob was obviously bigger then I was. I started rocking my hips back and forth, thrusting deep inside him. I could hear him cry out behind the makeshift gag. "Oh Gerard, you're so good..."

"Jack 'im off." I nodded, wrapping an arm around his waist and stroking his dick, hearting Worm moan at the sight. I extended my tongue, lapping at Gerard's armpit, purring at the strong taste of sweat. I closed my ass, lapping at the skin gently. This was one of the many things I got off on. The feeling of a cock stretching my lips. The taste of a man's sweat as I lap at his asshole or pit, or even just the taste of a guy's feet. Such things were strange back home, none of the guys I meant with in Jersey understood my liking for such things. Not the cock sucking or asslicking, but my fascinating with feet and pits. They all thought I was strange. Maybe I was. I heard another groan from Worm, then heard the floorboards creak. I quickly moved to my brother's other pit, lapping at it as best I could.

Worm moved in front of me, his hand still working his thick, pulsing cock. He was the biggest I'd ever seen. I moved my mouth from Gerard and together in his length, inhaling his scent. he smelt different to gerard, less clean but it turned me on. So did the feeling of his large belly against my head. I kept my eyes on him, sucking him into my mouth as his fingers moved. I wanted to lap at his belly, explore where it overlapped his crotch with my tongue. I suckled him hard, squeezing him between my lips as his thickness stretched me wide. I increased my speed in my brother's ass and on his dick, wanting us to get off so I could focus on Worm.

"So fucking ugh..." I heard him grunt above me, thrusting his dick down my throat. I didn't gag, though I almost did and I pressed my tongue against him, reaching up with my free hand to fondle his heavy balls. I thrust deep into my brother and groaned around Worm's dick as I came deep within him. I didn't pant or eventake a deep breath, just kept working my mouth and stilling my hips, my brother's fluid coating my fingers as his length spasmed in my hand. I released him, bringing my sticky fingers to Worm, applying my brother's seed to his underside and lapping it off. The feeling seem to please him as his cock pulsed and unloaded don my throat. His spurts were thick, almost making me choke, but he pulled out and sprayed the last ones over my face.

I collapsed on top of my brother, panting softly and contentedly. Worm combed his fingers through my hair, purring softly above me. "Excellent beautiful." He moved away from me, going towards the door. "This'll be your room." I nodded, rolling off my brother and watching him intently. Bob approached, hauling Gerard over his shoulder again, his hardness noticeable. Worm opeened the door for him and I watched them go. "I'll return later." And with that they left, elaving me alone. I heard the lock click in place as soon as the door shut.

I sighed softly, moving back to the bed and laying down, picking up Worm's pants and bringing them to my face, breathing in his scent. If I could get my tongue on him again then this would be the best day ever.
Tags: bert mccracken, bob bryar, fic, frankie iero, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, gerard way/mikey way/worm, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash, the used, worm
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