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Bursting into flames

I've finished Sonic 3D. The last levels are a bitch. Ugh. But I didn't get all the damn emeralds so... I dunno.

Aso went on Lego Star Wars. I now have all the stud bonuses, so I get crazy numbers. I went through Count Dooku (one of the smallest levels in the game) and left with over 15 million. Cool. I have enough to buy the remaining characters, but don't want to until after I've done Episode III (I still haven't been past the Battle Of Coruscant) so then I'll have some mad crazy number. Enough to buy everything and laugh evilly about it.

I'm not crazy, honest.

I'll try and do Episode III tonight, then watch The X-Files since Millennium/The Lone Gunmen have put me in the mood. Trouble is, which to watch? I've gotta do a Star Wars run soon, since Lego's put me in the mood as well as watch the Studio Ghibli's and Hostel II.

Anyway, I haven't tried to fic yet today since I've been doing that. Mum's put the call in to start getting nan home, so she could be back as early as next month.

Go, read

I lack drink, this makes me sad. It's only cause the Co-Op have no apple Tango on the shelves today. I hope they have some tomorrow. Wednesday I'm off to Cannock for the bloody Job Center. If they have a go at me, it's the course's fault for not contacting me or bothering to tell em hen to go back in the first place. That and more important things have been going on. I hope they don't cut off the money, I need it for the gigs.

I also hope the Bullet singles come tomorrow, though it'll probably be Wednesday knowing my luck. Still, the gig and album's next week. I'll be listening to it none stop to try and know the words (well, Matt's words, Jay's screams are a bit harder).
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