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It blinds you

Is a dreamless sleep better then one with bad dreams? Beh. I'd still prefer if the naked guys humping came back.

Yesterday was boring so I was on Sonic and Paper Mario (why is it I'm on the Wii more for old school games lately then the actual games for it?)

I started fic last night too. It might get done today perhaps. fastbetty31 where's the icon you used, me no see's it anymore?:(

I've little to no drive to do anything out of this room. I dunno why.

About 80% of the posters I want up are up now. The remainder go up today. Then I'll sort out the dvds and go through old Kerrang's to be sure I have all the posters I want.

I had the strangest thing last night. Someone added me then, within half hour, had deleted their journal. What was the point of that? Honestly, some people are pointless.

I'm wondering if 4 are playing new Simpsons eps on Sunday and just haven't told anyone. I mean the ones the other week I hadn't seen before and I don't recognise this week's either. Normally they advertise the new series like crazy, so why haven't they now?

It's Matt Tuck's birthday today. He's 28. For some reason I thought he was younger then that. Ah well, Happy Birthday anyway, despite never seeing this.
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