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I'm not a giant tuna, I'm a whale!

Note to sleep: please stop being dreamless. I quite liked having perverted dreams with x amount of guys doing x amount of other guys. So, bring em back kay? The last dream like that I can remember having featured Sean with two heads. Damn old ideas haunting me in dreams.

I've been messing about in the room recently. Some posters have been put up, others moved. I now have Trivium where the Robb and Madina Lake posters were above thecomp (cause it won't fit anywhere else). Madina's on the bathroom door, Robb's on the old fireplace. I'm gonna put some more of the little one's up in a bit.

I have Hula Hoops, cause mum wanted to look for food, so I got them. They're good for snacking on.

I watched Spirit Trap last night. It bored me. Ugh.

Paper mario makes me go awww. First there's a giant whale that looks so cute (and a dumbass thinks is a tuna). Then there's an island of Yoshi's: complete with five ickle baby ones! Lastly, there's adorable little Raven birds that look so cute. I hate the lava place though. Stupid spiked things.

I need to find out if E4's repeating Reaper. Else it's Torchwood, quick run up here to post about it, then back down to watch it on E4+1 (if it works).

I can't get the Family Guy dvd this week like I wanted. Damn. Still, that means I'll definately have enough in to get Bullet's album on the release date. I'm gonna walk to Cannock and back with the cd player so I can listen to it. I can't wait to see the. I've done every Bullet related comp going to try and meet them. Ok, so it's just the one but still... I wanna.

Fic to do list

5 Dreams [Hiatus/might not get finished]

Possible multi-part
What's Your Pleasure (various pairings)

Enter Shikari: Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith

*Bert Mccracken/Dan Whiteside/Jepha Howard
*Bob Bryar/Sawa
*Dan Whitesides/Jepha Howard
*Ian Watkins/Mikey Way (Where The Wild Roses Grow)
*Jay James/
*Jay James/Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge
*Mikey Way/Gerard Way/Ray Toro
*Mikey Way/girl!Mikey
*Mikey Way/Spencer Smith/William Beckett
*Pete Wentz/Robb Flynn
*Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith
*Sylar/Hiro Nakamura
*Worm/Mikey Way
*Zacky Vengeance/Oli Sykes

Possible ideas:
MCR feasting on Ray
Something with Matt Heafy
kidnapped by hill folk? (Bob)
Something with Brent
Night On the RanchJay/Matt Heafy (Matt tuck?)
Matt heafy/Corey/Paolo (Robb?)
dom! Mikey shares Ray with Bob. And there is much Ray-fucking. And teasing. And a vibrating toy in Ray.
Something based on The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies

Sequel to Duct Tape And Doggy Sex: Pete/various
Sequel to Taste Of Cum: wiL/The Blackout
Prequel to Taste Of Cum: wiL/Bullet
Sequel(s) to The Stars Will Still Burn Tomorrow
Sequel to Daddy
Sequel to Watcher

Currently, my fic output is 4-6 a week, which is good. (This'll change down to 2 probably when Mikeysaur's here.) So expect a load of these done in the next two weeks (cept of course, multi part ones). Although I said I'd do Plaything today, I might do one of the standalones instead. We'll see.

Anyone that does a Madina Lake, Fightstar, Trivium, The Blackout or (especially) Bullet fic I'll do them a fic. So... I hope that's some slight incentive. Probably won't be, but still... worth a shot.
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