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Something New

Something New
Pairing: Jared Leto/Tomo Milicevic
Rating: NC-17
POV: Tomo
Notes: This is all Mikey's fault, for showing me pictures of Jared in Chapter 27 so I had to do something with him like that.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

I knocked on Jared's door, bouncing up and down. I hadn't seen him in well over a month. Shannon had warned me to expect him to look different though I didn't know what he meant by that. The door opened and I looked over the man that stood in the doorway. He had to be some sort of cleaner or something. He was a large man and his face sort of resembled Jared's, but it was rounder. Scratch that, he was probably a relative of his. "Hi, is Jared home?"

He glared at me and growled, grabbing my arm and pulling me inside. "I am Jared you ass!"

I blinked as he pushed the door closed, looking him over again. He couldn't be Jared, he was so fat. He sighed softly and raised his right arm, showing off his tattoo that he had on the wrist. Jared's tattoo. I looked at him with wide eyes. "Now do you believe me?"

"But... you... you're so..."

"Fat?" I nodded, blushing and he sighed softly. "Well yeah, I need to be for this role. That's why I didn't want you to see me like this."

"But... why the fuck are you so fat?" I was still confused by this. Maybe this was why he rarely told me about his acting. Maybe this was why Shannon had tried to convince me not to come. "Wouldn't it have been better for them to find an actor who was already the right size?"

"I really wanted this Tomo, if they were just judging me by weight then I'd not even have been able to audition." He shook his head, heading into the living room. I followed him, sitting beside him on the couch. "Why are you here?"

"I wanted to see you." I looked at him, still unable to fully comprehend that this was the same Jared that I knew. "How have you..."

"Chocolate ice cream mostly. I melt it in the microwave with soy sauce and olive oil." I made a face at that and he just grinned at me. "It got the job done hasn't it? It's really not that bad, would you like to try some?" I shook my head again and he smiled. "Suit yourself." There was a pause for a few moments, then he spoke again. "I've missed you Tomo." I felt his hand move to my thigh, his large fingers stroking the area. His tips brushed against my bulge. I squirmed slightly in my seat. Was he trying to make me hard? I wasn't sure if I could do anything with him like this. I could feel his eyes on me and he leaned forward, whispering softly. "Do you want to..."

"I don't know Jared..."

"Please?" He tugged on the zipper to my pants, groping my cock through my underwear. I started hardening at his touch, unable to help myself.

"Can I see you naked first?"

He smiled and nodded, moving his hand from my crotch and standing up. He started by removing the baggy white t-shirt he was wearing, exposing his large belly for me. It wasn't as completely unattractive as I thought it would be. I could feel myself fully stiffen. He grinned at that, then pulled his baggy jogging pants down. I licked my lips, looking him up and down as he stood before me naked. He was hard too, hard and dripping. Gods, he looked so hot. I knew he shouldn't be, but he was. I shifted slightly in my seat. "Fuck me."

He grinned and came over to me, pulling my jacket off my shoulders. "Sure you want me to?" I nodded at his question, pulling up my t-shirt. I'd never once had his cock inside me, it was always the other way around. However, looking like he did... it made me want to submit to him. He stood away from me as I pushed my jeans down my legs. I dropped them to the floor and spread my legs for him. He chuckled at me, stroking my thighs again. "You're so eager." He gripped my long hair, pushing me down towatrds his cock. I knew what he wanted before he said it. "Suck me." I opened my mouth and slipped it around his cock, wondering how long he'd wanted me to do this.

I carefully took his dick into my mouth, suckling slowly on the shaft. I breathed through my nose, feeling his belly press against my head. I lapped along his underside, squeezing my lips as I moved up his length. I flicked my tongue over his head when it was in my mouth. He moaned above me and I couldn't help but smile. I had a feeling he didn't expect me to be any good at it since I was always top with him. That didn't mean I hadn't bottomed before. He assumed too much. I moved up and down him, twirling my tongue over his length and coating it in saliva. "Oh fuck Tomo... you're so good." He arched his hips up in pleasure and I pulled away from him. I wanted him shooting up my ass not down my throat.

"My ass is even better." I winked at him, sitting back in the coach and taking two of my own fingers into my mouth. I sucked them slowly, just as I did to his cock and then bought them between my legs, pushing each one in turn inside of me. I wiggled them inside my tightness, spreading them slowly and carefully. I groaned softly, feeling his eyes on me. I spread my legs wide, then lifted them over his shoulders, making sure he had a perfect view of my scissoring fingers. I could see his eyes fixed on my hole and kept moving my fingers a few more times after I was sure that I was ready. Eventually I was sure I didn't want to tease him further, so I removed my fingers and licked them clean. "All yours."

He thrust his throbbing cock into me as soon as I said those words. I let out a low groan, tipping my head back more and pushing back against him. "Holy fuck, you feel so good." I grinned at him watching as he started to thrust deep inside me. Sweat started to coat his skin, his movements surprisingly hard and fast inside me. I'd have to come back for more while he was like this. He reached between us, stroking my dick at a steady pace. "Tell me how much you want it."

"Fuck me harder Jared..." I groaned, arching up as he hit my spot. "Right there! You feel so good inside me." He kept thrusting at the same angle so each time he hit my spot again and his hand moved faster along my dick. His belly covered my balls when he was buried inside me. I bit my lower lip, gasping out his name. He was better then I thought he'd be. I reached up, stroking at his sweaty, round belly, rubbing my finger tips over his skin. I moved my hands up his body, pinching on his nipples gently. "Cum in me. Fill my ass with your load."

He grinned at my words, probably never expecting ever to hear me say that. He panted heavily, bucking deep inside me harshly. He groaned out my name and I felt him do as I asked. He pulled out all the way, sliding down to his knees. His hand still worked up and down my length, just more irregularly. His tongue flicked over my crack, collecting his juices and swallowing them. His soft muscle probed deep inside me, making me moan out in pleasure. His tongue felt amazing inside me. I took my cock in hand, stroking myself faster then he was able to right now. I pushed against his tongue, then arched my body up, shooting over my stomach. With a smile, he moved up, licking my seed from my panting chest.

"You're so fucking good." I managed out after a few minutes, in which time he'd cleaned my cock and hand as well.

He flashed me a smile, then curled up on the sofa beside me. "So were you... want to stay so we can do it again later?"

"Mmmmhmm." I leaned into him and planted soft kisses on his neck. There was no way I was going to leave now.
Tags: 30 seconds to mars, fic, jared leto, jared leto/tomo milicevic, slash, tomo milicevic
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