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Hold your head underwater until the bubbles stop

I couldn't sleep last night till 4ish, despite going to bed at 2ish due to cold. Sigh. Watched Doctor Who, Family Guy and Will And Grace.

The room looks a bit better. I'm messing around to put the last fews posters up to clear up bed. One's a Trivium poster (one of those massive ones and it amuses me cause Matt says he's sucked cock... and Paolo's pretty, so's Corey sorta). I've added them to the playlist.

Anyway, I was being random before I snuggled in bed and I saw someone claiming that Torchwood has a gay agenda. Apparently they have a problem with two guys kissing (yet I bet if you put two girls doing it in front of them, they'd be cheering). They said there was no place for gay people in sci-fi. What, are they crazy? So hey expect in the future gay people to be either eradicated or gone underground again?

Of course they go on to prove they are even more crazy. Apparently they don't like how many Welsh people are in it. For fuck's sake it's set in bloody Cardiff! In Wales! Of course there's gonna be Welsh people, it'd be more fucked up if they weren't.

Honestly, I want to beat some people around the head with a wooden stick.

There's nothing wrong with gay kissing. It's no different then straight people kissing and most programmes have that.

There's nothing wrong with gay sex (unless it's rape, but rape's always wrong no matter the type). What's the big dea about it in these middle eastern and African countries? Where people can get imprisoned or even killed for it? Are they crazy?

Why should gay people be denied marriage? Those Christians that's say it's sacred, it's not. It hasn't been for years. Get over it. You can get married without even setting foot in a church and get divorced years, months or even weeks later. So two straight people can get married and divorced within a year but two gay people who've been together for ten otr twenty years have no right to?

AAnd why shouldn't gay people be allowed to adopt? Straight people have kids all the time by accident and hate them. For a gay couple to have a kid it takes thought and they'd love a kid just as much/more then straight parents would.

Gah and I've ended up ranting. I haven't done that in awhile. Ah well.

I'm gonna try and write in a few to take my mind off it. A random thing I've just noticed: Plaything is now the longest fic I've ever written. It doesn't seem like it since Blade You Stain has more parts, but it's over twice the size of that. Scary. I'll try and do the next part today/tomorrow. Next part will be Matt, Sean, Charlie or Oli's.

I'll do another post later with an updated to-do list.

While in the Co-Op getting Tango, I saw a guy come in and he looked like Pete Wentz (cept he had a hat on) and he had the Nike tee that says 'just do it'. That made me giggle. In my head, not outloud.

Edit: Yay! Pictures and a release date!
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