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Pairing: Jack Harkness/Luke Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jack
Warnings: Underage, mentions of torture/rape
Notes: I had the idea for this pairing ages ago, I started writing a fic (as something different but it got deleted), so then I did this.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

I considered what I could do now I was back. I could go straight down to the Hub, but no, I couldn't do that. It would probably be better just going down there late tonight so I could surprise them all in the morning. Yeah, that'd be the best thing to do. So, what do I do now for the next few hours. I considered for a moment, walking around for a few minutes. So much had happeened over the past year, it would be hard to forget it. The Doctor said I should try and put it all out of my mind, but it's easy for him to say that. He didn't die around two hundred times that year. He didn't see the people he cared about killed in front of him. He didn't get raped and tortured. Considering he was the Master's nemisis he got it off easy. I sighed softly, trying to get the thoughts of Ianto's screaming face from my head.

Since they didn't see me on the camera's while I was walking, I decided they must be out on a mission anyway. I stepped into an alleyway, activating my wrist strap. I needed to know the date, to find out how long I'd been gone. I'd gone in Febuary 2008. According to this it was... early November. Great, so I'd been gone for eight months now. Still, it could have been much worse. The Doctor could have dropped me off before I arrived, or years later. Or, worse on the planet Cardiff. I flicked it closed and looked towards the slab. If they were out anyway I may as well go back.

Before I could leave there was a shimmer in front of me and I watched as the rift opened up in front of me. I sighed, watching the golden light intently. Just as it was disipating, a boy fell from it. Great, I guessed I should deal with him. He groaned as he landed on the floor and reached up to rub his head. "Where am I?" Well, he looked human, probably in his early teens. His eyes darted round as he stood up and he looked at me with a smile. "Hello, can you help me?"

"Hi little guy, my name's Captain Jack Harkness and you're in Cardiff." I flicked up my wrist strap, scanning him briefly to make sure he was human. He was. "And you are?"

"My name's Luke Smith. What's that?" He tried to look at my wrist curiously and I flipped the screen closed before he could.

"You wouldn't understand." He gave me a look that almost said 'try me' but I ignored it. "Now, this may sound strange, but what day was it before you came here?"

He blinked at my question, then thought for a moment. "November 2nd." I kept my eyes on hm, hoping he'd take my hint, then he spoke again. "2008." Perfect, so he'd just been displaced. All I had to do was get him home. That should keep me occupied. "Is it still 2008 now? Have I gone through time?"

I smirked and shook my head, clearly he'd guessed why asked him the date. Smart kid. "No you haven't. Now, come on, let's get you home."

"How did I get here?" He asked as I led him out of the alley. "Did I teleport here?"

He clearly knew something about this sort of thing. Or perhaps he watched too much Tv. I let him towards the Torchwood parking garage, deciding it would be best to drive him home rather then let him go by train. "There's a Rift running under Cardiff. It sometimes makes things appear here. Sometimes objects, sometimes aliens... sometimes young boys." I grinned at him, licking my lips. He was kind of cute. No. i shook my head to rid myself of thoughts of him naked. I had to get him home first.

"Oh." He nodded, seemingly taking all my words in, yet oblivious to my thoughts. "Are you going to drive me home?"

I nodded back at him as we entered the garage and I pulled out a set of keys, opening the door to another car. Always best to have a back-up to the main SUV and I was thankful the key still worked. "Where do you live?"

He opened the door and climbed into the passanger seat. "Near London."

Well, that was a start. I smiled at him, getting into the driver's seat before driving off.


The first half hour was pretty quiet, with nothing said between us, though he kept his eyes on me studying me intently. "Are you a human?"

"Of course I am." I glanced at him with a smile.

"That's good." He kept his eyes on me. "So why do you have such advanced technology as that wrist thing?"

"I work for a secret organisation." I said simply to him, hoping that would satisfy him.

"Like Torchwood?" I resisted the urge to brake at that.

I bit my lip, darting my eyes from the road to him. I turned onto the curb, thankful this road was quiet and parked up. "How the hell do you know that?"

"My mum investigates alien things. She says Torchwood likes to go in all guns blazing and often makes things worse." He bobbed his head up and down slightly as he spoke.

"Sarah-Jane Smith's your mum?" He nodded with a smile. Why hadn't I guessed that when I heard him name? "Well, that was Torchwood One. It's destroyed now. I work for Torchwood Three, which only uses guns for more dangerous aliens. Sometimes you have to shoot."

"Ohhh." He looked down my body again. "Is that why you have a gun now?" I looked at him with confusion, knowng I didn't have one on me. That was when he, helpfully, pointed to my crotch.

"Oh, that's not a gun..." I blushed slightly. Fuck, he'd spotted my hardenss. Now I wished it was a gun. "Though it does shoot."

"What is it then?" He asked curiously, practically reaching for it.

"My cock." I watched as his hand touched my thigh, keeping his eyes on it. "What are you doing?"

"I want to see it." My eyes widened at his words. "Can I?" I flicked my eyes, making sure the road was clear, then nodded. What could it hurt? I bought my hands from the steering wheel down to my fly which I undid slowly. His young eyes remained on my hand, watching as I opened my boxers, pulling out my shaft. He reached for it, trailing his fingers over it curiously. "Why's it so big and hard?"

I shivered at his touch, biting my lip. "It's so big because I'm an adult." Who is now old enough to be his great great great grandfather at least now. "It's so hard because I'm... aroused."


"Yeah, sexually." He looked confused again and I sighed. Great he didn't know about sex. "That's when you think about another guy or girl naked." Or a houseplant, animal or alien. "Naked or doing things to you. When you think of those things it makes you hard like I am now."

"Oh. What are you thinking about now?"

"You." With your head between my legs or bent over the back seat.

"Me?" He wrapped his fingers around my dick, stroking slowly. "Me doing this?" So he did know something about sex. He moved his hand slowly up and down my length, keeping the pace slow. Like any boy his age he'd clearly done this before to himself at least.

"Actually, I was thinking of this." I reached over, unbuckling his seatbelt and tangled my fingers in his dark hair, pushing his head down towards my crotch. Instinctively he flicked his tongue out over my skin, but didn't do more then lap at my dick. His eyes flicked up to me and I could tell he wanted to know if he was doing what I wanted. "Open your mouth." He did as I asked and I took my cock in hand, aiming it for his opening. "Right, watch your teeth." I pushed myself into his wet mouth, careful not to push more then two inches. "This is called a blowjob Luke. You suck gently on my cock and lick at it. Now, you must be gentle and, like I said watch the teeth. Use your lips like your fingers. Don't take too much in."

He smiled around me, moving his lips up and down at a steady pace. His tongue flicked over my soft head, then he slowly suckled back down. His hands wrapped around the base of my shaft, stroking at it gently. Ah, he was a natural at this. I held onto his hair, stroking his silken locks. He squeezed his lips around my aching shaft, his tongue dancing over my skin. He didn't take anymore then three inches between his lips, but he did well with what he had. His other hand reached for my balls, stroking the full sac. I bucked my hips up slightly. "I'm close." I'd have lasted longer but I hadn't cum once in the whole year. "So swallow if you want, or not. Your call." I closed my eyes, shooting into his mouth. He pulled back, swallowing and coughing slightly. The remainder hit his lips and chin. He looked so hot like that.

"It's so salty." He kissed my dick, then moved up into the passenger seat beside me. "Is it always like that?"

"Sometimes." I panted softly, reaching down and zipping myself up. I guessed I should give him something for his efforts. I leaned over, planting my lips on his and stroking his cheek. I rubbed my tongue over his lips, pushing it into his mouth. I could taste myself on his tongue. I smiled, pulling away from his surprised face. I had a feeling I was his first kiss. I smiled even more at that. I was certain he'd just be satisfied with that, but I wanted to give him more. I undid his fly and pulled his dick out he wasn't as big as I was of course, but that didn't matter. I bent down as he had done with me and sucked on him. I moved up and down his cock effortlessly. The boy moaned above me and I increased my speed. As a teenager, he wouldn't hold on for very long. I trailed mmy hand under his white t-shirt, stroking at his belly. There was something off. I kept moving my fingers, searching for something that I couldn't find. He didn't have a navel. "Why don't you have a belly button?" I asked him, pulling off his dick before returning to suckle.

"I'm... I was grown." He moaned again, running his fingers through my hair. "By the Bane." Ah, that explained it. I nodded in understanding squeezing my lips around him, my tongue rubbing against the underside. "Jack..." He gasped out, spurting into my mouth and I swallowed everything he had to give me.

I pulled back, kissing his dick as he had to me then straightened up. "Th... thank you."

I grinned at him. "Just returning the favor. Now, let's get you home." He leaned in close, kissing me lightly before sitting back down, panting heavily.

I smirked, winking at him then starting bac up. "Come back to Cardiff when you're older, I'll teach you some more things." He flashed me a grin and we were on the road again. "So, tell what aliens you've met." Now, the discussion was much more animated.
Tags: doctor who, fic, jack harkness, jack harkness/luke smith, luke smith, slash, the sarah-jane adventures, torchwood
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