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Down, up, left, right

I like being up at 3am, it means I can watch Millenium on ITV4. Sure, I haven't seen much of it so it confuses the hell outta me at times, but it's X-Filey and has the baldy from Lost (yeah I forgot the name, so sue me).

Today's been boring really.

I went on Empire At War and Paper Mario (not at the same time I'm not that good at multitasking) and I'm now past the Shy Guys. They're so cute. Cute and evil.

I'm trying to decide what to write today. It's either Jack/Luke or it's Jared/Tomo. Maybe I'll switch between the two.

I'll decide after eating I think.

I'll do the next part of Plaything tomorrow.

Bullet's two week's tommorrow! YAY!
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