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Love The Pain

Love The Pain
Pairing: Mikey Way/Ray Toro
POV: Mikey
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Crossdressing, BDSM, toys
Dedication: For the_glory_days to cheer her up < 3

"Remind me why I have to wear this?" I chuckled as he grumbled again about his outfit. I knew once I was dressed in my attire he'd stop moaning. Besides, he was only complaining cause of how tight it was.

"Because it's hot." I kissed him on the forehead, then left to change. Thanks to our busy tour schedule, this was the first time we'd been able to do this in over a month. It had been frustrating for both of us. Sure, we'd found time to do regular sex and a couple of blow jobs but this was what really got us both off. I pulled on my boots, which I often wore on stage just to tease him and buckled them up tight. Although Ray looked like a 'real man' and had a huge cock, he was just a bottom really. I was the one with the power in this relationship. I pulled up a leather thong, followed by pants made of the same material. A set of straps over my chest and a pair of long leather gloves completed the outfit.

I poked my head round the door, gazing at Ray. He was dressed up in a schoolgirl's outfit with short skirt that didn't even reach his knees. Beneath the material was a pair of small black panties, which was too tight for him. I smirked at him, then decided to enter the room. He turned to look at me, straightening the blouse he was wearing with one hand. I knew he wouldn't be wearing those clothes for long and so did he. "Hello sir..." He voice was soft, slightly wavering.

I took a step forward, narrowing my eyes slightly. "What have you done?"

"Nothing." His eyes darted from side to side, a sure sign that he had done something.

I took a few more steps, growling at him threateningly. He squirmed slightly at my gaze. When I stood in front of him I gripped the tie that was hung around his neck and pulled it roughly. I was stronger then I looked, so my action forced him to bend down with a grunt. Then it was clear what he'd done. The bulge at his rear was obvious. "Little slut couldn't wait for me." I petted the bulge, pushing the dildo that he'd used on himself further into him, hearing him groan beneath me. "I think I should punish you for doing that without permission, despite how hot the thought of you pushing it inside yourself is. You should have at least waited so I could see."

"Sorry sir..." He whimpered softly, though I suspected he did it on purpose just to be punished.

"You will be." I smirked and released his tie, stepping back away from him. "Take off your blouse slut." He nodded, his curly hair bouncing at the motion. He straightened up, reaching up and undoing the buttons slowly. "Faster!" I growled and his fingers moved quicker, popping his buttons open. I licked my lips as he exposed himself for me. He had strong, muscular arms and a beautiful round belly. He folded up the blouse carefully once he took it off and sat it on a chair. He then stood in front me, his hands behind his back. Such a good boy. I tore my eyes from his body and went to a chest of drawers, opening the top one and pulling out the whip. The marks from his last whipping had long since faded.

I moved back to my place in front of him. "Count each stroke slut. At the fifth one you'll turn around, understand?" He nodded worldlessly and I could see him mentally bracing himself. I smiled, raising the whip and cracking it over his chest.

"One." I grinned as he yelped, striking his chest again. "Two." There were now two red welts on his chest in a cross. I made sure the third one was a vertical line through it. "Three." I cracked the whip twice more in quick sucession, both landing on his belly, making him cry out in pain. Still, he managed to get ot the numbers. "Four... five." He turned around as quickly as he could, his cheeks flushed. I whipped just below each of his shoulder blades, hearing him scream in pain before counting. "Six, seven."

"Pull down your skirt whore." He did as he was told, pulling it and his panties down to just below his round, firm ass. I could see the end of the black dildo sticking out of his crack. it seemed to be a favourite of his. I lashed out at his cheeks, hitting each one twice. Sure, I was only going to go up to ten, but he deserved it.

"Eight, nine, ten, eleven!" He panted on the last hit and I could hear him sobbing softly. Despite his tears, I knew he was fully erect and leaking. He loved the pain I gave him. It didn't matter to him if it was from a whip, paddle, needles, clamps or even just my own hands and teeth, he adored pain. "Thank you sir..." He whispered softly and I smirked at him.

"On the bed, face down." He complied wordlessly, stepping out of his skirt and panties as he did so before laying on the bed as I instructed, with his legs spread. I smiled, dropping the whip and moving over to him, securing him by the wrists to the bedposts. I was far too horny to hurt him any more right now, I'd have to do more later. I pulled the dildo out of his ass, smirking as the surface was covered in saliva, his ass juices and the head had a sight smear of shit. I chuckled, then mived it up in front of his face. I rubbed the stained head over his thick lips, smirking as he parted them. I pushed the shaft of the dildo into his mouth, grinning as he started to suck it clean without being told.

I undid my pants, pushed down my thong and mounted the bed behind him. I thrust my erection into his spread hole, hearing him groan around the plastic cock. I held onto his sides, using them as leverage as I rammed hard and fast into him. He groaned with each movement of my hips, though if it was from my cock or my body slapping against his sore ass I wasn't sure. It was probably from both. I leaned over him, nibbling his neck as I rocked in and out of him. "Fucking slut, you feel so good around my cock." He moaned again around the dildo, pushing his ass back against me. I gripped onto his dark curls, ramming harder inside him with each thrust. His muscles squeezed around my slim length, making me moan softly. I arched my back burying myself inside him fully. "As soon as I cum, you will too. Alrght slut?" I felt him nod in my hand and grinned, reaching under him and stroking his dick in a rough time to my thrusts.

I changed my angle slightly, knowing I'd hit his spot each time now.I ran my tongue over the back of his neck to the opposite side of his, nipping at the flesh. The dildo was probably clean by now, but I wasn't going to let him spit it out and he knew it. He kept sucking on the rubbery plastic like the good boy he was. "That's it, you're such a good boy for me." I slammed against his ass, my eyes lidding. I knew I was close, I could feel it. I moved from his neck, burying my face in his curls. It was something I did almost every time we fucked and always when I was close. I inhaled the scent of him, letting out soft moans into his hair as I came deep insidehim. I felt his length spasm as the same time, squirting onto the bed.

I sloely pulled out of him, wiping my cock against him then pulled the thong up and zipped my fly up. "So good, in fact, I'll give you a present for it." Actually it was more something for me. First, I wiped his thick cum into his hair, then moved between his spread legs. I buried my head between his ass cheeks, burying my tongue into his pretty little ring. I darted it inside him, tasting my seed. I wiggled it within him, comllecting all that was mine from him and moving my tongue some more. I love the taste of ass.

I pulled back, then crawled up beside him, curling against him and removing the dildo from his mouth. "Love you. " I whispered against him, pressing my body against him.

"Love you too." He whispered back, smiling at me. He was so beautiful when he smiled, almost as beautiful as when he screamed. "Will you hurt me again tomorrow?"

"Of course." I kissed at his bruised neck lightly. "And the next day and the next... you look so beautiful when you're wounded." He just grinned and nuzzled me, drifting off to sleep. I kissed his soft, full lips, then followed him to slumber.
Tags: fic, mikey way, mikey way/ray toro, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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