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Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi

Insert huge squee over Torchwood here. SQUEE!

Ok, this isn't gonna be very coherent, so I may as well act on that:
*The old woman that saw the blowfish alien: "bloody Torchwood". That amused me
*"Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi" That was so awesome, i was thinking it (I'm sure everyone was) right before he said it. Yay Star Wars is still significant in the future (between shagging)
*The kiss/fight
*The Time Agency gone
*Office fetish? Really?
*Jack asking Ianto out on a date, he sounded kinda nervous about it
*John calling Ianto eye candy (How many ianto/John/Jack threesomes will there be?)
*2 weeks x something = five years?
*Ianto's stopwatch
*Who/what is Grey?
*John's a whore

Then they decided to have a preview of the whole series instead of just next week:
*John comes back (I expected that)
*End of the world again
*More wevils!
*More kissing (yay Jack/Ianto)
*Bug aliens
*The cute red haired guy

Yeah, I'm sure there's more, but like I said, not exactly coherent.

I have a theory though. Since one of the ep's is meant to show Jack's past and home planet, could this Grey be one of this family/friends from then? Maybe.

I also get the feeling he was made to see Ianto tortured/die when he was with the Master. I could be wrong though.

Good thing is it doesn't mess with the Luke/Jack idea I had (I wanted to wait until the first ep before doing it, though the comp erased what I had when it restared on it's own). So I'll get on that soon.

I shall squee some more now, then finish off the fic for the_glory_days. I want it to
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