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Angering up the blood

So the comp decided to lose it's connection last night at 3. Nothing would work to set it right, restarting the comp, pulling out the leads, nothing. When I wake it's back on as if nothing had happened. Stupid machine.

As soon as I came on I had one of those spam IM's again. Bah.

Last night I decided to, instead of watch Family Guy etc, to watch The Lone Gunmen (I was gonna watch the X-Files but it was closer so...). I've watched the first disc now. In a way, I can see why it was cancelled. It's funny, but it's not as good as The X-Fikles. Though Jimmy's so cute and thick. Maybe the other 8 eps will change my mind.

This morning, once I saw the net was working, I posted fic (stupid, I know, cause no one'll read it for hours), then went to get Kerrang.

Give it A Name this year looks... eh. I wanna see Finch, but that means seeing Paramore and Hayley annoys me (but damn, the guys are hot). I'll wait until others are announced. I mean, they might be someone really good added right? As of now, the ticket prices are just too much to justify seeing just one band (especially as Kerrang's tour was only £15 and it's seeing Madina and Fightstar).

The very back page of Kerrang has a full page ad for Bullet's single. Awesome. One 7" is blood red, the other's white. For once, I already have both 7" b-sides, so I won't be annoyed they're on them. The cd has Forever And Always and an accoustic (it's implied to be Scream, Aim, Fire, though it's not said). Yay for getting the bundle with one of em signed.

I hate how Bullet are doing two signing's for the album. one in London, one Cardiff. I'd rather go to the Cardiff midnight one, cause it'd be an adventure you know? I've never been there before so I could see the sights and make a day of it. Damn money.

Anyway, back to Kerrang. It has a bit about Patrick as Marty. Gods he looks hot. Frankie's short and wants to be a Jedi. he's Yoda! The poster of Matt is hot. Next week's Kerrang has Madina and Bullet so that'll make me happy.

The main thing about Kerrang is the drawings people did. Matt Heafy's is cute, Jared's is just a line with a dot and Charlie's is weird. Ryan's is adorable. Ian's perobably took the most time and looks cool. What's most annoying is that they used a Jared picture for Ian. Oh people won't be happy about that.

I had an idea for a Matt Heafy fic and I might run with int. Well, I had two.

Claire, Madina Lake are doing a signing on our Kerrang day! Let's go see them! Now I have to find the album.

8 hours!
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