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Our Deal

Our Deal
Pairing: Bert Mccracken/Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bert
Notes: This woulda been posted when I finished it 6 hours ago, but the comp decided to lose it's connection. Bastard.
Dedications: fastbetty31

I ran my palm over Gerard's clothed ass. "Bert, don't." I heard him whisper, though his ass pushed back against me. He loved the attention. The nerdy, fat kid never got anything from anyone, so when he did in later life... he wanted it, even if he thought it was wrong.

"Why's it so wrong Gerard?" I purred against him, extending my tongue to swipe over his neck which made him shiver.

"You... you're my brothers boyfriend." He was nervous and, as I reached around his waist and ran my hand over his crotch, I felt he was hard too. Just as I'd hoped.


"It's wrong! What if Mikey were to see us..." His voice was tinged with worry, though I could feel his dick twitch.

"I do see you." I smirked and didn't turn around as Mikey approached us. He moved past me, standing in front of his older brother, leaning in close to him. I could feel his breath on my face. "The three of us are going to have some fun together Gerard. Bert's an excellent cock sucker, but you'll see for yourself soon." He pressed his lips against his brother and Gerard shivered between us. I wasn't sure if his movement was out of disgust or pleasure. I felt Mikey's hands near mine, his slender fingers working to undo his brother's fly. Mikey pulled away slightly, whispering softly to him. "Me, I'm an ass guy." I felt him move between his fly and rub Gerard's cock. I gripped onto Gerard's pants and pulled them down his legs. I stepped back to watch them fall to the floor, purring at the sight of his thighs. I ran my hands over them briefly, before pulling at the elastic of his black boxers and pushing them down, watching as Mikey kissed his brother again. So fucking hot.

Mikey winked at me from behind his glasses. I took a step back, falling to my knees behind Gerard and inhaling his scent as I watched Mikey remove his brother's t-shirt. Once the older Way was naked, Mikey turned him around. With Gerard's dick in front of me, I opened my mouth wide and sucked him into my mouth. He groaned above me as my tongue brushed over his hardness. I flicked my eyes up, watching as Mikey descended to his knees behind his brother. I could hear his tongue lap at his crack so kept my head in place so Gerard could buck up into my mouth. I did that since I knew how good Mikey was with his tongue. When we had our last threesome, with Quinn, I'd bucked into his mouth once Mikey's tongue buried itself inside me, nearly choking him. Good job I managed to pull back from his mouth before he did.

Just as I had, Gerard bucked forward slightly, gasping out in pleasure as Mikey's sweet tongue invaded him. "Oh fuck Mikey." I smiled around him, starting to bob my head up and down his cock. His hand reached down, gripping onto my long, dirty hair as I suckled on him. He tasted a lot like Mikey. I increased my speed as I knew Mikey would now be pushing his soft tongue deep inside him, circling around his walls. Gerard moaned out his brother's name again, then mine as he tipped his head back.

Mikey loved eating out ass. I brushed my hair from my face then cupped his balls in one hand, rolling the soft flesh between my fingers. "Oh yes..." I smirked around him, swiping my tongue over his soft head. I could taste his precum and swallowed it eagerly. My eyes fluttered closed and let him roll his hips between our mouths. My lips squeezed around him lightly as he moved in and out of my mouth, his pace dicatated by the thrusts of his brother's tongue.

I moved my free hand between his legs, prodding Mikey in the stomach. If the I didn't poke the boy now he'd remain with his tongue up his brother all night. He'd done that to me more then once. I heard him stand up behind Gerard and heard the older male whimper at the loss. Poor guy, Mikey's tongue was indeed a wonderous thing, it was always a shame to lose it. I heard him unzip his fly and parted Gerard's legs. I moved my head between them, swiping my tongue over his arousal, coating it in my saliva. I made sure not to take too long, since I didn't want Gerard neglected.

I took his dick back between my lips, sucking at a slow, steady pace. Mikey pressed against his crack and I heard him whisper above me. "I'm going to fuck you now, alright?"

Gerard moaned again, squirming. "Fuck me Mikey..."

So Mikey did. I heard Gerard hiss as his brother pushed his cock deep inside him. I kept my mouth still as he bucked forward, the large member hitting the back of my throat. Gerard's dick was fatter then Mikey's and just a little shorter. I smiled around him, holding onto his thighs as Mikey started to slowly fuck him. I moved my lips slowly and steadily along his length, tightening them a little every so often. I was so glad that this had worked. I had to admit, I'd had my doubts that Gerard would let Mikey fuck him, but here it was, happening in front of me. This had all been Mikey's idea, though I thought it was certainly a hot image when he told me.

This had been the deal. We both knew that we'd have long stretches apart so we'd made a deal, we'd open up our relationship. We'd each pick someone from our respective bands and have a three way with them, then they'd satisfy us while we were apart. It had been so easy with Quinn, but I'd thought it'd be harder with Gerard. Thankfully I was wrong.

Gerard pulled at my hair, groaning in pleasure. "Bert... Mikey... Bekey!" His shaft stiffened even more in my mouth and, seconds later, he came down my throat. I swallowed the first spurt of the warm liquid, purring at the salty taste, then kept the rest in my mouth.

I stood up, watching as Mikey continued to fuck him for a few moments, then placed my lips over his. I pushed my cum covered tongue into his mouth, letting him taste his brother. His own tongue tasted vaguely of his brother's ass. I purred against him, twirling my tongue slowly around his as I undid my fly. I parted from him, stepping back a few steps. "Get on all fours." I heard Mikey whisper in his older sibling's ear. Gerard complied and I moved in front of him. I rubbed my dick across his lips, purring as they opened up for me and took my shaft between my lips.

I closed my eyes as he took about half of it between his lips, lapping at me as I had for him. His tongue traced a path over my veins and he purred around me. I reopened my eyes to watch Mikey fuck him, his hands on Gerard's hips as he slammed into him. I felt Gerard reach around me and push my pants down, exposing my ass. His fingers ran along my crack until his middle finger pushed inside me. I groaned loudly, bucking forward into his mouth. He pushed aother fat digit next to the first, wiggling them around inside my dirty hole. Mikey tipped his head back, showing off his beautiful long neck as he moaned his brother's name, his eyes lidded. I knew what that meant.

When Gerard started scissoring I let out my own moan of his name, spurting into his hot, wet mouth.

We all fell to the floor in a crumpled heap, curling up against each other. We probably should have done this naked. I lay back, removing the t-shirt that stuck to my body and my pants that were now around my knees. Gerard offered Mikey his dirty fingers and I smiled as he took them between his lips, suckling them seductively as he cast his own pants away. He let his fingers slip from his mouth, pulling his Anthrax tee from his slender frame and tossing it aside.

"Can we do that again sometime?" I smirked at Gerard's words, planting a kiss on his forehead as Mikey buried his face back in his ass.

I think he had his answer.
Tags: bert mccracken, bert mccracken/gerard way/mikey way, fic, gerard way, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash
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