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Well, I didn't make a post yesterday cept for the primer. That's cause yesterday wasn't that interesting and I didn't feel like writing until I was tired. Stupid brain.

Yesterday I was on Paper Mario again and Lego Star Wars. I also watched Family Guy. I listened to one of Tokio Hotel's German albums too. To me, German's always been a rather agressive, scary language, but somehow Billa makes it... less so. It's strange.

I ended up doign stuff for mum, which was a waste of time as the printer acted up. Stupid thing.

I started fic for fastbetty31 which should be done tonight.

I had a dream we were on a sinking ship. Does it mean anything?

Today I got some snacks and a unicorn statue mum seen. It was in a Christian charity shop, which made me feel uncomfortable. I hope the money's gone to a good cause cause I know religious charity's sometimes see other things as worthy of money (ie conversion places) as opposed to stuff that needs it like the homeless. Thankfully that's more of a dumb ass American thing to do.

Anyway, I'm now eating one of the pasta tubs I got, writing and looking for the plug for the mini fridge. Though I may give up on that.

Also, tomorrow's kerrang has this year's Give It A Name line up, so I'll know if it's worth going.

Night On The Ranch on the dvd version of the Bullet album sounds like porn.
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