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Pairing: Ray Toro/Bob Bryar/Robb Flynn/Matt Heafy/Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone
POV: Ray
Ratings: NC-17
Warnings: Pissing, rape, underage, fisting, double penetration
Notes: Ray's a teenager in this.
Dedication: For bloodyhands birthday. Happy birthday!

My eyes darted in left and right as I walked down the street. I'd never been here before and had no idea where I was going. All I had to go on was an address and directions. I hoped I was almost there, I should be, since this was the right street. I was nervous as I checked the numbers of the houses. Would he like me when he saw what I looked like? We'd been talking online for over a month now and I was scared that he wouldn't like me when we were face to face. Plus there was also the thing that Mikey had warned me about: that he could be some sort of pervert. I'd thought about it, but he didn't seem to be the type, he seemed to cuddly for that. Plus I didn't exactly care if he was.

I stopped at the gate of a large house, it's number matching the address I had. I stuffed the piece of paper with the information on into my pocket, then pushed open the gate. I took a deep breath, walking passed his car to his front door. I bit my large lower lip and rang the doorbell. This was it, no going back now. After a few minutes, I saw a shadow through the door's window, then heard it open. He smiled at me as soon as he saw me, his blue eyes twinkling. He looked exactly like his pictures. He had strawberry blonde hair with a fringe that flopped over his gorgeous blue eyes. His smile never left his lips as he looked me over. "Ah, hello Ray."

"Hi Bob." I blushed brightly, looking at the floor to conceal my red cheeks. "I hope I'm not late."

"Of course not, come on in." I entered his home when he stepped away from the door, then looked around. It looked like a nice enough place. I turned back to look at him when he shut the door, combing my fingers through my dark curls."You look so beautiful." Again, I blushed, but this time I kept my eyes on him. He came towards me, running his tongue of his lips as he did so. "As perfect as I expected." He reached up with one hand, cupping my cheek lightly, then he leaned in close to me, brushing his lips over mine. I allowed my eyes to lid as I pressed my lips against his, parting them slightly to allow his tongue entry if he desired it. He push me against the wall, pinning me against it. A small part of me was saying that this was going too fast, but the rest of me didn't care. His tongue entered my mouth, lazily circling my own. He tasted vaguely of smoke. One of his strong arms wrapped around my waist to cup my ass, the other tangling into my curls.

"Hey, you're not supposed to start without us." My eyes snapped open at the sound of the voice and Iooked in the direction of it's source when Bob pulled away from my lips. The words came from a man that stood in one of the hallway's doorways. He had long black hair and plugs in his ears, lust clear in his eyes. Slightly behind him was another male with hair slightly longer, though he had a septum nose ring, goatee and generally looked intimidating.

I looked around the small room and saw, standing in the other doorway, a set of twins with bleached blonde hair. They were both eying me up hungry. The only difference between the two was that one, with a dark stripe in his hair, was slimmer then the other. The slimmer one was behind the other, with his arms wrapped around him posessively. They didn't say anything, just kept their blue eyes on us.

"You were meant to come when I called you." Bob growled, turning to face the one that had spoke, pressing his hips against mine to hold me in place. "Idiots, can't follow a simple instruction." He turned back to face me, licking his lips lightly.

"Wh... what are they doing here?" I asked in a shaky voice, suddenly very frightened. Why were they four other guys here?

"Oh that's very simple beautiful." Bob breathed over my face and I felt his hard cock press against my hip. His hand moved from my hair to stroke my cheek. "You see, you're such a pretty boy Ray, I have to share you." He grinned darkly, digging his nails into my cheek. "These are my friends." He nodded at the twins. "Nathan and Matthew." They waved at me, smirking, then he gestured with his head at the other two. "Matt and Robb." They didn't wave, just looked me over again with smirks on their faces. "We're all going to enjoy you."

I whimpered softly, trying to shake my head from side to side but his hand head me in place. I had images of what he meant by that. "Please don't."

"Ah but you were so desperate sounding while we were talking online, about how much you wanted a cock between those pretty, big lips of yours and buried deep in your tight, virgin ass." I trembled, realising he was right, I had said those things to him, but I never expected him to actually act on my words. Shit. "So now you'll have five cocks tearing you open instead of just mine." His hand left my cheek, moving down my body to my crotch. He kept that same smile on his face as he undid my fly, popping open the top button after pulling down the zipper. I decided to take a chance and kicked out as he ankles, but he didn't react at all. He grinned at me, leaning in close and whispering in my ear. "Boots."

I shook my head and struggled against him, even though knew it would do no good. In fact, my movements only caused my pants to fall down my legs, exposing myself to them all. I wished I'd wore underwear. I blushed, reaching down with both hands to cup my crotch to conceal it from them. Bob wrapped his other arm around me and lifted me up out of my pants nudging them away with one foot. Then he set me back down, rubbing his fingers over my ass as he did so. I bit my lip to surpress a purr at his touch, not wanting him to know I liked it. He stepped away from me, licking his lips. "Be a good boy and finish taking off your clothes for us."

I whimpered, looking from him to the other four, who had taken a few steps into the room. I could try and run, but they'd all catch me before I could get very far. Sighing softly, I removed my jacket and dropped it to the floor. "Will you let me go after..."

One of the twins smirked at me and shook his head. "You'll never see the light again." I trembled at his words, tugging the t-shirt I was wearing off. Surely he wasn't being serious right? I took a deep breath, letting it drop beside me so they could see my bare torso. I wasn't too proud of it, I thought I looked fat, but Bob had said I was hot. I crouched down and undid my trainers, kicking them off into the pile of my clothes before removing my socks and doing the same to them. I straightened up, standing naked at last in front of them all.

They came even closer, each of them studying my body intently. "Get on all fours." The one with the septum growled at me and, with a whimper, I fell to my hands and knees, too scared to disobey. I looked up at them, his hand stroking my hair. "He's like a little puppy dog!" I whimpered and shook my head as he ruffled my hair, laughing at me.

Bob chuckled at his words, licking his lips. "This way little one." He let me throut the doorway the twins had been standing in front of. I crawled after him, each of the other's forming a box around me. I whimpered softly again as we entered the next room, which was obviously much larger then the hallway. Along one wall was a large plush, black sofa that could easily fit five people. Along the opposite wall was a large plasma screen tv and dvd player. The room had no windows and it's walls were painted a dark red, with a black carpet covering the floor. I kept crawling into the room until I was roughly in the middle of the room. That's when he held his hand up, signaling me to stop.

The other's all went to sit on the coach, undoing their pants as they did so. "Since you found the pretty thing you get to go first Bob."

Bob grinned and undid his fly, pushing his worn jeans and boxers to the ground, kicking them away. His cock was much larger then my own, though he was older then me. "Right little one, you have a choice. Either you can be a good boy and do everything we say or you can be bad, try and fight or run." He reached for my hair, gripping it and pulling it back so I was looking up at him. "Just remember: We can hurt you if you decide to be bad."

I trembled and nodded, knowing I hadn't much choice. I could probably get out now while they were all distracted, but the door was probably locked and, even with their blood in their cocks, they could possibly outrun and overpower me. "What do you want me to do?" I asked him in a soft voice, feeling tears in my eyes. Maybe if I was good and did what they wanted, they'd let me go. I clung to that hope.

"First off, suck my cock." He brushed his large cock over my lips and I parted them for him, letting his member fill my mouth. I closed my eyes, pressing my tongue against his length, breathing through my nose as he filled my throat. He pulled out quickly, slamming back down my throat a few seconds later. I cried out around him, gagging around his length. Was he trying to fucking kill me with that thing? The next time he moved back he didn't pull out all the way, leaving his head and an inch of him in my mouth. I lapped at his shaft and his leaking head, tasting his precum. He purred above me, then pulled out slowly. "Don't fuck his mouth, I'm his first cock and he's got no control over his gag reflex. Don't want him dying just yet."

He remained in front of my face, holding his dick at the base and I flicked my tongue over his soft head. This was much better then gagging on his whole cock. He seemed to prefer it too, his purrs louder as I swiped my tongue around his head. I collected and swallowed all of his precum happily. I could tell he noticed, as he was smirking down at me. I watched as he started to steadily pump his erection. "That's it, keep licking." he groaned above me and, pleased by his words I started licking even more eagerly. I noticed him nod, taking it as a sign he enjoyed what I was doing and I kept my focus on him.

I was so focussed on him I hadn't realised one of the guy's had moved behind me until he opened my ass and spat on my hole. I shivered at the feeling, but barely had time to register it before the guy's pierced head pushed against my hole. I cried out in pain as it forced it's way inside me. Bob withdrew, stroking his shaft as I screamed in pain, the guy's cock burying itself within me despite my body instinctively trying to push him out. "That's it Robb, plow the bitch." I turned my head slightly, seeing that it was the guy with the goatee. He kept his movements rough, yet fluid, pounding away at my virgin ass. The piercing helped tear my ass open and I already felt my blood coat his length.

"Please stop..." I cried, digging my nails into the carpet. "Please, it fucking hurts!"

"It's meant to slut!" Robb growled, digging his nails into my fleshy butt cheeks. "Fuck, you're so fucking tight. This is why I love deflowering virgins." He increased his speed, tearing my insides open with each movement.

Bob gripped my hair, forcing me back to his cock. "Go back to focusing on my head. It'll help." He said the last part so softly I wasn't sure I heard it. I took his head back between my lips and suckled it lightly, swiping my tongue over his slick head. He was right, concentrating on his shaft was easing the pain in my ass. After a few minutes it went from a sharp, stinging pain each thrust to a dull throb. He pulled from my mouth then and I watched as his cock erupted, the first spurt hit my lips. I swiped my tongue over them, purring at his taste. The remainder of his cum landed on my foreehad and in my thick curls.

I growled as the stinging in my ass returned for a few seconds, guessing that Robb had came at last. I panted softly, watching as Bob headed over to the sofa and his cock was replaced by Robb's blood, cum and slightly shit coated cock. At first I thought he'd force me to lick him clean, but he wiped his length in my hair instead. I whimpered as he did so, then felt another cock push into my broken hole. I glanced at the sofa, seeing the twins were still there. Logically that meant it was Matt. My hole twitched around him and I was thankful he didn't have a piercing through his cock head like Robb. I did feel though, that he had some bars along the underside.

Once Matt established a rough rhythm Robb bought his cock back in front of me. He was soft now with most of the stuff that was on his shaft gone in my hair now. "Clean the rest." He growled and I extended my tongue, tasting the last of my blood and his cum. I flicked my tongue over his silver ring, tasting the coppery fluid of my blood. I groaned as Matt rammed deep inside me, his pace as rough as Robb's was though he wasn't as big so didn't hurt as much. Apparently satisfied I was done, Robb pulled back from my tongue. I kept my eyes on him as he stayed in place in front of me. After a few seconds, piss sprayed from the head of his soft cock. I instantly closed my eyes, whining as the strong fluid hit my eyelids and hair, a small amount splashing into my mouth. I whined in displasure, sealing my lips and quickly swallowing it so that no more would get into my mouth. I heard a low groan from behind me, feeling Matt's cum hit my wounded insides. Robb's flow subsided and he wiped his cock head over my lips, leaving the last few drops of piss there.

I opened my eyes only when Matt pulled out, taking a deep breath as he rubbed his cock over my cheeks. He left to go join Robb, who had left when he'd wiped his length over my lips, and the others on the couch. I felt like I could drop. I could feel a mix of blood and their cum slid down my crack, feeling some of it cover my balls. My face was dripping with Robb's piss, which had washed the cum Bob had shot on my face away. I trembled, gripping the carpet as tight as I could to stay stable on all fours. The twins came over to me, running their hands over my back. They'd both stripped naked while I was dealing with the others and they looked so beautiful. Their body's were almost identical, apart from the slimness of the striped one and slight roundness of the other. They had tattoos, though I couldn't make them out clearly. They didn't look much older then I was either. While Bob, Matt and Robb looked like men, these two looked like boys. Maybe they'd go easy on me.

The one with the stripe licked his lips. "Isn't this one pretty Nathan?" The blonde nodded, reaching down to cup my chin and stroke over my skin. "Give him your ass Nathan, I know you want it." The blonde, who I now knew was Nathan, nodded and turned around so his ass was in my face. I inhaled his scent, but wasn't sure what he wanted me to do. Matthew pushed two of his fingers into my damaged hole, making me hiss in pain. "Part your cheeks." Nathan reached behind himself, pulling open his ass cheeks so I could see his crack and twitching pucker. I'd never seen one before and I was enthralled my the little opening. "Stick your tongue in him."

I extended my tongue, lapping over his ass before circling his ring. I could feel my cock start to harden from Matthew's slow movements, a third finger no in my ass, gently working them in and out. I pushed my tongue against Nathan's hole, working it into him. He tasted nothing like I expected an ass to taste. I'd expected that it would taste of shit, but he didn't. He didn't smell like it either. I pushed my tongue deeper inside him, lapping at his walls. He was moaning above me and I could see his nails dig into his own skin. I smiled and kept wiggling it around, pulling out every so often to take a gasp of air. His twin was still fingering my ass, his fingers spreading me open. I could feel my blood still trickle out, but the flow was much less then it was before. Yeah, these two were definately more gentle then Matt and Robb.

Suddenly, Matthew's fingers left my hole and I found myself whimpering against his brother's skin at the loss. "Aww, the little pretty does like his ass being filled after all." I heard him say from behind me, but didn't reply. Instead I pushed my tongue as far as it would go in Nathan, ensuring I couldn't reply. I could hear him moan again, urging me on wordlessly. I let out a soft groan as Matthew pushed his fingers into me, though this time it wasn't just the three. I groaned as I felt his little finger and thumb enter me as well, realising he'd just been prepering me to take his hand. I moaned against Nathan and one of his hands had left his ass to hold my head against him, making sure I didn't protest. I could see him look over his shoulder, grinning as his brother pushed his hand oall the way inside me. Strangely, thanks to his fingering, it didn't hurt as much as the cock's had despite being bigger. I felt my finger clasp around his wrist, his digits wiggling and exploring my insides. He pressed his body against my back, whispering against my ear. "You know, could just dig my nails in and yank out your intestines if I wanted to." I trembled at his words, but despite the threat he wasn't making any move to act on his words. His fingers just rubbed against my insides, his nails barely scrapping against me. I was sure, due to his tone, that he was fully capable of acting on his words if he wanted to. I could feel my erection slap against my belly as he moved inside me. "But you'll be a good boy so I don't have to do that right?" I nodded as best I could against his brother. "Good boy."

He moved his wrist out slowly, then pushed it back in, working it like a large cock. He kept his movements at a slow, almost lazy pace, using his other hand to reach between my spread legs and fondle my cock. I wondered if he would start jacking me off. He leaned up, licking along his brother's spine and whispered something to him. I didn't hear what he said, but it made Nathan release my hair and pull away from me. I watched him curiously, feeling Matthew's hand increase it's speed within me at the same time. Nathan laid down in front of me and Matthew growled above me. "Crawl over him." I nodded, moving forward slowly, Matthew following at the same pace so his hand didn't leave my hole. "Stop." I instantly stilled at Matthew's commanding tone, as my cock brushed over Nathan's face. Without hesitation, the blonde took my length between his lips, swallowing down to the base in one go.


"Go back to his ass." I nodded, leaning down between Nathan's legs, brushing my tongue over his cock and balls as I did so. I couldn't get to his hole easily in this position, so just licked over his cleft. His lips squeezed around my shaft, his tongue flicking over me. I felt Matthew's speed increase, his fingertips brushing agaisnst a spot deep within me. I let out a low groan, feeling my cock stiffen even more in his mouth. I knew I was close and he hadn't even been pleasing me that long. "That's it, shoot into my brother's mouth. I know you want to." Matthew's other hand slapped against my ass cheek as he spoke. I thrust my hips forward, spilling my load into Nathan's mouth. I felt the twin beneath me swallow, moving back from his ass to moan in pleasure. "Good boy." I heard Matthew chuckle, removing his hand from my ass.

Nathan let my cock fall from his mouth and he scooted up. I saw him lap at Matthew's hand, then his twin wiped the rest of my blood and the men's cum over his face and into his hair, staining it red. Nathan moved away from his brother, moving under me until we were facing each other. I wondered why he did that until I felt Matthew push Nathan's erection into my hole, his own following moments later. I groaned out loudly as the twins started rolling their hips, their hardness' brushing against each other and my insides. They felt so good fucking my hole. I bit me lip, Matthew ramming hard into me. Nathan gripped onto my curls, pulling me down for a rough kiss.

His tongue twirled against mine, his hips pushing up inside me. My ass squeezed slightly around them as best I could, though they were both moaning in pleasure. "So fucking good." Matthew started slapping my ass again, soft groans leaving his lips. Mathew increased his speed into me. Nathan left my lips, gasping out mine and his twin's name as he came deep inside me, his sticky load coating me and his brother. Matthew leaned down, whispering against me. "Good boy, making my twin shoot." Nathan pushed up his soft cock rubbing it against his brother, his seed lubricating his thrusts. "You're so fucking perfect." He gasped softly, spurting deep within me his seed mixing with Nathan's.

Matthew pulled out, wiping his cock over my cheek like Matt had before him, then left for the couch. Nathan looked me in his eyes, speaking softly for the first time. "Yeah, you're really perfect." He moved from under me, his dick leaving a sticky trail up my body as he did so. Once he was out from beneath me, I lost all my strength, collapsing to the floor. I looked over the other guys, panting softly as my eyes lidded.

Robb was erect again, but as he got up to use me agian Bob pushed him back down. "Let him rest for awhile. Your cock can wait."

I heard Robb grumble under his breath and smiled at Bob, curling up into a ball and allowing myself to drift off.
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