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Blood is sharp

I made a new kitty friend today. It was outside on the shed and it was black and fluffy. Poor thing must've been left out in the rain cause it's fur was all wet and matted. I had to fed it and it cleared the plate in seconds. I wish I coulda got it to at least come down, but it didn't wanna.

I wish someone would just put up the full length of Waking The Demon so I can hear the whole thing. Hearing snippets it's driving me crazy.

I'm thirsty but I've somehow manged to lose the change I had for drink snce it's not in my pocket anymore. I'm thinking it's rolled out somehow and probably fell between the beds. I swear this room's worse then the Bermuda Triangle. First the digibox remote, then my wallet now this.

I got through the ruins on Paper Mario. Huzzah!

I've also been on Lego Star Wars and watched Family Guy.

All my days have just sorta gelled into one now. There's no real difference between them. I hate how people are like 'get a job' when there's none going. Also it really annoys me when they say in the same breath to 'do what you want to do'. Yeah, that's what I'm planning. I'm not gonna do any job I'll hate just to please someone. There's three places I'd work in. game's shop, music shop or sci-fi shop. The last is the one I want most and I'd do in a heartbeat.

Shaun Of The Dead's on in over an hour so I'll be watching that as well as writing.

Recently I've had people spamming me through IM's on AIM. So if anyone sends you an IM saying that your journal has been copied and offers a link, don't click on it. Cause it fucks everything up. I did it first time and I've had it twice more now. It annoys the hell outta me.

Speaking of annoying things, that course I was on before Christmas? Well it was meant to last another few weeks and they didn't tell me when to go in. Pointless people.

Panic losing the ! is just so stupid. C'mon, surely if it bothered them as much as they're suddenly claiming they wouldn't have had it put on every piece of merch, interview they did or album for fucks sake. No one has that little control over their band surely. I hope they change their mind and stick it back in.

Does anyone know if there's any fics of Jared when he had that weight for Chapter 27? Gods he looks hot like that. Is it wrong I think that?
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