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Scream until you believe it

In three weeks I'll be at Bullet. I'm excited about that, and the Kerrang tour the week after (and The Blackout tour after that) so why does the 30 Seconds one not inspire any such excitement?

Perhaps it's seeing them more times I've the last eyar then I have seen most bands (which I like more) in total. Perhaps it's cause the support acts have been eh. Or maybe it's cause it's the day after Bullet so I'll be tired and not caring about it anyway.

Maybe it's all of the above.

Next week's Torchwood, that makes me happy It seems every week somethings happening isn't it? The week after's Family Guy and after that's Bullet and the tour.

I got an e-mail about the Bullet album and that memory stick thing is limited so now I have to try and get it if I can. Maybe while in Birmingham. It's so so pretty.

I've been on Lego Star Wars today, basically building up money and doing a few levels again. I wanna get Score x4 before finishing Episode V. I'm going back on in a few.

Paper Mario's frustated me. Stupid thing.

I found one of Tokio Hotel's albums to download, so I've been listening to that today too, it's on now. I like/love it.

I'll watch QI then Bill Bailey's tour from 10.

I don't feel in a writing mood, so I probably won't do fic unless I change my mind in a few hours.
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