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Just seen Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, at last! :D

Slash, slash, slash! This film has slash coming out of its ears! Legolas/Aragon, Frodo/Sam, Merry/Pippin. It's so clear to me now why there are so many slash sites dedicated to it.
Now to mention that Elrond was in the Matrix and Sauron was in Star Wars Episode 2.

Anyway, loved it!!! Graphics were amazing, Legolas hot, fights were cool, slash has been mentioned and the end!
Why did I think Gimli would die? I have no idea but I don't really care. I loved every second, though it did get slow at some points, and was slightly confusing but everything was always made clear. All in all, the hype is believeable! he he
I shall watch Two Towers very soon :D
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