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Pairing: Jay James/Johnny Devine
POV: Johnny
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bondage, rough sex
Notes: this picture inspired this. Like Middle this is fairly shortish.

My eyes opened and I shivered. Why the fuck was there a hood over my head again? I woke quickly when I realised my hands were bound too when I tried to move them. Shit. Although I had a hood on, there was a ball gag in my mouth, buckled tightly around my head. Even worse, I was practically naked, only in my what felt like lacy panties. Fuck. "Ah you're awake." I twisted my head from side to side to find the source of the voice, even though I couldn't see. "It'll do you know good." He chuckled softly and I felt his hand on my back, trailing over my exposed body.

He gripped onto the hair that was under my hood, pulling my head back. He was right above me, growling softly. "You'll be good for me won't you?" If my hands were free I'd probably punch him, but since they weren't I just nodded. If I complied maybe he'd untie me and I could hit him then. "I hope you mean that, because I'm in charge tonight Johnny." He slapped my exposed ass cheek after he said that. I didn't make any sound of pain though, I'd had much worse.

"Ah so that doesn't hurt does it?" I shook my head and heard him move around my body until he was in front of me. "How about this?" Instead of just slapping me, he punched me right in the balls, making me almost double over in pain. Fucker. He'd pay for this. He laughed again and I felt the hood being pulled off me. I glared at him through my teary eyes and he smiled at me. He looked innocent enough, with his emo hair and generally round features. In the right light he could look like a slut. He grinned at me, tossing the hood to one side. "Let's see if it hurts more when I fuck you hmmm?" I growled behind my gag, shaking my head, my dirty blonde hair going from side to side.

He moved back behind me, pulling the panties down a little so my ass was fully exposed to him, but my cock was still trapped. Asshole. He prised open my cheeks and aimed his erection for my opening, pushing inside me without preperation. I figured he'd done some while I was out though, since it didn't hurt as much as a dry fuck should. I groaned against the gag and he started moving his hips, thrusting into me instantly without giving me time to adjust. He held onto my cheeks, digging his nails into my flesh as he kept his movements hard and fast. I sobed softly, wishing I could reach around and strangle him. He purred against me, one of his hands leaving my ass to unbuckle the gag, which I promptly spat out.

"You fucking bastard!" Again, he laughed, overly amused by my situation. "You'll pay for this!"

He licked my neck, biting at my skin as his hips collided with my ass again. "Oh really?"

"Fuck yes." The hand that unbuckled the gag pulled the panties down some more, stroking over my hardness purposely as he did so. "Ugh." Then, his hand trailed over my stomach and untied my bound wrists, his cock thobbing in my ass. He kept undoing the rope slowly, only letting it fall from my wrists completely when I felt him shoot deep inside me. His cum coated my insides now.

I growled, letting him pull out of me before standing, stepping out of the panties and pushing him to the floor. I easily pinned my captor to the floor, growling done at him. He didn't look frightened or intimidated, in fact, he just grinned. Surely, he expected I'd do this. "You fucker."

"What?" He licked his lips, showing off that fucking tongue stud of his. I could feel his seed trickle out of my opening as he spoke."This was just payback for you filming us. And if you do it again, I've got pics of you in those panties."

Again I growled, moving up his body and forcing my cock inside his warm, wet mouth. He didn't resist me, just lapped at my erection. He was right for course, I probably had deserved that but I wouldn't let him know that. I grabbed his hair, watching as he sucked hard, trailing my other hand over his strong, tattooed arm. I thrust my cock in and out of his mouth, feeling his stud press against my underside. His tongue was so fucking perfect. He wiggled it against my heated skin, his lips tightening around me. My eyes lidded and I let out a low groan, spurting over his tongue and down his throat, feeling it contract as he swallowed.

I pulled out, wiping my saliva slick cock over his chin. I stood up, looking down at his body as I panted softly. Bruises of various shades marked his skin and I knew there'd be more soon. He licked his lips again and, as if sensing I was going to hurt him, kicked out with one of his booted feet. It collided with my ankle, causing me to fall to the floor in surprise. I groaned at the feeling, watching him as he picked up another length of rope and came towards me. I lashed out at his chest with my fists, but he jumped back, avoiding my fists. He grinned again, gripping my wrists and binding them again with the rope. "Fucker!"

"You didn't think it would be that easy did you?" I struggled, ready to try kick him with the legs but he avoided them so my feet hit air. he kicked me in the thigh with his booted foot and when I grunted in pain he used the rope to bind my ankles as well. He moved out of my sight and I wiggled but I couldn't escape his bonds, despite how quickly he'd secured them. He returned to me after a few minutes, forcing the ball gag back into my mouth and buckling it tighter then before. He then moved between my legs, pushing a large black butt plug into my ass, sealing the rest of his load inside me. Finally, he replaced the hood on my head.

I heard him step back away from me and felt his booted foot hit my belly. I grunted in pain, mentally preparing myself for a second hit, but it did not come. Instead I heard him leave the room. Great.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james/johnny devine, slash, tna
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