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Pairing: Dan Torelli/Tomo Milicevic
POV: Dan
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Rough sex
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

I stepped offstage, combing my fingers through my long, sweaty hair. Tonight's show had been a good one, though it was tiring as always. I watched the twins as they ran ahead to the dressing room, with Mateo following behind at a more lazy pace. As always, I was last offstage, due to moving from behind the drum kit and throwing my sticks out. I didn't mind being last though, it gave me time to think and calm down. "I'm heading out to the tour bus." I called to them and heard a mumbled response from the twins as I passed the dressing room the three of them had just entered.

I headed to the exit, peeking outside to make sure no one was out there waiting for us. Thankfully there wasn't anyone around. I took a deep breath and pushed the door open more, ready to step out into the night until I was pulled back in. I turned around, growling at whoever had forced me back inside. I glared at the guy, who had long dark hair and was staring straight at me. "What is it?" I asked him, slightly irritated. I liked to use this time on the bus to gather my thoughts, sometimes read, as it was one of the few times I had peace to do such things. Sure, having the guys around was fun, but we'd always end up watching some film, on one of the consoles or me and Mateo would end up listening to the twins fuck. I liked my quiet time.

"You were pretty great tonight." He smiled at me, his cheeks slightly flushed.

I stepped away from the door, giving him a small smile. Ah, so it was just a fan that got a bit handsy. "Thanks, I'm glad you think so. Would you like me to sign something?" He smiled a seemingly innocent smile, batting his eyelashes at me and nodded. "Alright." I led him through a door into a small storage room, reaching to flick on the light. It was better then signing stuff in the corridor where more people could come along. "So, do you have a pen or..." I groaned as he pushed me against the wall, pressing his body against mine and pining me agaisnt the surface. "What the..."

He covered my mouth with his hand, growling against my ear. "Don't scream, don't struggle." I could feel his clothed hardness press against my ass I squirmed against him, but I couldn't get out from under his grip. "I'm going to fuck you." I moaned behind his hand, trying to shake him off to voice my displeasure. Why couldn't he have been a normal fan? Why did I have to get the crazy rapist? His other hand slid around my waist and undid my fly. I wished this wasn't happening just after a gig since I'd have been able to put up a better fight. He pushed my jeans open, forcing them down my legs. I tried to struggle again, but it did no good. At this moment, he was stronger then me. He cupped my crotch through my boxers, squeezing lightly. "Stop struggling." Although he didn't verbally threaten me, I knew he'd hurt me if I failed to comply.

I stilled my movements and he purred in my ear. "Better." He released his hold on my cock, pulling down the fabric of my underwear. "You have a nice ass, it's just begging to be filled." He traced his hand over the curve, then slapped it lightly. Despite myself, my cock twitched to life. I hoped he didn't notice. "Are you going to be good and quiet?" I nodded and he removed the hand that covered my mouth, moving it down to hold my throat loosely. I heard the soound of his own fly unzipping, feeling his soft cock head brush against my ass.

A few seconds later I felt two of his fingers probing along my crack, searching for my entrance. I bit my lip to surpress a gasp as they found their target, the tip of his middle finger pushing into me slowly. He wiggled it inside me, mkaing me groan softly before slamming the rest of the digit into me. He removed it slowly for my hole, then forced it back in with the second finger. I moaned in pain, trying to push the intruders out, but they stayed firmly within me, seperating to scissor and stretch me. "Fuck..."

"You like that don't you?" The fingers came together before seperating, wider this time. I didn't respond to him, not wanting him to know some part of me actually liked it. Though if he looked at my erection he wouldn't have to ask. He chuckled softly, repeating the action again. "Of course you do." He removed the fingers slowly, bringing them around my body up to my lips. I knew what was expected of me, so I parted my lips and sucked them slowly. I trailed my tonge over his skin, tasting myself on his fingers. The hand on his throat released it's grip, going to my ass and holding onto me as he pushed his shaft along my crack. He pushed the head between my cheeks, finding my stretched hole with ease and forcing it's way inside, just as his fingers had done a few minutes ago. I groaned around them as he slammed into me, pain racking through my body.

I closed my eyes to try and block it out, though I felt tears escape them and roll down my cheeks. He kissed my neck lightly, thrusting his slick fingers in and out of my mouth. His body was flush against mine, his dick pulsing inside me, though he didn't move for a few minutes allowing me time to adjust. When he did move, he started thrusting roughly into me. His hips slammed against my ass with each thrust, making me moan softly. He was already nailing my spot dead on, which made me squeeze tight around him. "Oh yes, your ass was definately made for cock. Touch yourself beautiful."

I reached down for my dick and started to stroke my leaking shaft as requested. I was panting and moaning heavily, renewed sweat making my t-shirt stick to my skin again. "Harder..." I gasped out, not quite believing I said that even as I did.

He chuckled and bit my neck lightly. "Slut." He whispered against my skin as he complied, going both harder and faster then before. This shouldn't feel as good as it did, I knew that. I allowed my eyes lid, starting to push back against his shaft. His tongue traced patterns over my skin, his thick length forcing it's way deep inside me with each thrust. I could feel that he'd torn my insides a little, but I didn't care too much right now. "So fucking good slut, I hope you're close. I know I am."

I moaned loudly, wishing I knew his name. I sped up my hand movements, knowing I'd soon spurt over my t-shirt "Fuck..."

"My name's Tomo, in case you were wondering Dan, my pretty." He whispered in my ear, making me squirm even more. I bucked into my hand, squeezing tight around him, moaning his name. I came with a shuddering cry, feeling it splatter against the wall and my t-shirt. He managed to keep thrusting into me a few more times and I wondered how he was holding off. I panted heavily as he pulled out of me completely and I wondered why. He hadn't come yet so I wondered what he was up to. He gripped onto my long, dark hair and pushed me down to my knees. At first I expected him to push his bloodied arousal between my lips, but when I opened them he ignored me completely, stroking his cock hard and fast. I kept my eyes on his dick, watching his hand jerk it to completion. He erupted after a few strokes, moaning loudly, his seed landing over my face. Some landed in my open mouth, some hit my eyelids and the rest ended up in my chin, on my nose and in my hair.

He panted softly and as I opened my eyes I watched him zip himself up. Was he just gonna leave me here like this, covered with cum? he went to the door, apparently going to do just that. "Wait!" he turned to face me, tipping his head to one side. I stood up, pulling up my jeans and zipping myself up. "Wanna come on the bus?"

He smiled and nodded and we left the small, dark room together. I wanted to learn more about Tomo, maybe that was strange. "Looks like someone's had fun!" I heard Matthew say as we went past them on the way to the bus. I just flipped him off, knowing Nathan was probably in a similar state.
Tags: 30 seconds to mars, dan torelli, dan torelli/tomo milicevic, fic, madina lake, tomo milicevic
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