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Plaything Part 11

Pairing: Jay James/Ray Toro
POV: Ray
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM and slavery
Notes: This is another flashback part to show Ray picking Jay. I thought about this while I was on the bus home from the Job Center so I had to do it. This is the first of two fics to be posted today, the other I started last night.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface
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11: Ray

I stepped into the large room, looking around the expanse. At the center of the room were a series of ceiling hooks, seven of which had a boy chained below. I didn't look them over yet, deciding to look over them individually when I was closer. The guy that led me towards them, a man called Paul Thomas who I'd had dealings with before, smiled at me and gestured over at them. "We've already had two sales already before we offer them up to the public. Of course Mr Toro you're not counted among them. I hope one of them interests you this time."

I waved his words away, not really paying attention. Fame had it's advantages. I'd been here a few times before after Frankie, but none of them really appealled to me. Maybe today would be different. "Now, these boys are all from Wales. So they've come a long way." I nodded and looked over the first boy, curious as to what these boy's would be like. Of course, they were all the same, completely naked and chained to the hook. Each was heavily sedated so they wouldn't wake no matter how much they were touched. Around their necks was a small chain that ended with a tag with their name on it, with nicknames in brackets. Two sets of those tags hung from vacant hooks. Ian Watkins and Oli Sykes. I wondered what those boys looked like for a moment, but shook my head and returned to the task at hand.
The first was a young boy, with a podgy belly and bleached blonde hair. His name tag identified him as Sean Smith. I looked him up and down thoughtfully.I circuled aaround him slowly to study him. He had a nice ass, good sized cock... he was pretty. but perhaps he'd be feisty like Frankie was. Paul started to speak after a few moments. "We think he was the boyfriend of one of the ones already sold, so he'd have experience if that's what you're after."

Once I was in front of the boy again I shook my head. He was a maybe. Lot's of guy's were maybe's. I wasn't looking for a maybe though. I stepped to the next guy along. I practically discounted him straight away. He was so fucking tall.His name was Charlie Simpson and, apart from is height he also had bushy eyebrows with brown and blonde hair. His dick matched his body, as it was long. I shook my head firmly, stepping to the next guy. Charlie would probably end up intimidating me.

The guy after Charlie was very different to him. He had dark skin and a large belly, which overhung his cock. I bent down to look curiously, noting how he wasn't too big. He had long, black hair that reached his shoulders. Now, most people would discount him right away due to his size, but there was a certain something about him that held my interest. Yes, definately something about him. His tag told me his name was Omar Abidi. I moved around him, running my palm over his round, fat ass. His skin felt so soft. I wanted to buy him right away to stop someone from roasting him. "Interested in him?"

"Perhaps." I whispered softly, biting my lower lip in thought. "I'll look at the others first."

Paul nodded and I left Omar to go to the next one. Micheal Thomas (Moose). The first one with a nickname and also the first with tattoos, which were on his arms. I shrugged. His look held no interest for me. he had the look of someone who'd put up a fight too. Perhaps even more so as he didn't have the cock sucking lips of Sean. Nah, definately not for me.

The fifth guy was called Matt Tuck. Like Omar, he had long dark hair, but his body was slim with a pretty tattoo covering his left arm. He also had a small amount of facial hair under his lower lip. Yeah, he was a pretty boy alright. I walked around his hanging body, studying him. Nice cock, firm looking ass... yeah, he'd do as anyone's slut. He'd definately be one to think about. Before Paul could open his mouth to say anything about him I moved onto the next guy.

Micheal Padget (Padge). He was similar to Matt, with long hair but both his arms were tattooed. He had more weight to him then Matt did though, more muscle and more fat. He also had a goatee that was a ridiculous length. If I bought him it'd be cut short. His dick looked bigger then Matt's and his ass looked rounder. Like Matt he was one to think about. I had images of his face covered in cum, some of it sticking to his shorter goatee.

Sadly, none had wowed me as much as I'd hoped. Perhaps I'd leave with one of them but it would require thought. A guy that wowed me wouldn't require such thought. Of course, there was always the last boy.

I stepped in front of him, breathing out softly as I gazed upon him. "Holy fuck." Seems we'd saved the best for last. He was plump, had arm tatttoos, pretty hair, plugs in his ears, lip piericing, a nice dick. I circuled behind him and grinned at his tattoo on his back of a lizard. Oh yes, he was perfect.

Paul seemed to notice my liking for the boy. "You haven't seen this yet." He prised open the boy's mouth revealling a pierced tongue.

I let out a low groan, running my hands over his cheek and running a finger over his soft tongue. "He's perfect. I'll take him." I grinned at him, licking my lips. "Book him in for surgery too, I want hm to have tits and... loosen his ass and throat a little as well." Paul nodded, quickly jotting it all down on a little notepad. "How much is he?"

"$150000, $50 grand more with surgery."

I nodded, I knew it was a lot, but I couldn't pass him up and I could afford it. "Alright." I smiled and planted a gentle kiss on Jay's forehead. I wanted to have him right now, but knew I'd have to wait a little while longer. "Do you have the foorage of the guys before they were bought in?"

"Sure, that's how we know the nicknames..." He looked at me with slight confusion, probably wondering why I'd want to know such a thing.

"Show me." I demanded, knowing he'd say yes to me, despite my request being unusual. I smirked at him as he nodded, leading me away from the hanging males to a room with the footage. He handed me a DVD disc and left me alone with a screen to watch it on. he was happy enough now he had my credit card. Let's see if there was anything interesting.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/ray toro, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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