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I had an early night last night. Early being 3ish instead of 5ish.

I had block that set in though, which was frustrating so I just pestered Claire and watched Family Guy. Before that I went on Lego Star Wars and got through the first levels of Empire. I hate the Battle Of Hoth. When block went I was too tired to do anything. Sigh.

I'd be at nan's now but mum's gone instead. It's been little over a day since she came back and she's been so frustrated. Cause of the operation she's unable to do anything and she's bored so I said she should go if she feels up to it. Women.

Still, it's meant I have some time to myself here which is good I think. She's been driving me crazy, coming in here the past two nights and stuff. Sigh.

Least Dougie's legs are better now. Yay!

Anyone in America that likes Bullet can go into any Hot Topic at 7pm on the 18th to hear the album bastards. If you order the album during it you get a special gift of some sort (I really wanna know what it is) and 10% off. Anyone gonna go?

I really want this. I kinda want both that and the cd/dvd version though. I hope I can get both.

What've I done today so far? Well, not much. Been in bed mostly. Dreading the stupid Job Center cause it's downstairs and they'll probably be moody. Since it's been the holidays though it shouldn't be so bad. I hope.

Since when has Frankie been called Mikey? Ha! I mock thee crossbow1 mockkk!

I've got Kerrang. Yay for a poster of the twins and Fightstar! Though I do wish they'd use pics of Omar with his hair down. It tied back isn't flattering. Also Matthew looks like it's hard to keep his hands by his sides for some reason. I love the cover pic of Bullet. It makes me think naughty things. There's a review of the Nottingham new year's gig that I wish I'd gone too cause it's got 5 K's. Damnit. There's a hot pic of Jay with his lips open (which is erotic Kerrang, you just don't have eyes). Also there's one of Matt with his tongue out.

The first pic of the article would, if I didn't know better, make me think Jay was the frontman. He's in front of the others and sorta in the middle. I'm fairly sure this is the first Bullet pic that he's in that sorta place. Padge seems to think he's getting a bloow job from an invisible person. Moose is making an idiot face. One think I don't like about this article is all the pics are black and white. Moose is getting a tattoo in one. In another, jay looks really hot and evil. yet in the other group shots he just looks his whorey self, cept for one where he's laughing which is so cute. He's also the only one shown with his instrument. Padge is smoking in one (something which Jay also does). Matt now lives in Cardiff (while the rest have houses in Bridgend) in an appartment overlooking the bay. he also has two kitties. Which is awww in and of itself right? But there's a picture of him with one and it's, like, the msot adorable thing ever! Seriously, it's so cute!

The rest of Kerrang isn't really interesting, though there's a Bullet poster next week (live and of Matt tough) and something bout MCR.

I leave with something from the last page, which is two questions put to Jared Leto.

When was the last time you did something that you shouldn't have?
The answer is I do that often. But I don't think I'll tell you what it is.

What's the last thing you do before going to bed?
It has something to do with a hunting vest, a PVC pipe and some duct tape...
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