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Many things you will see

I beat TALOS! Huzzah! It only took me an hour. Evil fucker.

Mum being in here's annoying and odd.

I'm starting to write.

Tomorrow's Kerrang is guh!

Meme time!

Fill in:
- I _____ Stuie.
- Stuie is _____.
- Stuie likes to _____.
- I want to _____ Stuie.
- Stuie can _____.
- Someday Stuie will _____.
- Stuie reminds me of _____.
- Without Stuie, it will be _____.
- Right now, I bet Stuie is thinking about _____.
- Stuie makes me want to _____.
- If I could spend the day with Stuie, I'd _____.
- Stuie is made of _____.
- If I could be Stuie for a day, I'd _____.
- Stuie's alter-ego is _____.
- I want to give Stuie _____.
- If I could set Stuie up with someone it'd be _____.

Ask me up to ten questions (Because I'm feeling generous). They could be about fanfiction, about bands, favorite colour, films, sex. I don't mind what they are, you can ask ANYTHING you want, no matter how gruesome or personal, and I will answer them, no matter what, and you have my word.

Edit: Does anyone have the original to this?
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