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Let us cavort like the Greeks of old! You know the ones I mean

My sleep pattern's become really strange the past two days. I can't seem to sleep till 5. Bad body!

I was on Resident Evil a lot last night. The TALOS is so evil. Normally when I get to a boss I keep replaying till I kill the fucker. With this one I didn't. It's just so hard, mostly causa the action button of doom. I hate that. Even when I press the right thing it doesn't work. Stupid thing.

It amused me that the laser corridor from the movies was in it (well, a similar one, but green and minus the cubing thing).

It's still very satisfying to shoot zombies in the head (or crotch) though. And Carlos is so hot. Hotter then he is in the films.

I also watched Futurama last night. Hedonism Bot is so awesome.

Yeah, and there was the Torchwood squeeing. Threesome with Ianto please? Or Owen. yeah, I can totally see me doing fic as soon as it starts (other then the one I was gonna do). I really need the series 1 boxset.

As I said to babu awhile back, Jay has two poses for photoshoots. Either his arms are folded or his hands are near his crotch. The latter makes him seem like a slut. Though I don't know if he's a top or a bottom one.

I can't wait for tomorrow's Kerrang cause I just know there'll be more then one pic of him this time and I'll die from them. And you know the poster of the twins is going up as soon as I get home.

I'll be seeing nan before crappy Job Center, so I'll be gone most of the daylight portion of the day (though I'm not on much then anyway). So mum'll give me the money for that.

Two fics done from the to do list now. Woo! I might do another today. I think I might do some to Plaything.

My brain can't stop picturing Bob as hill folk now. Thanks fastbetty31 for that image (and thanks for the ickle pony thingy!).

I also finished Mario 3 the other day. Go me!

I'll probably go back to bed for a bit now, my eyes are a bit sleepy still.

When I return, I'll possibly do fic and if not I'll be on Wii again. Or both, cause I can multitask sometimes.
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