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Pairing: Gerard Way/Bob Bryar/Bert Mccracken
POV: Bob
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slight scat
Notes: this is probably the shortest fic I've done in awhile, but I had the image in my head so... why not.

I moaned softly as Gerard's tongue wiggled deep inside my ass, his hands holding my cheeks wide open. He circled the soft muscle against my insides, purring at the taste. I looked down at Bert, who was on his knees and smirking. He flicked his own tongue over my slit, collecting my precum that was there before taking me down his throat. "Fuck..." Bert's hands were stroking over the sweat-slick skin of my belly as he bobbed up and down my shaft.

It was strange, up until a few months ago these two wouldn't even up in the same room together, now they were on their knees on either side of me, pleasuring me with their mouths. I'd have to ask them what made them decide to do this later.

Gerard pulled back, panting for breath against my crack, his thumbs rubbing along my opening. "Mmm you taste so good Bob."

Bert chuckled around me, pulling off my cock just long enough to whisper a response to him. "Mmm he tastes better when he's shitting." Bert stroked my balls with his other hand, cupping them in his palm. "Will you give him some Bob?"

I squirmed and thrust my ass back against Gerard's face, which he took as a signal to push his tongue back inside me. I wasn't sure if I could give him what Bert asked, but I'd try. With a smile, Bert leaned into my crotch and took my soft balls into his warm mouth. I moaned louder, reaching down and gripping onto Bert's dark, dirty locks. Ah his mouth was still as good as ever. His tongue trailed over my sac, his lips squeezing gently around me. His hand that was on my balls was now wrapped around my cock, stroking me at the steady pace he'd been sucking me at.

Gerard's tongue was darting in and out of my hole again, the soft, wet flesh searching for what he wanted. My eyes lidded and I reached around with one hand to grip onto his hair too. I pushed against him, knowing that there might be something for him, but not much. Bert's tongue flicked over my balls one last time before he moved back to my cock, devouring it into his hot mouth. I'd forgotten how much I missed his mouth. I rocked my hips between them both, letting out soft sounds of pleasure.

I pushed a small amount of shit onto Gerard's tongue, feeling him scoop it out and swallow. Fucking slut, just like Bert.

Bert's lips squeezed around my shaft as they moved up and down, his fingers on my wet balls. "Fuck bitch..." I bucked my hips formed hard, knowing I was close. Bert, sensing I was, sucked harder, twirling his tongue over my shaft and head. My eyes lidded again in pleasure and I thrust forward, shooting my sticky load into his mouth. "Holy fuck..."

I panted heavily, my eyes slowly opening as Bert pulled back from my shaft. He moved to one side of me, beckoned Gerard to him and kissed him, the pair of them exchanging what I'd given them. I panted heavily, slidding to the floor beside them, watching intently as their tongues twirled in each others mouths. With a smile, Gerard pulled away. "It's not over yet big boy."

"He's right." Bert smirked the familiar smirk I'd seen a thousand times before, which meant he was thinking somthing perverted or dirty. "It's still early and our asses haven't been fucked yet." Fuck, I didn't think I'd have the stamina to fuck both of them.

Gerard leaned in close to me, lapping at my sweaty skin. "We can fuck for you if you'd like. Or we could call someone to join in..."

"Would you like that Bob? Would you like to see us fuck?" Bert's hands were on Gerard's back, stroking down over his spine lightly. Gerard pushed his ass back and Bert reached down, pushing two fingers between the round cheeks of his ass, making him groan. "Because we can you know. If it's what you want." His fingers visible scissor and I watched, wide eyed. "Just tell us."
Tags: bert mccracken, bert mccracken/bob bryar/gerard way, bob bryar, fic, gerard way, my chemical romance, slash, the used
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