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A Date

A Date
Pairing: Ian Watkins/Matt Tuck, Jay James/Lee Gaze/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Warnings: Violence, bondage, rape
Notes: Inspired mostly, by the Bullet interview where Matt says he'd cook Ian dinner.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

I gazed over Ian's body as he sat in his chair. His wrists were bound to the chair's arms, while his ankles were secured to it's legs. He was only wearing a plain black t-shirt and tight dark boxers. His eyes were lined, though the black liner and eyeshadow had now ran down his cheeks. Duct tape was plastered over his lips. His hair stuck to his sweaty skin. So far this date was going pretty well and he'd only been awake ten minutes. "Would you like to watch a film?" He shook his head wildly and I came to him and stroked his hair. It was so sweet that he was afraid of me. "Of course you would."

I left his side, flicking on the Tv and DVD player. I sat on the floor beside him, cross-legged as the screen went from blank to a werehouse. On the floor was Ian's bandmate, Lee, completely naked. He was a slim boy with long neck and sandy blond hair. The boy had marks of blood on his skin, mostly under his nose from where it had been broken. There were also dried white patches on his cheek and forehead. Such impatient boys. "Please don't hurt me anymore."

"But we've only just got the camera out." I heard Padge's voice, though the camera didn't turn to him. It was kept on Lee's fearful face. "You want to be a star don't you?" Lee shook his head, his eyes teary. "Well you will be soon."

A shadow fell over him and his legs were forced open wide. "No, don't..." He whimpered softly, his arms bound behind his back as he squirmed to try and get away. The guy holding his legs open growled in irritation and the camera flicked to him. Jay was glaring down at him, anger clear in his eyes and stance. Although Jay's voice was soft and his face was often gentle looking, it was always best not to get on his bad side.

"You seem to deluded yourself into thinking you have a choice." Jay growled again, reaching down and wrapping his fingers around Lee's balls. His voice was the same soft tone as he always used, though it tinged with annoyance. "We are in charge here. We are the ones that decide what happens to you. You only have one choice. To do as we say straight away or fight us, which pisses us off. Do you want us pissed off?" He squeezed his fingers, which made Lee groan in pain. "There's four of us and one of you, though each of us is at least twice as strong as you ever could be. So give it up or you'll feel our strength." Tears trailed down Lee's cheeks and he nodded, which made Jay release his soft sac. "Good boy."

Jay pushed Lee onto his stomach, lifting him up slightly so he was on his knees, but his forehead was pressed against the floor so that his round ass was pushed out. Jay positioned himself between his legs and slammed into him roughly. The fact that his fat cock slide so easily into his ass was proof enough that he'd been fucked before the camera had been switched on. I'd hoped that they'd get everything, but I guess mid-way would do just as good. I glanced at Ian, his eyes wide and even more afraid then before. I smirked and looked back at the screen.

Jay had his strong hands on Lee's ass cheeks, thrusting into him hard and rough. Padge was in front of Lee, gripping his hair and lifting his head up, his shaft rubbing over his lips. Lee parted them, sobbing as Padge rammed his length down his throat. Moose shuffled into shot beside him, his dick in hand as he stroked himself off. The camera moved between the three of them, going from there hard cocks to their faces twisted in pleasure. I watched intently as Jay's hips collided with Lee's ass, Padge's balls slapped against his chin and Moose's hand sped up on himself. Padge pulled out of Lee's mouth, offering the boy's wet mouth to Moose, but he shook his head, seemingly content to just wank. Padge shrugged and stuffed his cock back between Lee's lips. All three of them were moaning in pleasure, though Padge was the loudest of them.

Jay, apparently annoyed by the noise Padge was making, leaned forward and planted his lips on his, forcing his tongue inside his mouth. There were muffled groans from them both as they increased their speed. Moose smirked at them, his free hand moving to stroke Padge's ass. He leaned close to the kissing pair, whispering something that the camera's mic couldn't pick up. Padge broke away from the kiss, moaning loudly in pleasure. The camera zoomed in on his engorged cock, watching it swell as he came into Lee's mouth. His thick seed dribbled out of the boy's lips and he pulled out slowly, rubbing the leaking tip over his face. The camera then moved to Jay's thrusting dick as he growled softly, burying himself deep one last time to shoot deep into Lee's body. Jay moved from Lee's twitching asshole, panting heavily.

Finally it went back to Lee's face and, after almost a minute, Moose sprayed over it.

The camera zoomed out and the three moved back from Lee's body. Padge kicked him hard in the face, his booted foot colliding with his already-broken nose. Blood spilled over his cum coated lips and chin. "That's for almost biting me." Jay laughed and kicked him in the side, not even offering up a reason for it. Moose was out of sight. I picked up the remote, pausing it on Lee's body curled up in the fetal position, bruises forming from the new hits and cum leaking from his stretched ass.

I looked back at Ian agan, standing up slowly, my cock achingly hard. "How did you like the film?" I ripped off the duct tape so he could respond, hearing him cry in pain.

"Th... that's horrible!" he shook his head as he spoke, trying to avoid looking at me or the screen. I smirked at him as I saw the slight tent in his boxers. Despite his objection, it obviously aroused him slightly.

I moved in front of him, blocking his view of the screen and bending down slightly so all he could see was me. I also held onto his chin so I had his full attention. "If you be a good boy, then we won't watch the rest ok?" I was being honest with that, though if he decided it was a good idea to try anything I could always hurt him and forced him to watch the rest. At the same time.

There was a pause, then he spoke, his voice soft as he did so. "What do I have to do?"

"First, we eat. Then I untie you, you suck my cock and then we fuck." I looked him in the eyes, sensing his fear. It made my dick twitch more. "If after that you've tried anything, then you'll watch more of that film and get pain. Also, I'll call up my guys and the rest of your band will get the same treatment til lyou obey me. If you still resist I'll go after the various guys you've been with. Sean, Oli, Mikey, Gerard... need I go on?"

He nodded wildly and I knew he'd do his best. I knew even if he was bad he'd never get as bad for them to go after none band members. Shame really. I knew they'd be itching to go after someone after they did Lee. Maybe I'd let them have Oli. "Good boy." I moved behind him and dragged his chair across the floor to the table. I untied his right hand to allow him to eat then got the pair of plates I'd left in the oven. The heat was so low it was just keeping them warm. I set one in front of him and the other in front of my own chair. It wasn't much of a meal really, just some meat, but I knew he'd be hungry and I knew I was. I started eating mine and watched as he did the same, curiously forking it into his mouth. He didn't say anything, but I could tell he liked it from his expression and the way he devoured mouthful after mouthful of it. Perfect.

Dinner didn't last very long, but I hadn't expected it too. If I had, I'd have put drinks out for us both. I pulled his chair away, undoing his bonds and pushing him to his knees in front of me. He knew what to do, placing light kisses on my exposed stomach as his hands undid my jeans. I wasn't intending to shoot down his throat while he sucked me, just get coated in his saliva so I was ready to fuck his ass. I heard him gasp as my cock hit his face, though I wasn't sure if that was due to my size or in surprise at my lack of underwear. I gripped onto his soft locks tightly and forced myself into his mouth. Not that it took much forcing, he parted his lips the second my head touched them. I mentally set myself a time limit for how long this would last. I made sure there was a clock in view and made sure to keep an eye on it. He had five minutes.

When I didn't buck into his mouth, he started to slowly move up and down, ficking his tongue over all the right places. His fingertips brushed over my belly as he started to move faster, taking me deep down his throat with a practiced ease. I held onto his hair tightly letting him know I could take charge whenever I desired to. My eyes flickered to the clock. It had been three minutes already. He rubbed his tongue against my underside, inhaling my scent and closing his eyes, clearly getting into this. I knew he was a cock whore. The five minutes were up now and I removed myself from his lips, hearing him whimper softly at the loss. Even more proof he was a slut for it. I let my jeans fall to the floor, then kicked them away.

Now naked, I moved behind him and yanked his boxers down, using my other hand to push his head down just like Jay had done to Lee in the film. I trailed my cock along his crack, knowing I wouldn't be able to fuck him as easily as Jay had done to Lee. I rubbed my cock head over his twitching opening, his spit and my precum covering the pucker. I pushed my head against him, the soft flesh entering his passage. He groaned beneath me at the intrusion, but I didn't care. I held onto his t-shirt as I thrust my shaft into him. He cried out in pain, mumbling something incoherently. I moaned at his tightness, surprised that he was this tight, then started to pound him. I felt his ass tear on my third thrust, his hot blood serving to lubricate my movements. His hole twitched around me, though I wasn't sure if that was him trying to get me off or a response to the pain.

I leant over his body, pressing my chest against his back and purred in his ear. "You're such a good fuck Ian. You pretty little slut." He groaned, squeezing around me. That was definately intentional. I reached around him and felt his hardness, but I wasn't going to do anything about it. I just needed to know he was erect. I growled, biting at his neck as I ploughed deep into him. My thrusts were now a rough and regular pace. I could feel my seed move up my shaft and growled his name as I spurted deep inside him, my load hitting his wounded insides.

I pulled out slowly, rubbing my shaft against his cheeks. "You've been a good boy, you won't watch any more." I whispered between pants.

"Th... thank you." I pulled his t-shirt off his body, tossing it away and pulling his boxers up so that my seed would stain the fabric. I pulled his arms behind him, securing his wrists with a black leather belt.

"You will stay here." I smirked again as he nodded, then went to my bedroom. I picked up the phone beside my bed, dialling the guy's number.

"Yeah?" Jay picked up and I smiled.

"He's been a good slut, you don't need to go after the others." I heard him sigh in displeasure. "Get Oli instead." He whispered the details to Padge and I heard the car they were in start up. They were outside the next bandmate's house, waiting for my call. "Have fun."

"Oh we will."
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, ian watkins, ian watkins/matt tuck, jay james, jay james/lee gaze/padge, lee gaze, lostprophets, matt tuck, padge, slash
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