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Something for everyone

So today's been another busy day.

We've spent the day in Birmingham. Not for some random reason, like usual, but cause we wen to see a show. We went to see Aladdin. I've not seen a pantomine in awhile, and me and mum decided to see this one cause it had John Barrowman in. Only we acidentally booked three tickets Mikey came too.

It was awesome, with a 3D genie and topless guys and everything. Even Daleks! I didn't like the spiders. Or the kiss. Or the fact John was a total tease as the curtain went up. Plus there was this little girl in front of us who was made of all kinds of adorableness. She was so tiny and kept looking back at us and generally being cute. I wanted to take her home.

Mum got us both signed copies of the Captain Jack book. Yay!

After that, we went round shops. there's an awesome sci-fi shop near the theater that is all kinds of squeefulness. I'm going back when my money's in and just spending. (There was a Star Wars set I wanted a full £7 less then anywhere else.) So I got a figure (Han with torture rack), book (comic companion) and alternate cover Umbrella Academy 1 from there.

Then babu got some D and D minis and we ended up in the Disney Store. We got a load of stuff in the sale, like Nightmare stickers and a Pirates pillow.

Then babu got cube things from Woolworths and got some Doctor Who minis and John's album. Yay for not having any repeats in minis yet.

The way back was a bitch though.

Tomorrow's being a slow day. Slow is good. I'm gonna watch Family Guy and maybe write omething. Also poke certain people into reading. Yes, poke. That and saving pics.

I love the Madina Lake song on Rock Sound's cd.
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