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Pairing: Dan Torelli/Matthew Leone, Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone
POV: Dan
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bondage
Notes: I guess this is a late Christmas thing. And I've wanted to do something with Dan for awhile so... here it is.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

"Must I keep my eyes closed?"

"Yep." I sighed softly as Nathan led we through his home, almost tripping over my own feet. He'd decided that instead of just handing me my Christmas present, he'd led me through his house with my eyes closed. Fun times. I heard him open a door in front of us, his hand eagerly tugging me into the next room. I heard the door close behind me and the click of a lock. Great, I was stuck here. "Open your eyes." Nathan purred into my ear, making me shiver.

I slowly opened my brown orbs, slightly scared as to what I might see. Him and Matthew could have a twisted sense of humor sometimes. I was in a bedroom, standing in front of a double bed. In it's center was Matthew. He was laying on his stomach, with his arms and legs pulled together behind him. His wrists and ankles were secured together by a thick black ribbon, with the rest of the material wrapped around his slender limbs. There were two bows on his body, one at the top of his ass and one in his hair. Another ribbon was wrapped around his neck and as he looked up a me I could see a third ribbon there, covering his adam's apple. He gazed at me, his pretty blue eyes lined in black and his mouth smiling around the ring gag in his mouth. I blinked, not quite sure what to make of him, of this.

Nathan was behind me still, his head resting on my shoulder as I looked over his twin. "So, what do you think?"

"I..." I licked my lips and gulped, still not sure what to make of it. Or what to say. "Matthew's my present?"

"For the night." Nathan nodded against me, confirming my words. "To do with as you wish. There's a selection of sex toys in the top drawer over there, since we weren't sure what would get you off." His words made my cock twitch even more. Seeing Matthew like that had obviously had it's effect on me, I wasn't blind.

"So I just..."

"Fuck him, get him to suck you... whatever you want. He's great at it all." I could see him wink at me out of the corner of my eye, which made my cock stiffen fully. Great. "With touring and everything we couldn't get you anything, but Matthew came up with this instead and it seemed perfect to me. Is it?" His body pressed flush against mine, so I could feel his own erection at his twin's situation. Bastard.

"Ugh... I mean... yeah."

"Great!" He left my side, pushing me towards the bed. "Then you'd better have fun with your present."

I started by remoiving my cloothes, deciding I was far too overdressed. My t-shirt was pulled off and discared, exposing my tattooed arms for them. They'd seen me naked before sure, but this was different. There was a definate hunger to Matthew's gaze now that made me shiver. I disregarded the thought, pulling my pants down, thankful that Nathan had insisted I leave my jacket, socks and sneakers at the door. I stood now, in just my boxers and looked over my shoulder at Nathan. He was sitting in a chair, as naked as I was, with a video camera in hand. He trailed the viewfinder up and down my body, an unashamed smirk on his face. I sighed softly, hooking my thumbs into my boxers and pushing them down my hips, exposing myself for him and his camera. If I wasn't so aroused by Matthew, I might've been outraged by being filmed in such away. Perhaps thankfully for Nathan my blood was too far from my brain to make me react.

I moved towards Matthew and climbed onto the bed, my hardness aiming for his spread lips. His tongue was already poking out, eager to taste my length. I pushed forward, the first few inches of my dick entering his soft, wet mouth. I groaned loudly as his tongue lapped at my underside, tracing along my veins. Fuck he was good. I thrust forward, unable to help myself and my cock slid fully between his parted lips, the gag pressing against my base slightly. I gripped onto his hair, starting to fuck his mouth at a steady pace, the bow falling to the bedsheets after a few seconds. "Fuck, your tongue... you sure know how to use that thing don't you?" I felt him nod against me, the soft muscle flicking against my heated skin even more. I looked down at him, watching as my length became shiny with saliva, his eyes wide and hungry. It was as if he was begging me for more. I knew if I kept fucking his mouth like this, I'd explode pretty quickly. Especially with his hot little tongue.

I pulled out all the way, rubbing my shiny tip over his chin, then moved around him on the bed. Once I was behind him I could feel the camera again, though I knew it had filmed the sucking too. I gazed down at the peach of Matthew's cheeks, his ass round and firm. I reached down and stroked the skin, tugging at the thin piece of plastic that stuck out from between them. It was far too thin to be a dildo or vibrator, in fact it looked more like a piece of string. I glanced at Nathan quizzically and he just smirked again behind his camera. I held open Matthew's cheek with one hand, seeing that the plastic disappeared into his entrance and I saw something there. I tugged on the black plastic gently, watching his ring expand slightly around the black orb that was attached to it. My eyes widened as it left his body woith a pop, but it wasn't the only one. A second one, slightly smaller, followed it a few moments later. As I kept pulling, there was a third, then a forth one. Each slightly smaller then the previous one and connected by the thin plastic that ran through them all. With the removal of each one, I heard a groan from Matthew. The last one, the fifth, was about the size of a large grape. I blinked at the row of them, gazing at the sick, black beads before dropping them onto the bed. I wondered how long they'd been inside him. I looked over to Nathan, but knew he wouldn't supply me with any answers.

I shook my head, pressed my head against his entrance and thrust against him, burying my length inside his tight ass. I moaned loudly, gripping onto his bound limbs, using them for leverage as I moved in and out of him. Fuck, he felt amazing. He was fairly tight, but not painfully so and I could tell that he was used to being filled from the way his muscles contracted around my shaft. I extended my tongue, licking at his toes as I kept my movements steady. Just like when I was fucking his mouth. I wasn't sure if it was worth angling my thrusts for his spot, as I couldn't see his cock. I didn't bother trying. I suckled on both his big toes instead, increasing the speed of my movements. I could hear a faint groan from Matthew at my movements and another from Nathan. I glanced at him again, his free hand on his erection, lazily pumping. The whore.

I moaned, increasing my speed. My erection pulsed inside of him, his ass twitching around my dick. I trailed my tongue over his toenails, purring at the taste of him. They'd probably call me weird, but I didn't give a crap. I pulled back slightly, knowing I'd be coming soon. I lapped at the soles of his feet. I moned his name, thrusting deep inside him. "Fuck, I'm gonna fill your ass now beautiful." As soon as I said that I came deep into him, spraying my thick seed over his walls.

"Fucking perfect!" I heard Nathan cry out and turned my head towards him, blowing my long hair from my face. A grin was plastered over his face, the camera pointed at Matthew's ass. I slipped out of him, making sure he got a shot of my cum coated shaft.

I stepped off the bed, slowly coming towards him, the camera still on my dick. I snatched the metal device from him, shoving him out of his seat. "Now's time for the real fucking show." I grinned at him as he looked at me, completely confused. I pushed his head down between my legs as I sat down. I kept the camera on him, watching him. "First, you clean my cock, then you rim your brother. And then... you will do as you are told. After all, he was my present and I get to do what I wanted to him." I grinned at him wider, watching him intently as he gave in, extending his tongue to lap my seed and Matthew's juices from my shaft.

Like he said before, fucking perfect.
Tags: dan torelli, dan torelli/matthew leone, fic, madina lake, matthew leone, matthew leone/nathan leone, nathan leone, slash
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