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Pairing: Johnny Devine/Mikey Way
POV: Johnny
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Rape, bondage, violence
Notes: And now, the first fic of 08. Yay!
Dedications: the usual, plus eroticstereo and falconwhitaker who's pics of Johnny make me go... guh.

I watched him intently, licking.my lips. I wanted a pretty boy like him, had for awhile now. He looked pretty drunk too, which was a bonus. He was a slim hipped, thin boy with long brown hair and he seemed to be alone. He staggered into the male restroom and I knew that was my cue to follow him. I downed my drink, slid from my bar stool and followed him into the toilets. Thankfully, the room was empty apart from us and a passed out guy with a mass curly hair in one of the cubicals. I followed the slim boy to the urinals, standing behind him. I waited for a few seconds, listening to him piss. Due to his drinking, the stream was intense and the smell quite strong. I waited until he was done, resisting the urge to purr softly, my cock twitching in my pants. When he was finished, I grabbed his hair tightly and bashed his head against the wall. Before he had time to react he was slumped in my arms.


It wasn't hard to get the boy home. No one question me carrying him out the toilets, everyone just assuming I was a cobncerned friend taking him home, despite us never being near each other until then. I'd took him to my car, bound his wrists and ankles together with an old pair of belts and tucked him into the trunk. He was a perfect fit, almost as if he'd been made for it. Now, he was laying on the floor of my dirty basement and I was rummaging through the pile of his clothes. According to his driver's licence, his name was Micheal J Way, he was barely 20 and he was from New Jersey. I nodded to myself and gazed over his naked form, finally having a name to put to him. And so far from home too.

I licked my lips, studying his bare body. He was a slim boy, with a pretty neck and slender dick. All mine. I undid the belt around his wriss, extending his arms and redoing the buckle. I had to be quick, he'd probably wake soon. I lifted him up off the floor, threading the buckle through a hook in the ceiling. His body hung from the hook, the tips of his toes pressing against his floor. I slowly circled his prone body, running my hands over his soft, pale skin. I reached down to his ass, parting his cheeks with my hands. I pushed a finger deep inside him, hearing him groan loudly. "Ugh." There he was, waking at last. I wiggled the digit inside him, watching him tip his pretty head back. "What's going on..."

"You're mine now." I forced in a second before he could respond, scissoring them deep inside him. He groaned again and I leaned in close, inhaling his scent of sweat. Ah the smell of a young boy's fear.

"Ugh. Who are you?"

"My name's Johnny and you are mine now, no more talking." I thrust the fingers deeper, twisting them to ready him for my fat cock. I was probably bigger then anything he'd ever had before. He struggled against my bonds, whimpering in pain. How pitiful. I removed my fingers, lifting them up and wiping them over his face. He tried to pull away from me in digust, but I didn't care. I pressed my hardness against his crack, rubbing it along it slowly. When my fat head pressed against his opening, I thrust my hips forward and buried myself in him. He screamed in pain, trying to pull away from me more desperately. I reached around his waist and gripped onto his sharp hips, moaning at his tightness. Oh he was perfect. I pulled out of him, thrusting back inside him hard, feeling him tear around me.

"Please stop..." I heard him whimper, after my next thrust, his voice soft. I was sure he was crying.

"Stop crying you baby." I growled, biting his shoulder, digging my nails into his flesh. I slammed in and out of him with increased speed, purring in pleasure. Blood coated my length and matted my pubic hair. His dick was soft, but twitched slightly to semi hardness. I must be hitting his spot for him to do that. I chuckled softly, kissing his throat and licking at the skin. He was sweating even more now, his body slick with it. I increased my speed, moving one hand from his hip to squeeze his balls. "No erection for you my whore." He cried out louder in pain as I squeezed tightly, his cock returning to complete softness. His asshole tightened around me, which made me moan in pleasure. He was trying to get me off. I chuckled, pulling away from him, looking down at my bloody length. It wouldn't be that easy.

I rubbed my cock against his ass cheeks, moving around his hanging body and smirking at him. "You didn't think I'd shoot that fast did you?" He whimpered again, not knowing what to say or do, his cheeks shiny with tears. I balled up my fists, readying myself for his second use. With a low growl, I punched him hard in the chest, making him cry in pain as he swung back. He was my punchbag now. I punched him again, aiming for his upper chest, with enough force to make him swing back more. Due to the additional movement, I was able to raise my leg and kick him hard in the stomach with my booted foot, making him groan in pain. I waited for a few seconds, letting him regain his breath before hitting him again.

"Please stop hitting me, fuck me instead!" More tears man down his cheeks, spitting coating his lips as he pleaded with me. "Fuck with with your fat cock!".

I chuckled, licking my lips and punching him one last time in the face, so hard I was sure to leave a black eye. Not that it would matter, it would match the rest of his bruised body. "Good boy." I moved behind him, ramming my length back into his tight heat. Not that this mattered, I'd beat him again later. Him pleading was just too much not to oblige. I started thrusting my hips hard and fast, growling against him. "Mine."

"Yours." He sobbed, probably hoping that I'd go easy on him if he obeyed. Not that I would. I'd just keep beating him, going harder and harder, sometimes wrestling him on the floor too. I'd probably invite others to do the same to him too. All the while I'd fuck him, making sure he'd never achieve orgasm himself. Sure, one day I may go too far and beat the life out of him, but hopefully that would be a long way away yet.

"Yes slut, mine." I kept thrusting like before, hard and deep into him. More blood spilled over my aching shaft, lubricating my movements. I was close now and his ring was choosing to twitch again. "That's it..." He squeezed more, making my cock pulse. I was close now, so very close. With a low growl of pleasure, I exploded deep inside Mikey's torn ass, marking him as my own. I slowly pulled my length out of him, wiping it against his other cheek. I'd do it over his face in later sessions.

I moved away from him, examining his bruised body again, his eyes filled with hope that now, with me pleased, he'd be allowed to come down. Allowed freedom. I chuckled at him, licking my lips. I waited for him to say anything, but he was clearly too afraid to. "You won't be let down unless I allow it." I punched him in the stomach again, though not as hard as before due to my post orgasmic state. "And when you do, you'll crawl like a dog you here me?" I didn't wait for an answer, I just kicked him in his left hip. He nodded meekly at my words, clearly not wanting more pain. "Good boy."

I smirked and headed for the exit, climbing up the stairs. I glanced back at him, watching as my cum and blood slid out of his crack to stain his legs. I flicked the light off, leaving him to dangle in the darkness.
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