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Yawn: shopping

Went shopping today, so I'm very tired now. I managed to drag myself through Cannock but came back wanting sleep.
Got mum some flowers for mothers day.
Got my new phone sorted so it should be here soon. Phone guys are hot!
The tele guide has Duncan on the front so I'll read it later. I finally got LOTR, both Fellowship and the Two Towers (yay me), Daredevil and No Doubt: Singles 1992-2003. So very good stuff, might watch one later.
Also got Sneak. Mikey from Phixx now seems to be bi, judging from the interview thing on the back. Maybe he and Andrew have had sex! :D
Also inside, Duncan wearing pink. Sweetie, not a hetro guy on the planet would wear pink. So, in my mind at least, I'm fully certain he's gay! :D The word's shag Lee still come to mind!

Anyway, I'll step back in time to mock review last night's tv. (Even though I slept and missed most of it)

Last one :(
I felt this episode was mainly closure, setting up the characters as being happy with their various lives. Samantha in love. Charlotte able to adopt a very cute baby. Miranda finally able to be happy with her life. And Carrie with Big :D
True it mainly focussed on Carrie, but her story was funny! Especially when Big threatened to punch the Russian! he he
All in all it was very sweet and funny at the same time. :)

Also seen the Big Impression :D Funny as ever he he
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