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Do we have some sort of plan thingy yet?

Today we went out into the world. The world is cold. And lacking Kerrang. Bastards. Jay looks gorgeous in it. Not that I knew that until I got back of course.

Anyway, today's been fairly good. Got the new Rock Sound. All anything needs to get me to buy it is the Leone twins. I swear, I'd buy anything if they were on it (although I still resent the one time's 'naked wrestling' without pictures). Nathan has very pretty tattoos. Also traded in Mario And Sonic for Pokemon. Huzzah! And got those new Doctor Who minis. I've got Martha. I want Sec. And we had fries. I like fries.

We saw I Am Legend today. It had 4 good trailers before it. Jumper (causa Hayden/Anakin), Cloverfield (cause it looks interesting), Wanted (causa Morgan Freeman) and Sweeny Todd (cause... well, it's obvious why it's brilliant). Onto the film. Cures for everything always have a catch don't they? Sigh. Never mess with viruses. The doggy made me sad, cause she was so cute. So were he ickle lions. I liked it.

I wanna see The Water Horse, it looks so cute!

Nan's not doing too well at the home.

5 Good things:
*Pokemon, in all it's forms. (Cept for the games I've never had and the Tv series that refuses to come out on dvd so I can relive my childhood again. Curse ye Americans!).
*My Mikey, cause he's cuddly and has to put up with me constantly being annoying
*Welsh boys, for being so pretty (Bullet, The Blackout, Lostprophets, Dave)
*Darla and Claire's love, cause it makes me fuzzy inside < 3
*Star Wars, for it is aways love. Yep.

Tonight, I'll be lazy again. On the Wii, watching dvds and such. And trying to write, which I'll look into in a few.

Does anyone actually have grey eyes anymore?
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