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The first post of 08

Last night was spent watching Ghost Hunting With Mcfly. it was amusing, but poor ickle scared Dougie. let's give him hugs. And damn it makes me wanna write aboiut them.

With babu's controller I've been playing the original Paper Mario. It's very bright isn't it? I like that.

So what've I been doing the first day of this yea? Not much. Sleeping, going to Co-Op, watching Family Guy. That and sorting out the calendars, which I did just after midnight.

I didn't get drunk last night, but I did finish fic before midnight, so yay. Despite it being short.

Also playing Pokemon again is yayness.

Anyway, tomorrow we're seeing I Am Legend and stuff. That, getting Kerrang and exchanging Mario And Sonic.

Au revoir.
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