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2 Hearts

2 Hearts
Pairing: Sean Smith/Matthew Davies
POV: Sean
Notes: the last fic of 07 and it's The Blackout. It was gonna be different, but now it's turned into this. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

His hips thrust against mine, our hardnessess pressing against each others. I knew he'd wanted me for awhile now, I'd seen him gazing at me intently every night we played. Now, I was giving him what he wanted. Our clothes were now discarded on the floor apart from our boxers. His were black, mine were dark blue and both were tented. Our lips were pressed together, my tongue darting in and out of his wet mouth. He groaned softly as my hands trailed over his chest, reaching down and tugging his underwear off. He was such a pretty little boy. I stepped back gazing over his crotch and whispering softly against him. "How about you bend over and I fuck your tight, little ass?"

His eyes lit up and he did so, bending over the nearest bunk. I licked my lips, pushing my own boxers down my legs, rubbing my hardness against his crack. I held his cheeks with both hands, spreading them apart so I could aim for his ring. I rubbed my wet tip against the tight ring, wiping my precum over it. Slowly, I eased into him, groaning at the tightness. "Fuck. When was the last time you were fucked?" I knew my own answer to that and also my answer for when i last fucked. Both were two days.

He let out a soft grunt of pain, gripping onto the bunk's sheets. "The other week..." Ah, a vague answer. Which meant he either couldn't think due to the prescence of my cock, it was a few weeks since he last had cock or he couldn't remember.

I thrust deep into him, groaning as his body squeezed my length. I started slowly moving out of him, then roughly thrusting back intto him. Oh he was amazing. Why hadn't I satisfied myself with him before? He reached for his cock, jacking his slender length off as I kept fucking him. He was so beautiful. I slapped his ass lightly, his muscles squeezing around my length tight. He was moaning my name softly. I leaned over his sweaty back, nipping on his neck lightly. "Do you like my cock inside you Matthew? Tell me how it feels."

"So fucking good." He pushed his soft ass against me desperately. I let out a low groan, my balls slapping against his skin. "The best. Please, fuck me harder."

I smirked against him, watching his face twist in pleasure. I thrust harder into him, changing my angle to try and hit his spot. He howled in pleasure, and I swore I could almost feel his heartbeat sd he pulsed around me. My eyes lidded in pleasure as I kept moving, knowing I wouldn't last long. "Fucking cum my new slut." I heard him moan even louder in desperate pleasure. I knew my words would bring him closer to orgasm. He thrust against the bunk, spilling against the sheets with a howl. I kissed his neck, pulling him back by his ass, pushing his face into the seed. I could feel eyes on us as he licked at his own sticky load, but I didn't care. I didn't even look to see if there was anyone there definately.

I kept thrusting into Matthew's tight, twitching ass, growling in pleasure as I thrust one last time. I came deep inside his pretty, tight round ass. "You were a great fuck." I pulled out of him, kissing his throat and sliding out of him, leaving him a sweaty mess in the bus corridor. "I'll come back for you later." I stepped over him, smirking as I saw movement in one of the other bunks, hearing sharp intakes of breath and rapid hand movements. I stilled beside it, whispering softly against the curtain seperating me from him.

"You're next."

Faintly I heard a groan and the soft sound of cum hitting skin.
Tags: fic, matthew davies, matthew davies/sean smith, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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