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Dance dance...

YAY! Mikey's here! Let's poke him and smother him with a pillow! I might not be on as much as usual due to boyfriend pestering. On Wednesday we're going to see I Am Legend/going shopping. Despite me having no money.

Thankie fastbetty31 again for the uber hot fic last night < 3 It cheered me up, really. (And I just remembered that Worm in the other fic reminds me of Hedonism bot from Futurama, random yep, but true.)

So, what've we been doing today? Not much really. Just watching Family Guy season 2 disc one. And sleeping. Sleep is goood.

I'm gonna watch the Quiz Of The Year thing in a few on 4+1.

I might write, but probably won't, cause I'll be poking Mikey to go on the Wii.

And now, the only looking back over 07 thing I'll do (for reals). The bands I've seen (in alphabetical, not date order).

30 Seconds To Mars (x3)
Bullet For My Valentine
Cobra Starship (kinda)
Fall Out Boy
Good Charlotte
Madina Lake
My Chemical Romance (x3)
Panic! At the Disco
The Academy Is...
The Blackout (x2)
The Used (x2)

I think that's it. I could be missing someone.

Is it scary I'm already seeing four of them next year already?
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