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Plaything Part 10

Pairing: Jay James/Ray Toro (but also a few others implied)
POV: Jay
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM and slavery
Notes: I blame babu for this. This is what a ladder piercing looks like. Next part'll be either Oli's or Matt's, I'm not sure yet.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface
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10: Jay

I stared out the car window, watching as the world passed us by. It was strange to be outside after being in the confines of the house for so long. I was sitting in the back of Master's car, dressed in only a leather thong and bra set along with my collar. When Master told me we were going out, I assumed it was just out into the garden, not out for a trip. He wouldn't say where we were going, but it was somewhere in the city. I could see the people outside, glad they couldn't all see me. I wasn't ashamed of what I was now, but there were kids out there.

I tried to pick up on the city where we were. I knew we weren't back home where I'd started from. I guessed we were in America somewhere instead. From a shitty bar in south Wales to a big house in America.

We turned a corner off the main street, entering one of the many side streets. At the next corner we turned again, then once more before we came to a stop in a small car park. "Here we are." Master turned back to me, a smile on his large lips. He got out the car and opened my door, gesturing for me to get out. "Come on."

I stepped out, looking around. The car park was enclosed and there were few windows looking over it. No one was around here. He took my hand in his and led me the short disance to a door. He pushed it open and we were inside a darkened room. I shivered nervously, but didn't say anything as I scanned the room. it looked like a sort or eception, with a counter at one end of the room, rows of chairs along one wall and a fish tank along the other. I gazed at the various brightly coloured, tropical fish swimming around in it. "Go see who that is!" I heard a loud voice from a room behind the counter and a figure appeared in the doorway.

He was naked, with long, dark messy hair. He had various tattoos on his body and several visible piercings, including rings through his nipples. "Ah Ray." He smiled at my Master, then licked his lips when he saw me, a stud clear on the soft flesh of his tongue. "Master, it's Ray with his pet."

"I'll be there in a minute!" A few seconds later there was a scream, which made me tremble. What was going on here?

The man behind the counter nodded and gestured to the seats. Master sat down and I descended into the chair beside him, deciding to to keep my eyes on the fish across from us to distract myself from the sounds. "Don't worry little one." Master whispered in my ear, tracing his hand down my spine gently. "You won't be hurt."

"What is this place Master?" I shivered, feeling the man watch us. He made me nervous and I wasn't sure why.

"It's a place where people like me bring their pets." I heard another scream and leaned against him, watching clown fish dart around a sea horse. "For... modifications." I looked at him, silently wanting eleboration on his words. "Modifications are pretty varied. Some are pretty basic, like tattoos and piercings, which is why we're here. The screaming is most likely from someone who's loosing a body part. Some Master's have the knowledge, equipment and strength to do such things themselves, but a lot can't. Those come to places like this." He stroked my cheek lightly and I leaned into his hand. As long as I was with him, I'd be safe, no matter what.

My eyes left him as I heard movement, flicking to the men that came out from the back room. I wondered if the one screaming was one of the others. As I looked them over, I realised that neither were my friends. The Master of the two was dressed in black, with flecks of blood on his ooutfit. In one hand he carried a large, leather sack and I could make out a painted fingernail. He had jet black hair, with a fringe that hung down the side of his face, surprisingly for a Master he wore make-up, red eye shadow and black eyeliner. Behind him was his slave, a boy with pretty tanned, tattooed skin. He was naked and I could see he just had a cock, no balls. He also had no arms, though the stumps were clearly freshly done. He was sobbing, tears streaming down his face and blood splattered over his body. "Stop crying slave. I told you I'd do this to you if you didn't stop mooning over your boyfriend." the Master growled, tucking the chain attached to the slave's collar hard. "Let's go." He turned his head back, smiling at the man that had followed them out. "Thanks Bob." They left and I heard the door slam behind them.

The man he'd called Bob smiled. "No trouble." he whispered, even though they wouldn''t hear him. He had bright blue eyes and sandy blonde hair with a fringe, though not as long as the other Master. "Ahh Ray." He smiled wider when he saw my Master. "I'm glad you didn't punch him."

"That prick the other day deserved it." I had no clue what they were on about. I wondered why Master would punch someone, but I was sure he had a good reason. "This is my pet."

"Ah yes, little Jay." He came out from behind the counter, a blood splatter on his body. He was like my Master, beautiful and muscular. He was topless, with tattered jeans on. He stepped towards me, reaching out and stroking my belly. "Oh, you are so beautiful. Ray didn't do you justice."

I blushed at his words. "Thank you sir."

He smiled and kissed my forehead, his lip ring brushing against my skin. "Now, you said you wanted piercings?"

Master nodded and licked his lips, squeezing my hand. "I want him to have a septum and a ladder."

"How many studs high?"

"Six." He nodded and licked his lips. Six studs where? "Then I can see if more would suit him instead."

"Alright. Please, come this way." Bob gestured behind the counter and I moved through the doorway, hearing a light slap as Bob hit the other guy's ass. He led us through the room that the other's had used, where there was a table with stirrups and blood covering it's surface. I trembled, then we entered a secnd room. This one had a leather chair that looked fairly comfortable. I felt Master's hand leave mine, then pull my thong down my legs, before pushing me into the chair. "Right, this won't hurt too much." I watched Bob get a piercing gun, smiling at me reassuringly. I glanced to my Master, who was stood against the wall and watching me intently. Bob bought it up to my nose, inserting it into my nostrils. There was a short, sharp pain as he pushed both sides together, piercing my nose with a silver ring. I let out a soft whimper at the pain, but it was already fading.

Bob smiled at me, setting the gun aside. He picked up a series of piercing syringes and a small tray with silver ball ends. "Now, do you know what a ladder is?" I shook my head in response, chewing my lower lip nervously. "It's alright, a lot of people don't." Bob knelt down on the floor beside me and I kept my eyes on him. "You'll see." He took my cock in hand, holding it up straight, my length trembling at his touch. "This might hurt a little." My eyes widened as he raised the first needle and plunged it into my skin. My eyes widened and I cried out in pain. He was piercing my cock? I felt his fingers screw a ball on the first piercing, then a second needle enter my skin.

Master was beside me now, stroking my cheek and wiping my tears away. "Shhh it'll all be over soon." He kissed my cheek lightly, his soft hair brushing against me. I looked into his eyes, focusing on them and the pain didn't feel as bad. He looked away from me down to my crotch, then looked back into my eyes with a soft smile on his plump lips. "Just two more now." I nodded, his strong hand still on my cheek, swiping my tears away again. Again I felt safe with him. I knew that he'd take care of me and that he emant ir when he said so.

"There we go, all done. What do you think Ray?" I heard Bob ask, shivering as I felt his tongue flick against my cock, collecting the small amount of blood that was there. Then Bob was gone from my crotch, standing up in front of me instead.

My Master kissed my forehead then stepped back, looking at my crotch. "I think it it looks perfect." He picked a mirror from a nearby counter top, holding it between my legs so i could see. "What do you think pet?"

I looked at the reflection of my cock, thinking how different the sore flesh was. Well, it wasn't that different really. The six piercings were basic bars, spaced out evenly from each other with a silver ball at each end. The bars were beneath my skin, making it raised. There was something strange arousing about that, maybe that wghy Master did it. "It's... strange Master, but I like it."

"I'm glad." He grinned at me, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a wad of cash. Putting it into Bob's open hand. I had no idea how much there was there. There could be a lot there, or just a lot of small notes.

"Thanks." Bob smilled, stuffing them into one of his own pockets. "Hey can I..."

"No, you're not keeping the thong. It's part of a set." Master said in a soft firm voice. Bob opened his mouth again, but Master cut him off again. "No, you're not having the set. If Bert had tits I'd consider it but he doesn't." Bob pouted and sighed softly, but gave up. Master reached into the other pocket and tossed him a pair of lacy underwear instead. "Have that instead." Bob grinned and bought it up to his nose. Strange man. "Right pet, let's go." Master took my hand again, plucking the thong from the floor and led us out, past the boy who I assumed was Bert, who was strrapping a boy down to the table. Although the boy had bleached blonde hair, he wasn't Sean as he had longer hair. His Master looked me over as I went passed him. He was a guy with brown hair and blue eyes, and I didn't like the way he was looking at me. Master glared at him, pulling me out faster. I felt much safer when we were outside, away from him.


His tongue flicked out over my skin, making me squirm under him. "Ugh, Master." My eyes were squeezed shut in pleasure, as his tongue traced over the veins of my hardness. When we got back home, he led me back to the ebdroom, pushing me on the bed and removing my bra. Then he surprised me, by kissing down my body and not stopping when he got between my legs. That's where he was now, licking at my cock as it twitched to fully erection. My hands were gripping the bedsheets tightly. I groaned loudly as he took my cock down his throat in one go. "Holy fuck..." How did he know how to do that?

His tongue pressed against my knew piercings, massaging the sore skin gently before he started to bob his head up and down. His pace was slowly and steady, his thick lips tight around me. "Ugh... Master... why are you..."

He pulled back, kissing my hip lightly. "I've wanted to suck a pierced cock for awhile now. And you've been such an amazingly good boy for me." He opened his mouth wide again, taking me back all the. He bobbed up and down, his hair rubbing against my hips. He was so amazing. His hands held my thighs down, making sure I didn't buck into his mouth. His tongue flicked over my soft, leaking head. His pace became faster and faster, his lips squeezing around me every so often as he moved. My eyes lidded, breathy gasps leaving my lips. I felt like I was goign to shoot any minute.

"I think I'm close.... Master." I looked down at him, seeing him smile around my shaft. He didn't stop, just moving back, my cum shooting onto his talented tongue. He swallowed it all, not a single drop sliding from between his lips. He had to have done that way more then once. He pulled back, kissing my balls lightly and moving to lay beside me. "Thank you Master."

"It's ok pet." He curled up against me, grinning up at me. We lay in silence for a few seconds, then he whispered softly in my ear. "I know what's happened to one of your friends pet. Omar's alive, in a cage for guys to use as they want." I turned to look at him, glad he was alive. I wondered if I'd see him again. I wasn't too close to him, since he was more a friend of Charlie's then mine, though I had given him head once. But still, it would be nice to see him.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/ray toro, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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