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The Rabbids inspired me for a new multipart fic. It's based on a line from Celebration. I've completed the main game so now it's just unlocking stuff.

And now for the Friday Fives.

1. Bands can't pick their fans. MCR/FOB/P!ATD/TAI/Cobra all catch flack from older fans because a majority of their fanbase is in the lower end of the 15-24 demographic. Pick a band in bandom and tell about their ideal fan- individual and fanbase as a whole.
Erm.... I don't know how to answer that. I don't think there is such a thing really.

2. Which B -- Bob, Brendon, Butcher, etc. -- and why?
Bob Bob Bob! His eyes, his hair, his general gorgeous manliness.

3. If all the FBR bands were taken to an island and forced to engage in a Battle Royale, who would win?
Ryan. Why? Because he'd use his looks to his advantage, lure other boys to him and kill them. Then he'd use the weapons of the others to kill the ones that wouldn't fall for his charms. Damn now that's reminded me of the fic I was gonna do.

4. We always talk about favorites here, so on the flipside, what is your least favorite band, and/or specific bandom member, and why?
Brendon and Frankie causa Ryan/Brendon and Frankie/Gerard being so prevailent and annoying.

5. What is your favorite bandom lyric?
I'm not sure. Wahh!

This weeks Friday Five, for each of the guys write a New Years Resolution. Serious answers not needed!

I'll keep sucking my brother off.

See above

I'll stop molesting Gerard.

I will take over the world and do more slashy things

I will get back with Bert, get better and beat people..

Edit: Yay! Kylie's getting an OBE:D
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