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Human Activity

Human Activity
Pairing: Jack Harkness/Sec
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jack
Warnings: Alien sex, tentacles
Notes: No really spoilers for anything really. This pairing's been in my head for months now and today... well I just had to finally do it.
Dedications: antontobias86 (for the tentacle idea), fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

The theater was filled with a silence that I knew meant I was too late. I pushed open the double doors into the main stage, looking around the room. Bodies were on the floor, all human, all carrying strange weapons. On the stage were two Daleks, though they were smoking, clearly dead. Also on the stage was a body of an alien that was chained to one of the Daleks. I thought for a few moments, before running down to it, checking the face's of the bodies as I went. Surely if anyone knew what happened here it would be him over the humans.

I ran to the stage, jumping up on to it and rolling the body over. He had one eye and tentacles on his head. I didn't recognise the species. I took a deep breath and leaned down, planting my lips on his. I hoped this worked. I closed my eyes, pushing my tongue between his lips. For some reason I couldn't die, I hadn't been able to since I'd last seen the Doctor. I'd been shot and stabbed but neither killed me. Plus there was this strange thing where if I kissed someone who was dying they'd live. Both of these I'd found out by accident and I was hoping that the latter would work on this being, despite him probably being dead for some time.

It took a few minutes, but I eventually felt a spark of him. His tongue wiggled against mine and I saw his eyes open. I pulled away slowly and gave him a small smile. "Hey. Welcome back of the world of the living."

"Who are you?" He asked, looking around nervously, clearly wondering if the Daleks that had captured him were around.

"The name's Captain Jack Harkness. Don't worry, the Dalek's are dead now." I gestured to them and he looked them over, seeming sad, yet happy at thesame time. Maybe he hadn't wanted his captors killed. He might have a variation of Stockholm Syndrome or was just a pacifist. Then he seemed to look around with curious hope in his eyes.

"The Doctor, is he too?"

I smiled, glad that, as I expected, he had been here. "I don't know." I shook my head sadly. "I've only just gotten here."

"He was going to help me save my people..." He looked sad and shook his head. That meant he was the last of his kind. Or at least, one of them. No wonder I didn't know his race. "But they wouldn't listen, they chained me like this. I sacrificed myself for him. I hope he's alive."

I smiled and nodded, he certainly seemed to be a brave creature, whoever this was. I was even more glad I'd revived him. "I'm sure he's alive. The Doctor is very good at surviving. What's your name?"

He paused before answering, though I thought nothing of it. He had just returned from death after all. "Sec."

"Alright Sec, I'm going to get you out of here." I went to the shell of the nearest Dalek and removed the chain from it. There was time to undo it from his neck later. "And I'm gonna protect you alright?" I returned to his side, chain in hand and gave him a reassuring smile. He nodded, seemingly grateful, though it was hard to read his alien features. "Do you have a spaceship or teleporation device to take you home? Or at least off world." He shook his head with a soft sigh. "How did you end up here, do you remember?"

He seemed to think for a few moments before answering, his tentacles twitching. I made a mental note to touch them later. "They bought me here." He nodded to the nearest Dalek. "They didn't say why." Something seemed off about that. What I knew about the Daleks was that they killed anyone and everyone they came into contact with. The fact that Sec had been left alive, although chained up, meant that he had to be of some use to them. Maybe the way he was planning to 'save his people' could be used to destroy instead. Perhaps he did know why they wanted him and didn't want to say.

"Alright." I nodded to myself with a smile, let's get you out of here. He nodded and stood up beside me, taking the chain with a sall smile as I handed it him. As we left I picked up one of the guns from one of the bodies. "We'll go through the sewers, people aren't used to seeing aliens. Do you want one of these too? There's been reports of attacks down there lately." He shook his head, causing his tentacles to sway slightly. "Alright." I nodded and led him away from all the bodies, knowing one government organisation or another would be along to clean up.


We weren't attacked during the sewer, though Sec was visible nervous as we made our way though it. Did the Daleks have something to do with the attacks too? We arrived at the rental appartment I was currently staying in after almost an hour down there. The place was small and barely furnished and all the belongings I'd accumulated over the years were stored in bags. I was planning on leaving in a few days for England, though those plans would likely change now. "Is this what a normal human home looks like?" He asked as his eye looked around the place with interest.

"Not really. Most home's normally have more stuff then this." I smiled at him and gestured for him to sit on the worn sofa. I wondered about his spcies, though I didn't want to ask. He might be sensitive about it, especially after losing a chance to somehow save them. "Do you have anything?"

He shook his head again, he tentacles moving again. "Only what I'm wearing. I have no posessions." I nodded slighty, the Daleks had probably taken or destroyed anything he had. "You know the Doctor?"

"I travelled with him. It seems like so long ago now." I sighed and shook my head, knowing I'd have to find him again. I had so many questions. Well, just two really: what had happened to me and why did he leave me. "Anyway, are you hungry? I don't have much, but I don't know what your species eats so..."

"I'm fine." He replied with a small smile. "Thank you for saving me, I didn't deserve to be."

"I'm sure that's not true." I gave him a reasuring smile, sitting beside him.

"Does this mean I'm your slave now? Your pet?"

Being enslaved by the Daleks had clearly warped his mind slightly. I shook my head slightly. "No, not at all. You're a free being. I don't own you and those that did are now dead." I leaned foward and undid the collar around his neck, casting it and the chain attached to it aside. "So the question is Sec, what do you want to do?"

"I don't think I've ever had that choice before." He replied in a soft, slightly uncertain voice.

"Tonight at least, you're staying with me." I nodded, knowing that this might require serious thought from him. After all, what was there to do on this planet for an alien? Maybe if he was long lived he'd be able to get offworld when the time comes and see his home planet. If he wasn't then he'd have to hitch a ride with any non-hostile aliens that came, like the Judoon perhaps. Or I could always try and sneak him onto a passing ship. A lot of races seem to use the Sol system as a stop off point on their travels. If I remembered right, the people from the planet Sto did cruises here, though I wasn't sure when they started. And there was always the chance of stealing an invader's ship.

"Thank you."

"It's alright." I smiled at him, licking my lips. There was something strangely attractive about him. Perhaps it was the tentacles. After all, I'd never been with anyone that had them. Yet. "We should get you out of those clothes. After all, you can't walk around with a burnt suit."

He nodded and started to undo the suit, before stopping and looking at me. "This body's new, I don't know what's normal for it." I wondered what he meant by that. How could he not know what the body looks like? And how could it be new? Perhaps it was a clone body of sorts. He resumed undoing his suit, dropping it to the floor when he was done. I sat back as he stood, undoing the shirt underneath and pulling off the tie. he dropped them to the floor, exposing his chest for me. His body was, essentially, human. His skin was the same muddy colour all over, slightly wrinkled in places. Although I knew nothing about his race, he seemed to be in perfect health. I couldn't see any scars on his body, which meant that this body probably hadn't been beaten. He undid his pants, pushing them down to pool around his ankles. Beneath was a pair of loose fitting undewear which he pushed down too, stepping out of both. Strange he should be wearing human clothes. I gazed at his crotch curiously. It was as hairless as the rest of him and his cock looked pretty much like a human's, though there were some small tentacles around the base. I tried not to think it inside me, but my cock stiftening inside my boxers proved I failed. He bent down, removing his shoes and socks, so that he was now completely naked.

"Ever had sex?" Damn my perverted mind. Think before I speak that''s what I should do.

"Sex?" He tipped his head to one side, clearly not knowing what I meant. "Is that some sort of human activity?"

"Oh yes, a very....pleasureable one." Well, I'd already bought it up, what harm could it be to ask more? I started to undress so he wasn't the only one naked. "I can help you experience it if you'd like."

"I'd like that." He said, his body twitching. He seemed very eager to learn and I was willing to teach him until he left.

"Good." I smiled at him, pushing my pants off my legs and exposing myself to him. He studied me with his eye, no doubt as curious about my body as I was about his. I spread my legs, grinning at him s h e had a better view. I was used to exposing myself for people that hadn't seen a human male body before. Perhaps too used to it. "Like what you see?"

"Your body's different to mine." He whispered softly, then bit his lower lip. "How do we do this sex? Do we need any equipment for it?"

I chuckled and licked my lips. "Sometimes. But we won't. for now. Come with me." I led him through the small place to the bedroom and went to the bed. I popped open a bottle of lotion that I kept by the bed, slatehred my fingers in it and laid on the bed, face down. It was better him doing me, he might think that I was trying to hurt him intentionally if it was the other way around. I twisted my head back, noting how he was watching me curiously. I smiled at his curiousity and pushed a finger inside myself.

"What are you doing?" He asked when i let out a soft groan.

"I'm readying myself." I smiled at him to assure him I was ok, then pushed a second finger inside myself, scissoring my insides with practiced ease.

"For what?" Oh he really had no clue, though I could see his dick twitching out of instinct.

"That to be inside me." I nodded to it and he had this expression of total confusion. I twisted my fingers and pulled them out, adding a third and stretching myself wider. After all, I'd no idea how big he'd be hard, so I had to be prepared.

"Inside you?" He tipped his head to one side like he did earlier. "But why? And isn't that the exit for human waste?"

"For most people that'd be a mood killer." I grinned at him, removing my fingers slowly for myself. "That's what sex is. Well, the sex that we can do anyway." I gestured for him to come closer, spreading my legs on the bed. He did so slowly, his eye on me.I wiggled my ass watching as he became hard. He took the length in hand as he mounted the bed and I moved onto my hands and knees so I would be easier for him.

"So this, goes here?" He asked softly, nodding at his length and my hole. I nodded slightly and watched as he pushed inside me steadily. He moaned softly and I bit my lip to surpess my sounds of slight pain. The pain would pass soon. "Is it meant to feel this... strange?"

"Mmmm yes." I grinned back at him, pushing back against him until I could feel those tentacles. "Now, start moving in and out." He looked at me confused, then did as I asked pulling out and pushing back inside. I moaned loudly, gripping on to the sheets tight. "Faster next time!" He complied, moving his hips faster with the next thrust and I felt his hardness throb and pulse inside me. He was making soft moans of pleasure, his tentacles wiggling against my cheeks. "Pull out for a minute." I whispered between moans after another thrust.

He nodded, pulling out all the way, looking sad. "Am I doing it wrong?"

"No, you were perfect." I rolled onto my back, hooking my legs over his shoulders. "I want to do it like this." He grinned, thrusting back inside me, seeimingly enjoying himself. I made sure to squeeze even more around him as he did so. I smiled at him, watching his face as he moved in and out, establishing a fast, hard pace, which made his eyelid flutter in pleasure. I reached up and gently pulled his head down, planting a soft kiss on his lips, sliding my legs to wrap around his waist. He groaned against my lips, then again as I pulled away lightly. I pressed my feet against his ass, kissing the nearest tentacle. I extended my tongue, licking along the raised skin. I could probably get it in my mouth if I wanted.

"That feels nice." I heard him groan louder, his hips moving at a feverish pace. I reached down between us, jacking myself off as I parted my lips and took the tentacle into my mouth. I sucked on it gently, careful not to scrape my teeth against him since I had no idea how sensitive he was. He was now moaning incohermently, random letters and words falling from his lips, his eye closed firmly as his thrust become more erratic As I hoped, these tentacles were very receptive to pleasure. I pressed my tongue against them, feeling the tatacles around his cock push inside me on the next thrust. Fuck. It must be some kind of reflex or something. Once they were inside, this gripped onto my insides, holding his shaft in place. I moved my hand faster along my length, knowing that when I came, my insides would squeeze tight around him, making him shoot too. After a few more jerks of my hand, I came over our chests, feeling my muscles tighten around him. I slide my lips off the tentacle in my mouth, panting heavily.

With a cry of pleasure he followed me, though his orgasm was longer then mine, lasting close to five minutes of spurts inside me. The tentacles removed themselves from me and his cock followed. He rolled beside me, panting too. "Wow..."

"Mmmhmm..." I twisted my head to look at him, kissing his lips lightly.

"That was amazing. Humans are so... wow. So much more then I thought." I smiled at him, stroking his chest lightly. Then was a comfortable silence which lasted for several minutes before he broke it. "When can we do that again?"
Tags: doctor who, fic, human dalek sec/jack harkness, jack harkness, slash, torchwood
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