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Sol 3, also known as Earth

So today's mostly been spent asleep. That and on Lego Star Wars. Episode VI is now finished. I've also unlocked Kit. Now there's only a few characters I really like left to unlock. (Like the Jawa, Grievous, his bodyguard...)

I hate the last levels on Mario, they're so frusrating.

Other then that it's been a lazy day.

Mum's been out today, like she was yesterday and is in a far better mood now. Scarily nice compared to how she was Christmas. I'll tell her babu's coming tomorrow. She's also got me Rabbids 2 off my normally useless cousins.

So I'll be on that once she's back. I've also gotta go on Mario And Sonic and see if it's a ny good. If not I'll trade it in for one of the few games I need now. So either Pokemon Battle Revolution or Mario Galaxy's. (Although I'm sure there's another one I'm forgetting, hmmm.

I've got the recent Doctor Who soundtrack downloaded. Yay! Trouble is now I want to watch Series 3. And to a lesser extent Torchwood and Sarah Jane, both of which I need to buy at so me point. I'll watch the second dvd, causa Dalek Sec and the plot bunny that won't leave me alone.

Yeah, so I've got rewatch that and do the Jack/Sec idea that's been in my head for months and is now in it more for some reason. Damn brain. I guess it sorta qualify's as covering the tentacleness.

Anyway, mum's back now, so off I go.
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