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Warmer In The Basement Part 2

Warmer In The Basement
Pairing: Jay James/Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Warnings: Scat, among other things
Notes: Based on this picture from the Bullet calendar (thanks babu for pic) and the title's from Cobra Starship. There isn't an actual foursome in this part, just various pairings. This was wrote as a two-parter, so there probably won't be more.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface
Part 1

Part 2

I awoke again to the sound of Padge's voice, though this time there was no banging, just yelling. "There's no fucking way I'm wearing that."

I groaned softly, reaching up and rubbing the sleep from my eyes. "Wearing what?" I asked, my voice slightly hoarse. When I removed my hands from my eyes, I blinked slightly to try and see what it was.

"A schoolgirl outfit." Moose giggled and I could tell he was grinning. "It was here when we woke up, with a note for Padge to wear it." I could see the outfit now, being held up in Moose's hands. There was a blouse that looked too small for Padge's body and a skirt that wouldn't even reach his knees. On the floor I could see small heeled shoes, a tie, some panties and even a small bra. Beneath the bra was the tip and straps of a cock gag, which i was sure had gone unnoticed. Oh now it was obvious why Padge hated it Absently I wondered if anyone had saw them bought in. "And no, none of us some them." I grinned as moose read my mind, then waved the clothes again. "Padge should wear this yes?"

"Fuck off." Padge growled, glaring at him.

"What does the note say exactly?" I asked, thinking Padge would look hilarious in it, but also very arousing. My cock twitched between my legs. I could see Moose was already aroused.

"It says that if Padge puts this on and pleases us all then we'll be released tomorrow. Apparently whoever this is was most pleased with what we did earlier. And it has to be Padge in the outfit. They're insistant about that." He grinned at every word, swaying the outfit around as he spoke.

Pade scrowled. "Can't Jay wear it? He has those little tits anyway." Now it was Jay's turn to glare but he stayed silent. "Or Matt, he has the hair."

"Your hair's the same fucking length as mine!" I growled and shook my head, standing up and heading towards him. "You're wearing that fucking thing. Moose, hold the bitch down." Jay seemed to perk up at my words as Moose dropped the clothes, holding Padge tight. "You help him." Jay nodded and helped to hold him down. "It's for the best Padge." I sifted through the clothes, hearing him curse and growl. I lifted the gag, handing it to Moose. "Here, shut him up."Moose chuckled, reaching under himself and rubbing it along his shitty asscrack, before inserting it into Padge's mouth. I smirked at the look on his face as the straps were secured. he had the look from earlier, an 'I'll get you for this' look. I merely smiled at him sweetly and reached for the black silk panties. They were more like a thong, only instead of one string there was two. I smirked at the thought of his ass on display for us. Within the silky material was a small leather pounch, which I realised was for his cock. But it would never fit hard. I gazed at his crotch. Despite his protests he was semi-hard. "Punch him in the balls." moose looked at me questioningly, then did as asked, punching Padge hard in his sac. I heard his noises of pain blissfully surpressed by the gag.

"You're going to be such a pretty little girl." I whispered soothingly, Jay holding his arms above his head and moose holding his ankles. "And girls don't have cocks." I pulled the pouch onto his softness and sore balls, smiling down at him. "There, a nice clit instead." I stroked the soft leather, then went to fetch his underwear. "You'll thank us for this when we're free tomorrow." I smiled down at him, pushing each foot through the soft material before pulling it up his hairy legs, covering his crotch. I picked up the skirt next, pulling them up his legs. His resistance had mostly ended now and he was sucking the plastic cock in his mouth like a baby. Jay had been whispering something in his ear, which clearly soothed him. He gave me the thumbs up, letting go of his arms to show Padge's compliance. Moose did the same to his ankles so I had complete freedom to finish dressing him. The bra fitted easily and was the same soft material as his panties. The blouse, as I expected, was far too tight, but it suited him and showed off his stomach. I tied the tie loosely around his neck and pulled out some items concealled in his shoes. The first two, hidden in the left one, were a pair of hairbands. I pulled his hair into bunches and used the bands to give him pig tails. He looked like such a slut like that, despite his glare. In the right shoe was a small compact, which I used to apply black eyeshadow on both his eyes. I then set it aside and slide his feet into the shoes, surprised that they could fit. Seems like this person knew our shoe sizes. I dismissed such thoughts and looked over Padge. "What do you think?"

"He's a pretty little slut." Moose exclaimed with a grin, stroking Padge's cheek. "Oh I'm going to love using you. Those clothes of yours won't stay clean for long."

"He looks beautiful." Jay's voice was barely a whisper and I had to strain to hear. Sometimes I wished he had a stronger voice. Sure, he was an amazing screamer, but otherwise he was largely quiet. He was what you'd call a strong, silent type though he very rarely used his strength. I flashed a smile at him and nodded in agreement with his words. "Who should go first man?"

"Well, we have to keep him in it for an hour right?" Moose asked, looking between us. We both nodded slightly. I wasn't sure if Jay had read the note before I'd woken or if he was just agreeing as I was. "I say we each fuck the pretty girl's ass, then shoot our loads in his face. He looked so fucking hot covered in Jay's cum." He grinned, licking his lips at the memory. I had to admit, he had been right. there was something extra hot about it though, due to Padge's manliness. "Then we can shit and piss on him as we need to."

Moose decided to go first, though we didn't mind. We sat on opposite sides of Padge, watching as Moose flipped him onto his stomach, pulled his skirt up and thrust into his tightness in one quick thrust. I wondered how many times Padge had been fucked before now. It had to be in the single digits. His eyes squeezed shut tight as Moose's cock invaded him. He was lucky that Jay or I hadn't gone first. I was slightly longer then Moose and Jay was fatter. Moose pulled out and buried his length back inside, trailing his hands up Padge's clothed back. He gripped onto Padge's pigtails, yanking his head back and biting on his exposed neck. "You love my cock deep inside you don't you slut?" He thrust deep, rocking his hips back and forth. "You love cock really, I saw how eager you were for Jay's. Seems like your little asshole is just as hungry as your mouth."

I could see Padge clawing at the floor and heard him moan in displeasure at his words. I wondered if he'd be hard if he could be. I resisted the urge to jack off my erection, instead just watching them. Moose wouldn't last too long in Padge's tight heat, then it was my turn. He pulled out of him with a howl and moved around Padge's body, his cock bloody and shitty. He reached down, jacking off when he was in front of his face. Jay nodded to me and I stood, pushing my cock into Padge's bloody entrance. I lined my cock up, thrusting deep inside of him and hearing Moose grunt as he came, his seed splattering over Padge's face. "Fuck yeah!" I shook my head, gripping onto Padge's sides as I moved at a pace slower then Moose's earlier thrusts.

I kept thrusting at my steady pace, even when I felt Moose's piss splash against my belly as he soaked the back of the blouse. I guessed he didn't want to wash the cum away. I ignored the golden fluid as it dried on my skin, watching my cock slide in and out of Padge's damaged hole. I almost felt sorry for Padge, but the amount of times he'd fucked us raw made that feeling disappear. I slide my hands under the yellowing material, digging my nails into his wet flesh. I slammed my hips, moaning as my balls slapped against his ass. "That's it, take it like the fucking slut you are!" Moose lay on the floor now, panting softly and watching me intently like I had done to him. i smiled at him, pulling out and going to Padge's face. I wasn't close, but I figured I should do it anyway. I jacked off my bloody dick, licking my lips at the cum splatter over his features. Even his little goatee had globs of the thick, sticky fluid in it. That made me jerk my hips forward and shoot my load unexpectantly. I moaned as it joined Moose's splatter and I made sure to wipe my length over his spread lips and chin when I was finished.

I panted softly and sat beside Moose staring as it was Jay's turn. Jay was already up and had Padge on his back, his fat cock buried inside him. One of his hands was curled into a fist and he lightly used it against Padge's thighs. He seemed to be going fairly easy on him, just grunting instead of saying anything. His speed now was between mine and Moose's. His fist made contact with Padge's crotch and I heard him scream in pain. Ah, there was the roughness. He did it again and again, making Padge scream and cry. "Filthy whore. My filthy whore." He pulled out and grabbed Padge's tie, dragging him along the floor roughly to the door. he had to be going there to use the metal to prop Padge's body up while he fucked him. "I'm goinna finish this in private."

"Private?" Moose turned to him, looking mildly amused. "This is a fucking basement room man, there's no privacy."

"You're right Moose, this is a basement room." He unballed his fist, pushing something into the door's keyhole. Fuck, he had the key. "That's why I'm taking this pretty slut out of here."

"Why haven't you let us out fucker?" I found myself saying, anger in my words as he pushed the door open.

"Don't you get it?" He licked his lips, pushing the door open and dragging Padge out, depositing him out of the doorway. "I locked us in here. Don't worry, I'll come back for you later." He chuckled and slammed the heavy door shut, locking it back in place. That little bastard.
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