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The City Is At War

The City Is At War
Pairing: Jay James/Bob Bryar*
Rating: PG-13
POV: Bob*
Notes: Set during the start of the Battle Of Coruscant during the Clone Wars (aka the start of Star Wars Episode III). I never mentioned who the POV is and I had no one in mind when I did it so it can be anyone you want. And yes, the PG-13 isn't a mistake it's tame really (it was originally gonna be sex but this came out instead). The next part of Warmer In The Basement is almost done, so that'll be posted tonight also.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

I gazed through the large transparisteel viewport that made up one on the room's walls. The various spires of Coruscant stretched out beyond. It was a beautiful sight. Even after living here for so long it still amazed me to look out over the city planet. To think that this world had more people then some whole sectors did was slightly overwhelming. My eyes flickered over the nearest airspeeder lane, then up into the sky above. On an average day well over a million beings from across the galaxy came and left this planet. Today seemed like it would be no different then any other.

I squinted up into the sky, seeing an unusually large amount of ships enter the atmosphere. Strange, there were no major landing platforms in this district. Perhaps they were an escort of some sort heading to one of the private ones. That's when I noticed a second stream of ships come into view. Then a third. I pulled out my comlink, suddenly very nervous. "Are you seeing this?"

"Yep." The soft voice said on the other end. "Sensor board indictes at least 50 Sep fighters and landng craft. And we're not alone, comm chanels indicate this is planet-wide." There was a pause, as if he was considering something. "Get everyone to the shelters, quickly and calmly. I'll man the anti-fighter turret."

"I bit my lower lip, more nervous by his words. "Alright. May the Force be with you." He made a dismissive sound, then responded in kind before I flicked the comm off. I took a deep breath and turned around to the room behind me, seeing the various computer monitors flick off as the building's power was rerouted to the turret. "Right, listen up everyone. The planet's under attack. We need you all to get in the turbolifts down to the shelters."

The faces of every man, woman and non specific looked at me for a few seconds, taking in my words. Then they looked at the viewport and all made a run for the nearest turbolift. I sighed and shook my head, so much for calmness. Even though we'd done trial runs at this for the past year they were still so undisciplined. I, however, had combat experience. Sure it was thirteen years ago this I'd fought properly, but it was still more then this people had. I rubbed my hands over my black uniform, which was similar to the one I'd worn on Naboo all those years ago, and gripped onto my blaster. "No shoving! There's enough room for everyone." I shook my head at them, the shoving causing no one to get in at all. I pulled out my blaster, keeping it at a low setting and pointed it at the ceiling, shooting a red bolt upward, leaving a blackened circle where it hit. That stopped everyone. "I said, no shoving. Now get in two at a time only." I gestured at half of them. "There's another lift over there, use it." They nodded their various shaped heads and headed towards the door. "Thankfully they seemed to calm down a little. I looked out the viewport, seing Vulture-droid starfighters swoop past with lasers blazing. I ran across the room to the window's side, flicking a switch to bring down the protective shutters. They didn't need to see that and panic again.

After a few minutes, the first turbolift door shut, sealling everyone inside to take them to safety. The second one did the same shortly afterwards leaving fifteen beings and two droids up here with me. Seven were human, two were hammerheaded Ithorians, one was a short, four-armed Xexto, three were tentacled Nautolans, while the last two were a Zabrak and Twi'lek. "Right everyone, there's an emergency turbolift this way." I turned and led them from the room, blaster in hand. The building shook slightly and I knew something had to have hit us. I hit the main button for the turbolift, gesturing all of them inside, plus the silver plated protocal droid. "Get down to he shelter."

"What about you?" One of the humans asked, sweeping a hand through his long, dark hair.

"I'm staying." I replied simply, which satisfied him as he pressed the door's close button. I heard the turbolift shoot down and away, leaving me alone. I nodded to myself, making sure I hadn't missed anybody. "R2 unit, do a scan of the floor." I asked the astromech droid which had remained behind, his body hued purple and black. When it beeped that it detected no one else, I flicked on my comm, and took a deep breath. "Looks like the floor's clean. How's it up there?"

"Oh it's a picnic on your homeworld up here. During the invasion." The voice on the other end was no longer calm, it was more agitated and I could here the sound of the turret firing.

"I'm coming to get you." I ran to the last turbolift, one that ran along the outside of the building and was much smaller then the rest, both excellent reasons for it being still here. "We're going down together." The droid rolled in after me, fitting easily in the small space. I could see the battle now. Buildings were ablaze and Republic ships were chasing the droid fighters through the city's spacescrapers. I keyed in the lift's pad to take me to the top floor, watching out the window as we started to move.

"Emergency Override code 17." I heard his voice over the comm and the lift changed direction, starting to head down. He was sending me down to the shelter without him.

"You'll be killed!" I shrieked into the device, bashing my fist against the nearest viewport panel. "Please say there's a lift up there."

"No." More laserfire. I could see him now, blowing his hair from his eyes as he twisted the turret around, blasting any enemy ship that was unwise enough to come within range.

"No? What do you mean no? How will you get out off there?" I paced the floor of the small space in frustration.

"I will when this is over. This is my job, do yours. Protect them. I'll see you when this is over." I wanted to believe him, I really did. I could already feel tears in my eyes, having this terrible fear I'd never see him again.

"You know I love you right?"


That was the last I heard of him, his voice replaced by static. I knew the turret wasn't gone, since the building hadn't quaked. I looked up into the sky annd saw the sky shimmer. I sighed in relief. Of course, it was the planetary sheild. That always screwed up regular comm's. I smiled to myself, watching laser bolts fly from the room of the building before it got too distant to make out. I allowed myself to slump against the wall, pocketing the now useless comm. Everything was going to be alright. This would all be over soon. The problem was now the droids still beneath the sheild, since they were now trapped here until they were all destroyed.

That was when an explosion rocked the building and although I couldn't be 100% sure where it was, I suddenly felt empty inside.
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