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Their order is a fading light in the dark

Anyone that missed Voyage Of The Damned last night, it's repeated on Jan 1st in the afternoon. I'll watch it again. If I'm not still asleep. And wow, it was watched by 50% of the viewing population. That's so awesome.

I've got nothing really to do today. Translation: writing and going on Lego. I've done 11 levels of it so far and I'm doing it in a strange order. I started in Ep I, then went through the first tow levels of Ep II then back to Ep I, the Battle Of Coruscant and the first level of Ep VI.

I'll try finish Mario Bros 3 too. I'm on the last world, which I've never got to before. Yay!

Damn babu for sending pics of body mods/pierced cocks. There's something oddly hot about them. It's scary that someone actually cut off their cock and balls. It's perhaps scarier it didn't make me feel woozy.

At some point I'll be taking pictures of the Lego Star Destroyer and my perdy Nightmare pillow.

Writing wise, I have the next part of Warmer In The Basment about a third done.

I'm still doing that poll on Friday of what to sequel. I'll just do the two most voted (unless there's a tie). Up for voting will be pretty much all the recent standalones I've done apart from Marshmallows. Also in the poll they'll be a thing to voted on the sequel/prequel of Taste Of Cum and the sequel of Duct Tape And Doggy Sex (cause my mind kinda sucks). And this time I'll put links for everything.

I'm not fully awake yet.

As I've said before, I'm not doing a year review thing so I skip over posts with them. I know if I read em (specially the meme ones) I'll want to do one. Cause that's how my mind works.

Mum's going soon to her match, so I don't have to deal with moaning today. Huzzah! Once she's gone I'll look for doritos for later. I crave. I have odd cravings, like the pickled onions I ate a few days back. I ate a quarter of the jar.
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