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One day it'll be real snow

I think everything's sorta ok with me and mum now. Better then earlier anyway. We watched Doctor Who, after me being holed up here on Lego Star Wars (7 levels done).

Ah Doctor Who. This is where I do the mad squealy ramble so if you haven't seen yet look/spin away now.

Gone yet?

This'll mostly be a list of random things since I don't have coherent thought:
*Ok, when it shown the Titanic as a spaceship I expected it to be in the future. But it's not. Humans from another world... or human-like enough to be extremely passable (there's bound to be a strange difference somewhere)
*Who else is watching Sol 3 also known as Earth? (So far [without trying to invade and kill us all] there's been this cruise ship, the Judoon and whoever was monitoring Earth during The Last Of The Time Lords)
*Do they honestly believe all that stuff? We worship Santa and eat people from Turkey?
*Everyone's left London. Ha! They're learning
*Astrid's so adorable (even more cute getting the Doctor's species and homeworld completely wrong)
*Poor Foon
*Cute little red alien (I'm not typing his name)
*The kiss < 3 Never has a hetrosexual kiss made me squeally before.
*I never expected the Hosts to fly. Or outsmart the Doctor with the question thing (isn't their voice the one of Sarah Jane's computer?)
*The moment she seemed eager to travel with him I knew there was something up
*I half expected the last Dalek to show up, not the Capricorn dude
*Astrid was so brave :( Why'd she have to dieee? Bah
*If there's one think I've learned (from watching Star trek mainly) it's that teleporter/transporter safety's ALWAYS fail when you need them to work the most. Damnit.
*The Queen! (Seems she doesn't follow her ancestors with being pissed at the Doctor)
*Why did the bastard live? Least Copper survived and has a happy life ahead
*I want the figure set out now instead of... whenever it's out.

And in Series 4 it looks like there's:
*Donna (though she wasn't to o bad last year... though she might've been best leaving to that one time)
*Ood (this I knew, though why's one chained?)
*Greeks/Romans (hard to tell which)
*Sacrifice (by some sort of witches)
*Giant bee/wasp
*Soldiers in black having a shootout (old Torchwood/Judoon?)
*No sign of the Daleks for once

I missed a Torchwood trailer damnit.
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