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So we've managed over two hours being nice to each other and then she starts moaning again. Sigh. And yeah, I was up at 6. I blame her moving about.

90% of what I've had I was expecting. One of the Doctor Who figs I'll have to give to Mikey cause I have it.

What I've had:
*Lego Star Destroyer (I've spent over an hour on it and aren't even half done)
*Lego AT-ST (built)
*Lego Star Wars on Wii
*Mario And Sonic At The Olympics (which I'll go on later and might be exchanged)
*Nightmare Before Christmas pillow and boxers
*Scarecrow figure
*Star Wars Risk
*Star Wars Vault
*Lots of Galaxy chocolate
*An ear ring (what use is that to me?)
*Tickets to the exhibit at the O2

I'm a bit tired now, so I'll go to bed, then work on the Strr Destroyer and go on lego later. Yeah, it's a lego day. Looks like I'll be back up here causa mum being funny. I don't wanna put up with that all day.

Hope everyone's doing ok. I'll probably end up writing at some point. Either the continuation of the one I started last night, Plaything or the Ian/Matt I started before bed. Scary how it seems I'm on such a Bullet kick.

Edit: So I've now sealed myself up in m room indefinately. I've put what I was going to have for dinner back in the freezer. She doesn't want any of the things i got her then fine. I'll take em all back and not bother with her.
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