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Warmer In The Basement Part 1

Warmer In The Basement
Pairing: Jay James/Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Warnings: Scat, among other things
Notes: Based on this picture from the Bullet calendar (thanks babu for pic) and the title's from Cobra Starship. There hasn't been an actual foursome in this part, just various pairings. Merry Christmas to all!
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface
Part 1

"What the fuck?!" My eyes flicked open instantly as I heard Padge's loud, angry voice. He was topless and bashing on a large, metal door. That woke me up instantly. Why whas there a metal door? I took in my surroundings. Moose and Jay were laying on the floor, both as topless as me and Padge and stirring at the sound of Padge's fists hammering on the metal. We were all in what looked like a basement of some sort, complete with metal pipes running along the walls. The places looked like it hadn't been used in awhile, as it was dirty. In the corner of the ceiling there was a security camera that monitored us.

I kept my gaze on it, watching it's little red LCD light blink every few seconds. After a few moments I decided it might be best to speak to it. "Who are you? Why are you watching us?"

The light blinked at me a few times, but there was no response. I guessed there was no speaker in here even if they wanted to. "Hey man, there's a note." Jay's voice. I turned to look where he was indicating and picked up the envelope that was there. It wasn't sealed so i opened it easily, pulling out and unfolding the paper within. It was a print out as opposed to a handwritten message. Maybe that meant it could be someone we knew, but I dismissed that as paranoia. "What's it say?"

I cleared my throat and read it aloud once Padge stopped hitting the door and sat down. "Bullet For My Valentine, you are all mine now. You will be locked in the room until you realise that. During that time you will not be given any food or water. The only things you'll eat or drink is what you produce yourselves. Feel free to fuck or suck each other." I blinked at that. Did whoever this was know what we did the numerous times we were drunk? "When I think you're ready, I'll let you out and you will serve me. If I think you are ready within the first seven days, I'll let you remain a band. If you don't, then there's ways of ensuring you won't be again." I trembled slightly at those words and noted the others doing the same. "I'll see you all soon." I bit my lip and looked at the others, pausing before speaking again. "That's where it ends."

"So this person expects us to live on our shit and piss until they say so?" That was Padge, anger and frustration clear in his voice. I nodded in response and he shook his head. "Fuck that."

"Padge, you can't say that." Moose turned and looked at him, shaking his head. "This person could keep us locked here indefinately. Or they could release gas or something in here. Is this how you want to die padge? In this shitty basement?"

"It would help if we knew what they meant by serving them." I spoke up before Padge could respond, if I hadn't it could end in a fight.

"Is there something on the back man?" Jay's voice, soft and quiet, gestured at the paper that was still in my hand.

I turned it around and smiled, seeing more text. "Ah yeah, good catch." I waited a moment before starting to read again, wetting my lips slightly. "I realise I may have been unclear in what you must do so I can let you go, so here's a list of what you all must do. Eat each other's shit. Drink each other's piss. Suck cock. Fuck. Get fucked. Lick ass. Spitroast. Fisting, shit fucking and double penetration is optional." I squirmed at the words, then set the paper down, finished. the list was clearly an afterthought, but most of it didn't bother me. "I guess we have to do all that before we can get out of here."

"Fuck that." Padge growled, shaking his head so quickly his hair covered his face. "No way am I eating shit. You're alright Matt, you can do fucking all of that with your eyes closed, but I ain't doing it." He was right of course, I had done all of them before. I'd been eating my own shit since before the band started.

"You have to Padge." That was Moose again, trying to reason with him. "That list started with 'all of us' that means all four of us have to do those things, not just Matt." Padge opened his mouth as if to protest but Moose cut him off before he could say more. "It doesn't say how much you have to eat does it Matt?" I made sure it didn't, then shook my head. "There you go, you can have just a bite or something and not have to do any more then that. Simple."

Padge scowled, seemingly displeased by Moose's logic. Still, he made a good point. "So what should we do first?" I spoke up, deciding it would perhaps be best to get this started. The sooner we did all those things, the sooner we'd get out of here. I suddenly wondered what serving this person might entail. It was most likely a guy, since the things they wanted us to do to each other was implied as practice. Plus, by the same reasoning, we'd be used as toilets. I also assumed it was someone we knew due to the ease of our capture. Then again, I could be wrong. They could be making us do these things to humiliate or blackmail us.

I watched Padge as he undid his jeans, pulling out his cock. He was half hard already. Maybe he liked this more then he'd admit. "Fine, suck it."

I nodded and crawled towards him, parting my lips and taking him down my throat. I'd sucked him off, both drunk and sober, more times then I could count now. Same with Jay and Moose. When I had trouble with my throat we jokingly said it was due to all the cock sucking. It didn't stop me though. I bobbed my head up and down his shaft, feeling it stiffen between my lips. One of his hands was in my hair, tangled in my dark locks.I smiled and kept my movements fairly slow. I glanced at Moose and Jay, curious as to what they were doing.

Moose was laying on his back and Jay, with his jeans discarded, was squatting over his face. I could see that Moose's tongue was buried between his cheeks, darting along his crack. Moose liked eating out arse as much as I liked sucking dick, especially if it was dirty. The slut. I moved faster along Padge's length, keeping my eyes on them. Jay was moaning, Moose's hands spreading his cheeks wider so his tongue could go deeper. I purred around Padge's length, feeling him start to pull on my hair insistantly. I returned my attention to him, bobbing my head up and down his shaft at a quicker pace. I bought my hands up, pulling his jeans open more to fondle his heavy balls. I inhaled his scent as I took him down my throat, balls deep. He let out a low groan above me, pushing up into my mouth. "Fuck yeah Matt. Suck me harder." I moved up and down, squeezing his erect length with my lips. I could feel his balls move up slightly and his cock enlarge in my mouth. Seconds later he came in thick, short jets and I swallowed eagerly as it hit the back of my throat. I pulled back slightly, so that just the leaking head was in my mouth so I could swallow the last of his cum. When I was satisfied he was finished, I removed myself, gazing up at his panting face. His fingers combed at my hair sloqly as he ;lleaned back against the wall. "So good..."

I smiled at him, kissing his soft sac before gazing at our other bandmates. Jay was now on Moose's cock, slowly bouncing up and down on it. I could see that Moose's length was smeared slghtly brown every time Jay's ass moved up. Moose's lips and chin were the same shade of brown also. I smiled and watched them contentedly for a few moments. After a brief thought, I looked up at Padge again. "You should go suck Jay off." He gave me a look that screamed what the fuck, like I was saying something crazy. When he neither responded or outright objected, I decided to make the decision for him. I stood up, wrapped my arms around his waist and dragged him over to them, pushing his head down onto Moose's belly. He glared at me, then darted his tongue out over Jay's head. I knew I'd pay for this later. I smirked and winked at him, hearing Jay moan in pleasure. I smiled and moved between Moose's legs. I leaned down and lapped at Moose's balls inhaling the scent of Jay's shitty asshole. I felt my erection twitch in my jeans, taking Moose's soft sac between my lips. My tongue danced over his wrinkled skin and I heard Moose's groans intensify.

I watched as his cock twitched, his hips bucking up and a low moan of pleasure escaping his lips. I could smell his seed as it filled Jay's body, though it didn't overpower what was already there. The scent was almost intoxicating. I released Moose's balls, tilting my head up and wiggling my tongue into Jay's ass beside his cock. I closed my eyes, pushing as deep as I could from this angle and tasted the mix of them. A lot of people would hate it on principle alone. Because shit was disgusting. That's what Moose thought at first, now he loved the stuff. I used my tongue to scoop out the mixture, swallowing it hungrily. An idea came to mind.

With a smirk I scooped out another load, but this time kept it in my mouth. I left my place between Moose's legs and circled around to where Padge was laying, his face covered in Jay's creamy cum. He must have came while I had my tongue inside him, though I hadn't felt his walls twitch. Padge looked quite fetching covered in it. I'd have told him so if my mouth wasn't full. I gripped his dark hair and yanked it back, kissing him hard before he had time to react and pushing the mixture of Jay's shit and Moose's cum into his mouth. He glared at me again, but I held him in place, using my free hand to rub his throat gently to urge him to swallow. I also used my tongue to encourage him, twirling it around and pushing it to the back of his throat. He'd thank me later. After a few moments his resistance died and I felt his throat move as he swallowed. I waited a few more seconds, until I felt his tongue respond to mine, then pulled away.

"What the fuck was that?" He growled between breathless pants and I grinned at the dried cum on his face.

"Cum and shit." He scrowled and me and I grinned wider. "Now you've ate your shit. See, it wasn't so bad was it?"

"I suppose not..." He whispered softly, though he still glared at me. "I'll still bust your ass later Tuck."

I smirked, my cock twitching more at his words. I realised I was the only one that hadn't cum. "I should hope so." I decided, since the others looked too exhausted to help me, to take matters into my own hands. I undid my jeans, pulling them down and off my slim legs and castiing them aside. I looked down at my boner and lay away from the others. I took a deep breath, then curled my body up until the tip of my cock was above my lips. I opened up and took my head between my lips, sucking on the fleshy tip, stroking at my shaft. I took in a little more, though I knew I could only manage almost 2 inches.

"Holy crap... when the fuck could you do that?" I heard Moose's breathless voice exclaim. If my mouth wasn't full of my own cock, I might've answered. Might have. I could hear that Jay and Padge were gasping in shock too, but I just closed my eyes and blocked it out, focussing on pleasing myself.

Suckle the tip. Lick the slit. Stroke the shaft. Repeat. It was simple really, though I hadn't done this in awhile. I kept my movements steady until I felt an intrusion at my entrance. My eyes shot open and I could see it was Jay, fingering my hole roughly. I groaned around myself, gazing as the stocky boy thrust in a second, thrusting them in and out a few times. I watched him as he removed them, lining up his sticky erection with my hole before thrusting forward. I gasped around myself, but kept sucking, locking my legs around Jay's waist to encourage him. He started to thrust inside me, hitting my spot easily. I kept my eyes on his delicious cock pounding me, not caring what Padge and Moose were doing. He held my ass cheeks, thrusting hard and deep into me. I'd be howling in pleasure if I could. "Fuck yeah, your pretty ass feels so fucking good." He reached down and fondled my balls, which were now trying to obscure my view. Now all I could see was his strong hand around me.

My eyes lidded as I came, swallowing my cum hungrily. My ass squeezed tight around his shaft and I heard him moan out loud, his nails scratching at my skin. I flicked my tongue over my tip, tasting the last of my salty seed. I watched jay's cock expand as he came deep inside me. Such a beautiful sight. Why the fuck hadn't I done this before?

I removed himself, the last of his spray striking me in the forehead before he left my line of sight. I uncurled and looked at them all. Padge's lips were covered in a thick layer of shit and he was slumped against the wall, his eyes closed. Moose was beside him in a similar state, his dick now clean. Jay sat beside them, curling up on his jeans. I smiled at him, then looked at the others again, before allowing myself to drift off again. At this rate we'd be out of here by tomorrow.
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