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La Viole Blanche

I feel slightly better now. I've been on Mario and am now on the 4th world. I'm glad if you go to Wii menu it doesn't mean you have to start again like on the nes.

Other things:
*I've started a fic based on the Bullet shoot for the calendar
*I found blu tac, so I can put posters up tomorrow huzzah! Including the one of the Ways.
*Read The Umbrella Academy 4 < 3333 I really hope he keeps doing it indefinately, it's all kinds of strange awsomeness
*Going on Empire At War and giving up cause it was annoying me

My new Doctor Who fig is still awol. Something else is missing too I'm sure, but I can't think what. Plus, my feet are cold.

Edit: Turns out the fig was hiding in plain sight. D'oh!

Edt 2: And now the ghostie that's here has touched me. Wahh.
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