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Never be found

So Claire went this morning, though the first train was cancelled so we had to wait around for an hour in the cold.

When I got back I went on Super Mario 3 (old schoolness< 3) and then fell asleep.

Now mum's back and is as moany as ever. Meh. I think Christmas will be more horrible then anticipated.

I'm gonna miss the repeat of Pan's Labrinyth cause I don't wanna spend any time down there with her.

I'll probably spend most of the day up here, in relative safety and peace. I hate Christmas.

I hate 07. I'll be glad to see the back of it. Despite the good things that have happened (Umbrella Academy, the Gerard signing, concerts, meeting people etc) in the long run I'll always remember this year for May. That's why I won't bother doing any of those end of year recap things.

Meh. I'm gonna go now. Dunno what I'll do tonight.
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