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Plaything Part 9

Pairing: Omar Abidi/Tomo Milicevic, Omar Abidi/Bob Bryar
POV: Omar
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM and slavery, piss
Notes: I got the idea of this from watching Japanese guy porn. Cause I'm a perv like that. I decided it's too early for Matt's part so you get this instead. This was all written today since I couldn't decide. Next'll be Jay's again.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface
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9: Omar

I stirred, reaching up and rubbing my head. I felt like shit. Exactly how much had I had to drink last night? I shivered slightly as I opened my eyes, realising I was completely naked. I could tell I wasn't in a bed, so where exactly was I? I looked around, rubbing the sleep from my eyes so my vision was clear. I could tell was that I was in a cage that was about 5 by 5 meters and under 2 high, but through the bars I couldn't see much of anything. I moved closer to the bars, peering between them.

Darkness surrounded me. "Hello? Guys? This isn't funny you know." I'd kill them when I got my hands on them. I bet this was Padge's idea. I kept scanning for movement, light... anything. "Guys?"

I few minutes later the lights came on, momentarily blinding me. I bought my hands up again to cover my eyes, shielding them under they became adjusted to the new light. Once they were, I looked out of the bars, looking for whoever had turned them on. The room was quite large and looked like some sort of bar, with various tables set up, though there were no other cages. I was about to call out again when I saw a figure head towards me. I couldn't make out his features yet, but I could tell he was naked. "Hello Omar. You're nice and plump, that's always a good sign."

"Who are you?" I looked up at him, through the bars.

"My name..." He paused and seemed to think for a moment, before responding properly. "My name is not important. Our master sent me to test you out." I blinked, wondering what he meant by that. He was now right next to he cage, smiling down at me. "So you should get to work." He pushed his cock through the bars close to my face and smirked. "Suck."

I looked up at him and blinked. "What? But I..."

"No questions." He growled, brushing his dark hair from his face. "Suck!" Knowing I had little choice, being in this cage and all, I moved slightly and took his length between my lips, suckling on the hard flesh. They'd pay for this. I kept my eyes on him, seeing the pleasure on his face as I sucked harder. "Oh yes, you'll do." His fingers stroked my hair, urging me on. I didn't like sucking cock, I'd only done it before when I was drunk. I preferred to be the suckee rather then the sucker. Still, I'd try my best, since giving this strange guy head might get me out of here. My tongue brushed over the underside and lapped at his head. i could taste his precum, which I guessed meant he was close already. Fuck I hoped so.

I tightened my lips, tracing my soft, wet tongue over the flesh of his head when I pulled back. I kept my movement fast and fluid, feeling him tug on my long hair. That's when he came. Or at least, it seemed like he did. There was a spray off salty liquid, but he didn't moan or tip his head back. Nor was it followed by any more shots or the softening of his length. When I still my movements, swallowing the last of the shot, he started thrusting hard down my throat. A few seconds later there was another short spurt, the same as before. I wasn't sure what was happening, but I got used to it and tried to take control again. I losed my eyes and sucked hard.

After three more such shots, he finally moaned loudly in pleasure. This time wasn't a small, singular spurt of cum like the others, it was a long gush of the stuff that lasted for at least a minute. The amount of it almost made me choke, but he pulled out and sprayed the remainder over my face. His semen dripped out from between my lips and down my face from where it coated my closed eyelids. What the hell was wrong with him?

"Mmm you'll do nicely, Master will be pleased." I opened my eyes slowly, gazing at him. He was panting, but was already turning away from me. I could see four tattoos on his back, which started at the top of his spine. His first looked vaguely like a reflection of 5, the second was a circle with two lines coming from it, the third a series of three lines and the last was a circle with two dots.

I swallowed before speaking. "Wait, where are you going?"

He stopped and seemed to consider my question before answering. "To tell our Master of course." He picked up what looked like a remote from one of the tables and pressed one of the buttons, setting it down before he went again. A few seconds later, the cage shuddered and started ascending. I held onto the bars tightly as the cage took me upward. i could see the chain that was connected to the top of the age, pulling me upward. It only stopped just below the ceiling and I could see the expanse of the bar below. The man I'd sucked was now gone.


A few hours later, I looked out from my cage and finally saw activity. My slight movement made the cage move so my piss covered my knees. I'd had to go earlier, so had no choice but to do it in here. If I did it out the bars it might cause the guy from earlier to be angry. I tried not to let it bother me as I watched the men come in below. I counted at least 10, in various states of undress. Some had long hair, some short. One of them had dark curls on his head. The guy from earlier was there too, though he was on all fours, crawling around the room with a tray of drinks strapped onto his back. I wondered what was going on. I could see that another guy tending bar, which made me tremble. So this really was a bar or some sort.

Suddenly the cage lurched and stated to move back down. I wondered which one of them had pressed te remote. I kept still, staring down at them all, their eyes all on me. That's when it dawned on me: they were all here to use me, just like the other guy had. I trembled at the thought, moving back towards the center of the cage. If I'd done this a few seconds earlier the cage would have jerked wildly, but now it was on the floor, still. Guys were approaching me from all sides and I jerked my head back and forth to look at each of them. "I'm going to go first." One of them said, his voice soft, yet commanding. "Come here little one." I came towards him slowly, looking up at him. He had sandy blonde hair, with a long fringe and bright blue eyes. He also had slight stubble and a lip ring.

"Who are you? Are you my... Master?" I asked, looking at him fearfully. He didn't look so scary, despite having muscles. I certainly hoped he would be my Master and not some of the others, which looked more... intimidating.

He chuckled and shook his head dismissively. "No I'm not little one. Your Master is... disposed. My name is Bob. We are all here to make use of you." I looked up at him, confusion must have been clear on my face. "You will not be coming out of that cage, it is your home. You'll be sucking us off, get fucked by us, get pissed on and eat our shit. These are some of the things you will do." I trembled at his words, my belly wiggling as I did so. "Now, this can be pleasurable for you if you obey us. If you don't, however, we have things that can hurt you. Like these." He reached behind himself and took something off someone, showing it me. It was clearly some sort of cattle prod, which was about as long as he was tall. "Now this one has a very low setting, but we have others which can hurt you more." He turned back, handing it back to whoever he'd took it from. "Are you going to be good for me little one? For us?"

I nodded wildly, which made him smile and unzip the fly of his leather pants. "Good boy." He pulled out his cock, which was larger then the previous one. "I think you know what you have to do." Nodding again, I sucked him as soon as he pushed it through the bars. The other guys were leering at me, which made me nervous, so I squeezed my eyes shut tight and concentrated on the task at hand. I moved up and down his length steadily, gasping around him when I felt a warm liquid splash against my cheek and hair. I could smell the strong scent of piss and heard more then one of the guys laugh. I tasted a few drops that had landed on Bob's length as I sucked him, but tried to ignored it. Bob thrust forward to meet my movements, making me almost gag in surprise. Thankfully I moved back just after he did it, which meant I didn't feel it for very long. I changed my pace slightly, to try and match his. He slammed against the back of my throat, but I was prepared now so didn't gag. Instead I pressed against him and sucked harder. He came after a few more thrusts of hs hips and I swallowed every drop. I was thankfulkly he came normally.

"You're such a good little boy." His fingers combed through a few strands of my hair which weren't wet with piss as he pulled out of me. "You're going to treat all of us like you have me aren't you?"

I opened my eyes and nodded at him, looking at the next guy along. To his left was the guy that had pissed on me, one with long, messy dark hair that rested against his bare chest and a collar around his neck. To his right was the guy I'd seen earlier, with the curly hair. Out of the two I knew which one I'd prefer. i moved slightly to the curly haired guy and opened my mouth wide for him. "I don't want your mouth. Give me your fat ass slut."

I whimpered and turned around, pressing my ass against the bars as best I could. I was glad that the size of this cage meant I couldn't be spitroasted. I felt him pull them apart and thrust against my hole, which opened up for him easily despite my nervousness. I groaned loudly as he filled me, pressing my head against the base of the cage. I could hear jeers from the men surrounding me, most of them referring to my weight. I squeezed around the thick length that filled me, wanting all these guys to go and my cage to return to the ceiling. I felt his nails dig into my fleshy cheeks and heard him growl at the others. "Shut the fuck up, you're putting him off." The jeers stopped in a heartbeat and he pounded me harder. I wanted to say thank you, but I was sure he wouldn't care. So I just tried my best to please him with my hole.

After a few more thrusts I heard another, unfamilar voice. "Yeah, fuck the shit out of that fat pig." One of the guy's hands left my ass and I heard a sharp crack accompanied by a scream of pain. I turned to look back, seeing one guy clutch his bleeding nose. "I told you to shut the fuck up." Unconcerned, the guy fucking me replaced his hand on my back and started thrusting again, making me groan as he hit my spot. I faintly heard footstps as the bleeding guy left. Well, at least that was one guy I wouldn't have to deal with. My cock twitched beneath me when he hit the same place again. "Jack off for me." I nodded, smiling at him gratefully as I reached between my legs, stroking my length.

"But he shouldn't..." One of the other guys said, clearly meaning that I shouldn't be wanking, but he shut up before he said so.

He sped up inside me, each movement becoming less controlled and more erratic. Unlike cock sucking, I was slightly more experience with being fucked. "Your ass feels so good slut." I heard him groan above me, his hand edging closer to my crack. His middle finger pushed in beside his cock, sliding in all the way easily. Perhaps too easily. Maybe something had been done to me, or maybe i was imagining things. "Cum for me." He growled low in his throat and I iincreased the speed of my hand. The next time he hit my spot I exploded over the floor of my cage with a low groan. As soon as I did his finger pulled out of me and he followed me into orgasm with an even louder groan. He came deep within me, staying inside my ass until he'd emptied himself in me.

I panted heavily, collapsing back into my pool of piss from earlier. I turned back to him and mouthed a 'thank you' his trousers already zipped up and his cock gone from sight. He merely smiled at me and nodded, turning to the rest of the guys. "Give him a few minutes." They all seemed to agree, dispersing to the various tables that littered the room. I turned myself around to watch the curly haired guy, who remained where he was for a few moments. "Taste my cum." He whispered, so softly wasn't sure I heard him. I reached for my ass, pushing a fat finger inside myself and using it to scoop some of his cum out, bringing it to my lips and suckling the sticky fluid. That made him smile again and he stroked my hair, leaning down to whisper in that same, soft tone. "Jay's still alive."

Before I could respond to him he left, heading away from me and stepping over the guy from earlier, almost knocking the drinks off his back. I wasn't sure how to feel about his words. Did that mean Jay was the only other one of us alive? What about the others? Were some or all of them dead? I shook my head to rid myself of such thoughts. I could think about that later, I had to please these guys soon, so had to be able to concentrate. I noticed something on the floor. It was a cattle prod, though this one ended in five points in the shape of an x. I could see that drops of blood were on the handle.
Tags: 30 seconds to mars, bob bryar, bob bryar/omar abidi, fic, fightstar, my chemical romance, omar abidi/tomo milicevic, slash, tomo milicevic
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